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Anna Camp and Anna Kendrick and Britney Snow and Rebel Wilson in Bikinis of the Day

The cast of Pitch Perfect, including the fat one….got together for a vacation in Mexico to discuss Pitch Perfect 3, the middle aged years…because there comes a time in every average looking actresses life when she has to realize that she is in her fucking 30s, has a broken down old lady face, is not hot and her being a student is not believable…she’s more faculty, or recently divorced trying to get back to where she left off when she dropped out of college to get married and have kids….

So Anna Camp, whoever that is, Brittany Snow and Weird face Anna Kendrick together in Mexico is like some sad girl’s trip…or bachelorette party…and you should find these depressing as you jerk off to them…because aging sucks…for women more than men…but still..

Here are some of the pics, I like their use of the fat one.

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Is this Anna Camp from True Blood of the Day

wolf & harrison launch party

I am having an argument with my very hot female friend I am trying to have sex with about whether this slutty drunk girl in fishnets grabbing her vagina at the Wolf & Harrison launch party was a bitch from True Blood named Anna Camp.

I don’t watch HBO, I just watch the clips a week later to see the HBOobs, so I don’t even know who Anna Camp is, but I am turning to you motherfuckers to tell me if it is, because I know your virgin loser asses are into vampires and other bisexual shit….

Don’t worry, this is probably the last time I’ll lower myself to ask you idiots a favor….I generally don’t like associating with your kind…

wolf & harrison launch partywolf & harrison launch partywolf & harrison launch party

To see the rest of the pictures follow this link…

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