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Christina Aguilera is Still On Set of the Day

I hate when people defend actors. They tell me how hard their jobs are and how many hours they put into the shit, when I know that all they do is remember a handful of fucking lines they are about to shoot, and spend the rest of their time on set either repeating themselves until it is perfect, or sitting in their trailer doing blow, playing videogames, or pretending they are so fucking great while fucking groupies in front of the mirror, all while getting paid millions of dollars….I think the fact that Christina Aguilera was cast to be in a movie just proves that anyone can act and that everyone has what it takes, it doesn’t take years of training or any of that shit, you just need to know how to read or have someone next to you tell you the lines you have to say. It’s a great fucking scam that I wish I got up on, but I just don’t think the camera loves me as much as it should….in fact no one loves me, but that doesn’t change the fact that Aguilera brought her little slut ass out to set….where she got to rub up next to a dude who doesn’t look like her monster husband….and here are the pics….

Pics via Bauer
Pics via Fame

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Christina Aguilera, Cher and Kristen Bell Do Burlesque of the Day

I am too lazy to figure out what’s going on in these pictures. I just know that Vampire Den Mother Cher gay icon tucked her weathered Native American cock into her sequined girdle or the “Spanx” as the trendy refer to them today, only to taint Kristen Bell’s fat ass that her new brown hair can’t distract me from, while Christina Aguilera’s skinny ass and busted face waited outside a Burlesque show, where I guess she’s going to learn a few dance moves because pregnancy took her out of her “Dirrrty” mindset and just made her pussy dirty to look at or fuck thanks to opting out of the “C-Section” she was offered….good times…

Pics via Bauer

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Carmen Electra, Kim Kardashian and Pam Anderson Doing Some Burlesque Shit….of the Day

This video is annoying but you can see Carmen Electra in a thong, or Kim Kardashian dressed like a slutty sailor. I think the whole pinup burlesque shit is designed for fat, ugly girls who can’t make it as real models, but Carmen Electra is still hot even though she’s old. Kim Kardashian not so much…

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Dita Von Teese Makes Me Sick as She Performs of the Day

I haven’t figured out a few things in my life. One is why someone would want to look like a corpse in their everyday life because death is relatively disgusting, despite being a natural thing. The other is why people would think someone who looks like a corpse is worth fucking, or at least give them enough attention to give them a lasting career doing burlesque and whatever else she does.

Vampires will always be popular, but I thought Goth was dead. I thought it was just a fad for weird high school kids a few years ago, but I guess I am wrong, it happens daily, but what I do know is that if she really wants to make her bullshit look more believable, I suggest suicide.

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Paris Hilton Does the Pussycat Dolls for Her Birthday of the Day

I have always found Paris Hilton offensive, I think it started when I saw how bad of a fuck she was in her shitty video and continued in pretty much everything she did, including this stunt at her birthday party this past weekend where she performed with the Pussycat Doll like she’s someone we want to see in lingerie, without realizing that she is someone we want to see disappear.

I figure that at 27, bitch should lay off the club slutting and settle down with some unwanted pregnancy and deadbeat boyfriend, at least that would get her out of her lingerie and into a housecoat which in Paris’ case, fully clothed is a lot hotter than half naked, but instead she insists on hitting the clubs everynight like some kind of 19 year college girl looking for a rich guy to give her free drinks off his bottle to get her drunk enough to take her back to his luxury condo to teach her ass a life lesson about taking free drinks from a dude.

In these pictures Paris looks like a tranny rockin’ out at a drag show which makes sense since she’s at LAX in Vegas and that’s DJ AM’s on the “down low” gay club that he pretends isn’t a gay club because of he throws bikini contests to distract us from the fact that it’s a gay club, like that time I walked into the bus station at 2 am to take a shit after drinking too much on a bench outside and every bathroom stall was being used by married dudes who would meet there to get busy with other men they didn’t know while their wives were at home. It made for a pretty awkward shit.

Either way, we know the truth about DJ AM and that he is responsible for turning Nicole Richie into a little 90 pound 14 year old boy a few years back because it was the only way he could get it up for her. From what I’ve been told his erectile dysfunction had nothing to do with all the drugs he did in the past, but had to do with wanting dick and even going so far to get gastric bypass to be more desirable in the gay club circuit and I can only assume he’s involved in the hardening of Paris’ face that’s making her look like this skinny dude I know who has a little addiction to size 10 high heels and cheap lingerie, he’s not gay just a little confused from all the drugs he’s on to forget the time his childhood piano teacher taught him what jerking off is with his mouth.

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I am – Dita Von Tease Doing Her Routine in Tokyo of the Day


Here are pictures of a half naked Dita Von Tease doing her stupid Burlesque show. It always involves her in a champagne class with nipple covers and a thong and as good as that sounds on paper, shit looks pretty fucking boring, not because she does the same routine over and fucking over like bitch is in Groundhog Day, but because she doesn’t show the world her box that Marilyn Manson shot his satan seed up inside.

I don’t really get the whole pinup girl craze that’s been going on the last couple years. It seems like only fat chicks really respond to the whole movement, because it gives them a false sense of sexiness and they wear corsets and show off their fat tits everywhere they go to celebrate that sexiness they never knew existed while they emotionally ate their ugly fat hearts out through high school when no one would slam them.

I also don’t understand the whole alternative model movement that is a lot like this 1950’s burlesque pinup shit, because these fat chicks in corsets get tattooed and pierced decide that they can be models and people will get off to their naked inked fat asses. The way I see it, they shouldn’t be allowed out of their ratty homes and jobs working as a cashier at the pharmacy and into the photo studio where they get naked, but guys like you, who aren’t into hot chicks, buy memberships to these Suicide Girls sites, fueling this whole fucking industry and making more and more ugly girls get tattooed to feel wanted. I guess you’re a fucking charitable organization and you at least get off because of it, which is more than I can say about people who donate to AIDS Babies in Africa Charities.

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Agent Provocateur Bush Picture of the Day

Picture 3.pngPicture 2.pngPicture 1.png

I think Agent Provocateur is the hottest lingerie line. The reason is simple. It’s styled from 1920’s burlesque. This shit reminds me of my mom. Back in Mexico in the ’70s, all my mom could afford was used underwear from America, the sexy stuff was from the ’20s and ’30s. She would rock her american panties all day, everyday so it is a fond memory. Well a little more fond than hearing her shove things in her client’s asses, or seeing her get fucked all day everyday, we all need to make a living. I guess the other reason I dig Provocateur is cuz it’s classy and sheer and since I like bush, and I have said that bush is the future of pubic hair styling over and over again. Bald is played out but I think the bikini wax is hype if you are a cheesy chick from the suburbs; the kind of girl who dances on the bar in a “My Boobs Are Real” ironic t-shirt, even though bitch has implants, flashing her g-string that says cutie and shows off her playboy bunny tattoo. But I am done with strippers. I am more into sophisticated bitches who know how to read, who can teach me things, and who have a little bush. This has been the Agent Provocateur Bush Picture of the Day.

Visit Agent Provocateur Here

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