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PETA’s Vegan’s Last Longer – Banned Ad of the Day

PETA put out an ad that they are calling “banned from Superbowl”..because I guess people or marketers are still doing this “submit to superbowl to get that rejection letter to in turn promote video as a banned or rejected video”….

I should start submitting videos of me rubbing coconut oil on my nipples like I was Kanye before a night of getting finger fucked by my BAE or my BOO or whatever the fuck these assholes call each other…to say “Rejected Ad for DrunkenStepfather Finger Fucking Romance Ebook”….so all the advertising blogs pick up my genius and make me rich…right?

It’s safe to say that I’m glad I’m not Vegan because it already takes me 4 hours to cum, it’s called Low Testosterone, something little Bitch Vegan’s probably have from not eating the raw flesh of beautiful living creatures like the Alpha male they are…

Where this video is lying, could be in the “Lasts longer bullshit statistic”…or that the meat eater would be made a bitch by some girl fucking him in her goddamn underwear…when he would probably be more the caveman fucking her from behind and walking out on her as she cries because she wants to fucking cuddle…right?

I’m not saying not eating meat makes you a pussy bitch, but it does, you crying about the welfare of animals in and of itself isn’t manly..

Why don’t you go cuddle your little puppy or kitty like a 5 year old girl faggot..

Am I right?

Oh right…I have a dog who I love more than life itself…but I still eat meat and feel sad everytime I do…because little pigs don’t need to die for me to barely enjoy their flesh, the concept repulsive…but the month I did eat vegetarian…I just ate burritos, no joke, and gained 30 pounds…so if anything being Vegetarian made me the fat fuck near death that I am today..

Doesn’t matter…or does it?

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Coca Cola’s Offensive Socially Conscious Mexican Ad of the DAy

I just saw this in my facebook feed and it made me laugh.

I guess Coca Cola understands that they are in a losing battle against sugar in North America, because Canadians and Americans are health conscious and Coca Cola is toxic as fuck, even when they try to position it as healthy or as a special “treat” for you after you workout because everyone needs a treat…

So they focus on the sugar loving nations that can afford a coca cola and consider it some kind of American delicacy…

And they are doing it by playing the socially conscious, or responsible company that is out there to save people with their toxic swill…

I know latin America and in some areas, Coke is less expensive than bottled water, even though coke is responsible for the bottled water, as it is all from the water resevoir they apparently take 75% of the water from…

Meaning, they know their drink is addictive shit, and they know it is their lifeline, because water is just water, so they price it cheaper than the same fucking water they are bottling, even though it has all that added sugar….because they are fucking EVIL…

So the premise is:

“white people bringing gifts to save Christmas”….

The message after it was released is:

“convey a message of unity and joy”. Instead, it “reproduced and reinforced stereotypes of indigenous people as culturally and racially subordinate”

The reality is….they are manipulating people to buy their product, get addicted to their product, not because they are uneducated, but because it’s a treat and cheaper than bottled water…they are selling them…

Either way…evil…billion dollar coproations…

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In and Out ad Campaign of the Day


Here is an In and Out AD Campaign that would have cost In and Out over 1,000,000 dollars or more to pull off if it was planned, unless it was planned and they were the sponsor of the Billboard awards and did pay 1,000,000 dollars to make this happen, in what the marketing people would call and activation or product placement….because these girls are puppets designed to sell product…fascinating…but not really….

I just can’t imagine any of these girls doing anything like this for free…it’s not in their core personality..

Too bad this isn’t the last supper….for all this trash…

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Hot “Controversial” American Apparel Ad of the Day

Apparently, this is a controversial ad by American Apparel, even though I can’t figure out how or why? Is it because of the nipples? Isn’t it time we decriminalize the nipple? Gays are allowed to marry, weed is legal in Colorado, I mean seriously people, get your heads out of your asses…

Or maybe, it’s a hit on every clothing manufacturer, from Victoria’s Secret to the high every designers, who manufacture in Bangledesh, exploit the kids, pay them 5 dollars a week, make their building collapse, all to make an extra few dollars on your 50 dollar underwear, while taking jobs away from Americans…

While at American Apparel, the only thing made in Bangledesh are the hot model tits….and probably some of their accessories…but we’ll pretend they are 100 percent Made in AMerica, even though no one really is…

ALl I know, is that these model tits, make me want to go to Bangladesh and find myself one of these to buy for 5 dollars a week…but I’m sure it doesn’t smell very good there…

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Kate Beckinsale and Zooey Deschanel for Absolut Vodka of the Day

Two of my favorite things in life is booze and useless pussy. Here are a few ads for Absolut Vodka that are pretty fucking boring to me, because I like usually like drinking my booze and not looking at pictures of my booze, and I definitely prefer real women to pictures of women posing, and I really prefer those real women to be fuckin soaked through proper in booze, because historically, drunk bitches are easier to fuck, especially if you slip some shit in their drink and drag them out by their hair….

Either way, I don’t drink Absolut and I’m pretty much willing to drink everything, even rubbing alcohol if it’s cut with enough juice so that I don’t go blind, and maybe they should fix their formula before paying big money for this fancy art fag campaigns….because when I think of alcohol and women together, I usually expect to be slipping my hand down her fucking pants as she’s passed out in the corner….


Here’s Zooey Deschanel….I don’t remember what she does…But now she has the credit of being in a boring Absolut campaign to add to her already very impressive resume……I don’t know what I am talking about.

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