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Cher’s 900 Year Old Tits and Panties

Cher 900 Year Old Tits Panties

I saw this is Cher’s 900 year old tits and panties…but I zoomed in on this outfit…and I think I see her pussy….

Cher, who hasn’t been hot since the 70s, but made a comeback in the 90s wearing lingerie that I know I’ve jerked off to at least once because it was the jerking off to the music video era of no porn…I am not proud of that personal fact…or that I am sharing it with you idiots…but I know if you’re my age, you’ve done the same, and if you’re younger than me … you’ve jerked off to worse…but even that was 25 years ago…now 25 years older doing the same one trick pony shit…..and it’s strangely hot…terrifying…and makes me wonder what happened to the concept of traditional old ladies who bake cookies and are sweet, smell like caramels, work the church bazaar….and play bridge every thursday at the community center…

What do seniors look like this now? It’s almost like part of humanity has been robbed of us thanks to madern science and plastic surgery.



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Cher for Marc Jacobs is Terrifying of the DAy


So Cher is 70 years old…so I guess in some respects, we should thank Marc Jacobs and his creative directors for putting her in a dress, covering up whatever the fuck a 70 year old Cher’s body may look like….to allow us to focus on her pulled back, demon face…because it is creepier this way…like an old photograph of some evil looking woman in the 1800s who died in your family farm house if you lived in a Horror movie…and in a lot of ways I am sure you do, because I know I do…

But the truth is, that 20 years ago, when she was 50, and did that video of her in a thong and sheer hosiery, her disgusting not quite as old as she is now, but still old as fuck body…was something I jerked off to…but in my defence, I didn’t have internet then and music videos were the only option…because I definitely didn’t find Cher hot, but like my entire sex life, I took what I could get…

Either way, weird use of Cher…

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Cher and Christina Aguilera Keeping It Classy of the Day

This looks like some fucked up McDonald’s character they are introducing to 65 year old men who used to jerk off to Cher in the 70s. You know some throwback “where are they now” jerkoff material to increase sales in double big macs because it is the sandwich that most resembles her pussy, or maybe it is just Cher doing what she can to get noticed in what may be her final tour as a joke of a person who can dress in lingerie despite being old enough to be a grandmother provided her kid didn’t trade her pussy in for a dick….In a lot of ways this is disgusting, sad, comical and erotic all at the same time….and I guess it’s nice to see Christina Aguilera’s whore behavior following her den mother’s lead….and I guess all these stunts are to promote their shitty movie…and I guess it’s working since I know they are in a shitty movie….here are the pics…

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Cher’s Old Dead Nipple of the Day

I am lazy. I don’t really feel like writing my useless commentary on this. You all have eyes. You all know how so vile it’s amazing this is. I mean this is the closest thing you can get to jerking off to necrophilia fetishes without actually jerking off to autopsy pics. Not to mention, the whole idea of a 60 year old wearing sheer bras to events and nothing else is on some kind of level of genius my words just couldn’t express. I am mesmerized, confused, aroused, scared adn disgusted all at the same time.

This picture is more than just a nipple. It’s got so much more depth than that.

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Cher is a Fucking Monster of the Day

I know…Halloween was almost two weeks ago. There’s no reason to be posting pictures of a fucking monster, we’ve all had our share of vampires, ghosts, zombies, Edward Scissor Hands or whatever horror movies character Cher’s gothic lookin’ mutant face is channeling….

I just can’t help but post these pictures of Cher dressing her face’s age, I mean assuming she got her facelift 16 years ago, cuz that’s the general age group of people I see wearing leggings like this…they’re never on 65 year olds…and the whole thing confuses me, but not as much as how much it confused Cher’s daughter who grew a dick to live life as a man, probably because Cher fucked up raising her…but most likely cuz Cher had a drug fueled womb all these years ago….

Either way, it looks like Cher’s still got her vagina in these tight pants, unlike her daughter turned son, but I’d sure as hell be scared to see what happens when you tear the perforated edge of these pants to get at what’s underneath holding everything in place…but I unfortunately know that despite the fear, disgust, horror of it all, I’d probably try to lunch off whatever loose meaty remnants were there…cuz sometimes your perversion is far greater than your self-control…not to mention, it’d be a pretty funny story to put in my Memoir “Jesus Martinez: From Tears to Laughter”, that I’ve been writing the last 8 years and I’m still on the first page of…not that you care….

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Christina Aguilera, Cher and Kristen Bell Do Burlesque of the Day

I am too lazy to figure out what’s going on in these pictures. I just know that Vampire Den Mother Cher gay icon tucked her weathered Native American cock into her sequined girdle or the “Spanx” as the trendy refer to them today, only to taint Kristen Bell’s fat ass that her new brown hair can’t distract me from, while Christina Aguilera’s skinny ass and busted face waited outside a Burlesque show, where I guess she’s going to learn a few dance moves because pregnancy took her out of her “Dirrrty” mindset and just made her pussy dirty to look at or fuck thanks to opting out of the “C-Section” she was offered….good times…

Pics via Bauer

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