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Ana De Armas Nude of the Day

Nothing like a CUBAN REFUGEE turned celebrity to remind you that the system must be fucking rigged, since there are girls as hot and talented and CUBAN as Ana De Armas who aren’t being human trafficked to the top of the Hollywood charts with important movie roles where she plays the hot pussy, a fake relationship with Ben Affleck the handler after a few years of pretty shitty roles..all it takes is a dream and some Russian Ketchup since you can’t get HEINZ in Cuba…but you can get Cigars..

I just don’t believe any celebrity origin story, there too much money involved for the people they create into celebs to not be fully owned…..or at least to not have a more fucked up origin story….this is all by design….and you have to think if you were a billionaire and you controlled who got famous, you’d be sure it was someone you’d make money off of that wouldn’t go rogue on you…and if you were to house her in a bunker when training her for 20 years before making her famous…you’d definitely come up with a story like “She was from Cuba but ended up in Spain married to some famous actor there only to come to America”…..maybe things do just happen organically, but I doubt it…..

That’s not the point though, the point is that despite being a giant fucking whatever, a professional liar, all celebs are boring and unimpressive no matter how hard they try to convince you otherwise….but I’ll still appreciate a nude scene, I’m not that crazy…you can HATE CELEBRITY and celeb culture and Hollywood’s propa-arianna-granda…but to hate their tits would just be dumb….


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Some Slut Named Ana Obregon at the Pool of the Day

If you don’t know who Ana Obregon is, you’re a piece of fucking trash. Your life is void of any culture or class and you just live in your dirty, tunnel vision, cookie cutter, suburban whitebread life.

IF you took a second to step out of you’re sheltered Garth Brooks obsessed smalltown life, and maybe picked up a book every once in a while, or even enrolled in a night class, or cooking class, or any class to expand your fucking mind a little, you’d know that this haggard, weathered, Goddess is well known to American audiences because she was on an episode of Who’s the Boss. Yes. Who’s the fucking Boss, as Tony Danza’s relative from Italy. A career some people may laugh at, something I can related to.

I guess you could have just used Wikipedia for that, I know I did…..

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Ana Obregon Bikini Pictures of the Day

Here’s the pictures I know you’ve all been waiting for of Ana Obregon in a bikini, because you are her biggest fan and can’t get enough of her 56 year old Spanish Ass and ever since that one appearance she made on Who’s the Boss in the 80s, you’ve been ready. She’s been in tabloids for fucking David Beckham, which is only surprising to me because I thought he was into cock, and she only looks like she may have a cock since she’s in a bikini and dudes don’t really wear bikinis as often as you’d like.

I was sitting getting on my stoop the other day and I saw 2 sets of hot mother daughter combos, I am talking mothers and daughters shopping together, and both look like something you’d get down with fucking. One was a set of Russian immigrants and the other was an anorexic, fake blonde, plastic surgery ravaged Jewish woman with her two daughters she was trying to train into following her slut lead by telling them their pants weren’t tight enough. The closest I’ve ever had to a mother daughter threesome is the time my wife sucked me off as I sniffed my stepdaughter’s panties discreetly. It counts to me.

Here’s Ana Obregon.

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