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Ali Landry’s Double Homicide of the Day

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In Mexico is amazing, let’s go to TULUM with all the celebrities and sit by the Mayan Ruins in a 5 star hotel news…or Cancun with all the drunk college pussy during Spring Break….

Ali Landry, the Doritos Girl from the 90’s, had a pretty serious Mexican Crime Ring tragedy this month, when her Mexican husband named Alejandro Gomez Monteverde’s father and brother were kidnapped outside of their home on Sept. 4….and were found dead this past weekend due critical head wounds….even after ransom was paid…

That’s pretty fucking insane…as insane as it gets…that’s why I say you should keep your Mexican as food on your plate or as a chambermaid in your hotel…right?

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Ali Landry Old Lady Paddleboard Bikini Erotica of the Day

I don’t know but this old mom with an awesome body turned me on when she tweeted this…..

Maybe cuz I saw the supporting pics and I’m horny…or maybe I like legs too sore to run from my loving touch….my passion…my desire to impregnate her despite her being at menopause age….

Maybe cuz she changed the game for Doritos….


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Ali Landry is in a Bikini of the Day

Ali Landry is some 40 year old who was Miss USA in 1996, is best known for being in People Magazines 50 Most Beautiful People issue in 1998, but I remember her for being the Doritos girl….a place I’d like to leave her…because unlike most married men, who like the security of growin old with a bitch, and the trade off for that is being stuck sleeping with an old bitch while thinking of of her in her 20s, because that’s gotta be the only way a mother fucker can cum looking at that loose skin mess of a human….I guess that’s the importance of photography and camera technology, to keep a bitch from aging for masturbation purposes, even if she is a fit 40 year old, she’s still a 40 year old….in a bikini…ok fine…she has a rockin’ body…but come on…that’s the one thing she has to do in life.


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Ali Landry in a Bikini of the Day

The Doritos Girl still has it 12 years later…..

This is what she was….

And this is what she is now…The only unfortunate thing in all this is the reality that 99% of bitches don’t age this well, it’s like some cocktease fantasy to all of us wishing the slobs we married kept the same body they had in their 20s, if anything this is not a beacon of hope but a source of anger, but the good kind of source of anger that you can hate masturbate to – which is kinda like hate fucking only all by yourself…weirdo…

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Ali Landry Hangin’ on the Beach with Topless Chicks of the Day

It looks like Ali Landry is on the “Get in the Tabloid to Show Off My Mom Body Kick”, so she hired a paparazzi agency to follow her to the beach, where she posed and played in the sand with her daughter in hopes of tricking everyone into thinking she’s just this cheery and posing when she’s on the beach with her daughter, so that they publish her picture as a “hot mom body of 2009” hopefully to add some fuel to her career, like any desperate has-been who was only known for her looks would do as her celebrity status dwindled down to pretty much nothing, but her bank account is still intact because she married some rich motherfucker as wallet fuckers tend to do.

Here she is with her topless daughter cuz it’s never too young to teach them how to make a dollar or at least show them how mommy got famous. Next weeks lesson is on the gag reflex….

Pics via FAME

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