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Crazy Cat Lady of the Day

There’s a woman in my building we call the crazy cat lady. She’s always drunk, I saw her puking in the alley the other day, and everytime I talk to her she acts like a fucking mental case you’d expect to be into cats, as they are her only friend, but I don’t think my cat lady has shit on this cat lady…but is equally desperate for cock…

Facebook Shut Me Down Cuz They Are Racist- So Add My New Account

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Amy Winhouse’s Cat Likes Crack of the Day

This picture of Amy Winhouse’s cat and MTV Award sitting next to her crackpipe came out the other day and I thought it was a great opportunity for you to write an LOLCat to the shit but I am not very good with cutesy funny talk and can’t pull this shit off, all I came up with was:

“Iz Smokin’ Crackz Becuz Daddy Uzed To Pet Me Naughtyz and Nowz Iz Letz You Dos It for Moneyz Cuz Baby Needz Anudder Fix”

I assume if any other sites know what’s up, they’ve already done this and I am just 12 steps behind, but it happens. I guess what also happens is that finding a crackpipe in Amy Winehouse’s house and shit doesn’t really phase us anymore, we all know she’s going to die and at least she’s living life to the fullest by getting fucked up every chance she gets….something other crackheads can’t really do unless they’re turnin’ lots of tricks and livin’ on the streets. So Instead of lookin’ down on her for throwing her life away, we should embrace her for being the best and most successful crackhead out there.

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I am – Heidi Klum is a Cat of the Day


Heidi Klum is pretty hot considering all the damage she’s put herself through, like all the kids and the huge black penis but that doesn’t really phase me, because the girls I know are a hell of a lot more damaged and look a hell of a lot worse than she does, even when she’s dressed like cat.

I was walking down the street the other day and saw some crazy woman talking to herself while walking her cat, like she had the motherfucker on a leash and was just walking it like it was a dog and since I never understood cat people I automatically assumed she was fucking nuts. The cat looked pretty fucking confused, like it wanted me to save it from the hell life it has, because if bitch is willing to take the cat out in public without any embarrassment, who the fuck knows what she does with it behind closed doors. I don’t think she’s fucking her cat, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she washes it and dresses it up in little costumes and makes it do dance routines like her own private circus and I think what it all comes down to is that bitch never had kids and this is what happens to girls when they realize they are 50 and alone. But then the woman got on all fours in the middle of the sidewalk and started barking at her cat like she was a dog and I realized that this woman doesn’t realize she’s alone at all, she’s too busy being fucking insane.

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