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Kim Kardashian Naked Degenerate Trash of the Day

Kim Kardashian Naked Covering Nipples with Flowers Insagram

I know the Kim Kardashian’s get paid 1,000,000 dollars per instagram post each…so they are rich as fuck because they whore the fuck out to everyone…because they are whores…and people like them and buy into everything they are selling..

But that doesn’t mean that Kim Kardashian is hot, or good, or interesting, or anything more than the sex worker she built her career off.

The fact that she has a legacy, and is anything more than the other trash that have failed at sex tapes, blows my fucking mind.

America fucking loves this Reality Story porn shit….and to this day, while she’s near 40, a mom of 2 or 3 pieces of shit, people still are brain washed into thinking she’s hot…

She has been and always will be disgusting, and the fact she’s managed to spin this into being the hottest thing will always be very confusing to me, or more interestingly…remind me how fucking garbage the world is…you created this…I mean you and lots of cosmetic treatments…that allow her to keep earning like the stripper who never quits no matter how banged out she is…


Kim Kardashian Big Fake Tits Ass Wet Neon Green Bikini


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Kim Kardashian Weird Body of the Day

Kim Kardashian Big Fake Tits and Ass Weird Body See Through Nipples

So many girls get the “Medi-Spa” treatments of face injections and fat being sucked out of their stomachs and pumped back into their asses to try to live an Instagram Filter of a life, while looking like fucking clowns….which is a fucking look that apparently so many of these girls want to have because they are weak, insecure and give into weird ideals they think society puts on them, only to complain about the patriarchy in a few years when they figure out what the patriarchy is, as they are too fucking dumb to figure it out now, while at Bottle Service and shit…

Well, I always wonder how those face injections and treatments will age, there’s no real case studies or science behind it, yet everyone is up on it, like it’s fucking crack, and I know it can’t end great….

So every time I see Den Mother Kim K out with her look, slowly rotting out from the inside, I think..well…this is going to end bad for all those people who are following her lead…cuz shit looks terrifying as fuck…


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Kendall Jenner Tits of the Day

Kendall Jenner Tits OUt in a White Blazer and Pants

Kendall Jenner has little tits like her dad, you know busting out of her blazer, like her dad, because the most important thing about Kendall Jenner is that her dad, the reason she exists, I mean besides her weird brown half sister’s porno, and her stage mom’s ego and manipulation tactics, is strictly because of her dad, who cut off his penis.

Now I don’t think these promo model, direct response marketing, informercial hosts in the new media age have souls to begin with, but having your dad cut off his dick must do a real number on her ego, if her brain has that capacity and it must really fuck with her vapid little head…creating daddy issues…in a poor little rich girl kind of way….and we can only hope it ends terribly with opiates and sleeping pills and booze…because we need these people to off themselves one by one for the betterment of society…

They are the worst, and she is the best of the worst.

Here she is for ELLE – hydrating – too bad she didn’t drown….

Kendall Jenner for ELLE


And here is the dick sucker that made this all possible –
Kim Kardashian Big Tits in a Tight Yellow Dress

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Kim Kardashian is a Subtle Sex Worker Posting Pussy on Instagram of the Day

Kim Kardashian is the most successful sex worker of all time, I can’t think of anyone who has turned one porno movie into a billion dollar enterprise that her whole family has participated and mooched off of…and really it is impressive and she should be celebrated, teaching courses in college even if she’s a disgusting human being who deserves to be taken out back and shot like old Yeller, expired and played out….a bad influence to young girls everywhere, even if I like sluts and like seeing them think they can make it with a sex tape, and sure I like that aspect of her contribution to the world, I don’t really like the face injections, surgeries, fake asses and vapidness…and I guess entitlement with the nude shoots…

What I dont’ understand, but totally understand is why brands work with her despite her being a sex worker, how’s that makes sense, brands are supposed to be conservative and hate PORNO…

I also don’t understand why she doesn’t hang her vagina lips up and just sit on her pile of money…

But I do totally understand it because she’s gets fucking paid, the more noise she makes getting naked, even if she’s disgusting and shouldn’t get naked, the more she gets and pigs like this can never have enough…right…

This is for instagram…not getting blocked, deleted or flagged on instagram, becasue there’s no real point for Zuckerberg to shut it down, he likes the traffic and pageviews her existence has created for him….all the bootleg versions of her across so many scenes…posting shit for perverts all fucking day….garbage…

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Kim Kardashian’s Mangled Pussy Print of the Day

Kim Kardashian mangled pussy print in tight black yeezy shorts

The Kardashians are the fucking worst, and their flagship Kardashian is the root of all the evil that is the Kardashians…including Ryan Seacrests sex offending and Bruce Jenner losing his fucking mind and cutting off his own cock like he was G.G. Allin…is this one….

I call her mutant Kardashian, because her body is so distorted and built in the weirdest fucking way, looking like some bad plastic surgery ridden over made up plastic sex doll I wouldn’t want to have sex with….because it’s not hot…it’s a cartoon or caricature of a human…and it’s terrifying….which makes sense because she’s a sex worker….a pornstar…some Stormy Daniels who found a better way to make the millions than exploit evil…

I can’t understand or believe that brands give these people money, that people buy what they tell them to buy, that they are influencers and lead a whole industry of famewhores shamless famous for no reason….

I find it offensive, a national disease….that should be shot…

But not as offensive as her pussy print in her leggings…because that pussy has seen some shit…mangled and terrifying shit…

Here she is in a see through body suit that she posted to Instagram, and didn’t get reported

Kim Kardashian Fat Trash on the Beach see through bodysuit

Her sister Kourtney in a see through skirt with them tits out

Kourtney Kardashian tits out in a tight black bra and black panties see through skirt

To see the rest of the pics click HERE

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Kim Kardashian Pre Photoshop of the Day

Kim Kardashian is Fat and Melting in the Sun

I think it is a public service to show all you sick fucks who buy into Kim Kardashian being hot or interesting….how disgusting she actually is.

She is smoke and mirrors, photoshop and plastic surgery treatments that are not impressive….that are not interesting looking…that are some pile of shit lie that brands throw money at because she has an audience…SHE is paid alot of money while looking like some kind of cartoon character, tranny, pornstar..it’s disgusting.

Instead of having a legacy of doing good in the world, she teaches kids to fuck on film, be trashy as fuck, get shitty surgeries and face injections, and make bank…

Not too sure how I feel about that, but I think it’s on the “she’s a fucking cyst on society who should be taken out”….

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Kim Kardashian’s Disgusting See Through Dress of the Day

Kim Kardashian Disgusting in See Through Dress

Kim Kardashian brought out her new mom body, because I assume someone is paying her to be out here, and since she’s a new mom, that’s a solid angle for her….

But then again, this is Kim Kardashian and her whole existence has been about being a shameless exhibitionist who forces her disgusting troll body on us, and the people for some reason bought into it.

I sometimes consider Kim Kardashian my business partner, not because I knew the girl who ran her social media, before getting the job running her social media company, who was in the right place at the right time, but more importantly, WHO SENT ME NUDES….

But because I got a sales commission while pushing her sex tape, I probably didn’t make much off it, but I don’t make much in general, but I did make something off it…something like 10% of everyone sold, so in a way I feel like a sales agent who helped perpetuate her disgusting…but I will say that sex tape was her best work and I stand by my work in pushing it on the people…because I didn’t give her a TV show out of it, or a career as a social media AVON LADY who sells every shitty product she’s paid to….I was trying very hard to reduce her to the whore that she was….the unprotected sex having whore that she was….but NO ONE listened and instead turned it into an empire that I’m sure most girls who fuck on camera wish could happen to them, rather than being slotted as a whore that they are….it’s some hollywood magic…

I don’t know why she’s naked and wet on the beach, or why her ass is so big and terrifying…and thus something people like staring at, paying, or sucking up to…

I don’t know why she’s had the success she’s had, and still has, or why people are so braindead to run when the naked monster comes running…

She’s doing it…still…at 40…terrifying as fuck…but at least on person, likely a black person, is jerking off to this…and that black person isn’t Kanye, he’s too gay for that….hence the whole surrogate thing…it was a “i don’t wanna stick my dick in you, can’t you pay a girl to turkey baste herself, think about how damaging pregnancy is to your camel of a body you fucking farm animal, you still have naked wet on the beach shoots in you, even though you look 18 months pregnant, that’s the gestation period of an elephant you know, do it for yourself and do it for my homosexuality”….

I think I’ve said enough…here are the pics…clickbait for everyone involved.

From instagram:

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