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Katy Perry Has a Shitty Body No Matter How Hard She Tries of the Day

Katy Perry was out having a lazy workout, because she’s a lazy girl, and the proof is in her shitty body.

I don’t know what possessed her to wear shorts that make her look like she’s in an adult diaper like the lazy bitch she is, who is too lazy to get off her ass to walk to the fucking bathroom and take a fuckin’ shit cuz it’s too much work for her, but the reality is that some of you probably like it, because you have no taste and you live in a town where everyday girls are 300 pounds thanks to America’s freedom to eat all the toxic foods you motherfuckers eat.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m fat too, but I that it is strictly because of years of hard drinking and not because of eating twinkies and that’s got nothing to do with Katy Perry or her attempt at basketball before stopping and grabbing a bagel in attempts to not burn more calories than she eats, because that’s how lazy people work and you don’t want to set that balance off, cuz look how far it’s got her…..

Pics via Bauer

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Basketball Fight for Obama of the Day

I don’t watch sports ever, but figured since your president is half black, it’d only be appropriate to show you because Steve Nash the white dude, comes in to take his aggression out on his fellow black players because he can’t deal with the US voting Obama or some shit and this is way to get involved. The only flaw in my theory is that this white boy can’t jump is Canadian, but until otherwise proved, I am calling this a race war that stems from the White House.

I went to meet this girl, who was supposed to model naked for the site for free, but didn’t end up getting there in time. I did however get to take the bus in the rain and it was fucking amazing. Made me really happy that I didn’t have a car, you know being smothered with all those nice wet people who smell just as bad as I do, really makes us closer as a species. I mean all you fuckers with your cars, staying disconnected and living in your own bubble, not having to interact with old balding ladies who ask you for your seat because they are old, pulling out a piece of a chocolate bar her crazy ass must have been saving the last 20 years for a rainy fucking day, that was today, because when she unwrapped her mangled tinfoil wrapping and pulled out a stale piece of chocolate and started chewing on it with her toothless face, moaning with delight. I wanted to fucking throw up. Bitch could have waited til she got back to whatever institution she was livin’ in to do that shit, but instead wanted to share her weird habits with the world. The good news is, there were school girls pretty much everywhere to balance out the fat man my dick was pressed into, making the whole thing a waste of fuckin’ time, but better than it coulda been.

I don’t know why I am posting this video, I just think today’s a fucking horrible day and I’m doing my part to keep it that way….

Bonus….Some racist vandalized 40 cars to get his racist message across, I am not going to jump to conclusions or anything, but they may want to check Steve Nash’s house for some evidence…

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Shannon Elizabeth Kissing at a Basketball Game of the Day

Look how in love Shannon Elizabeth is, she can’t control herself enough to not make a fucking spectacle out of kissing her boyfriend at the basketball game for the world to see. I guess it’s her way of letting the world know she’s off the market or maybe let us know that she’s a dirty little slut and that the kiss is the first step to taking 4 dicks in her ass at the same time, but maybe I am just reading into things.

I was at a food court the other day, because I like watching girls stuff their faces with food and saw a family of 4. There was a mom, dad, daughter and son and shit got a little uncomfortable for me. The 8 year old daughter was sitting on the 10 year old sons lap and was kissing him harder than Shannon Elizabeth is kissing her boyfriend. The brother was rubbing her back like they were a fuckin’ teenage couple playing seven minutes in heaven the and the mom just watched thinking how cute and loving it was. At first I thought it was a little fucking intense and that maybe I was looking into things a little too much like some kind of pervert, so I looked away. When I looked back the girl was rockin her mom harder than her brother while her brother stroked her fucking back.

I wanted to step in and tell her that her horny daughter needed to be sent to therapy because her rubbin’ up on her brother like that is going to lead him to a very weird dark place and that brothers and sisters are supposed to fight not caress each other, but then her lesbian experience with her kid in public made me realize it’s a family thing….

Either way, Here’s some Shannon Elizabeth action.

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