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Claudia Romani Anus of the Day


Claudia Romani is a serious nobody – who pretends she’s a model or personality from Italy, because she’s from Italy, yet no one from Italy has ever heard of her, but for some reason, she gets her pictures taken by the paparazzi, probably because she pays them, and the paparazzi present it to the American media like she’s one an actual personality from Italy and the media doesn’t double check the facts on it…allowing her to frolic around – all old and in a bikini…showing the world the circle discoloration of her asshole…the ring around the hole…the starfish legs on the puckered starfish…the shit stain on the shitter…and there’s something magical in this kind of behavior..because I like assholes…


To See The Rest of the Pics CLICK HERE

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Claudia Romani’s Butthole of the Day

I am a huge fan of Claudia Romani even if I don’t really know what she’s promoting, or why the paparazzi follow her, or what benefit it is for her to be shot in her bikini, or why she exists…

I mean, she is like every other girl in Miami wearing a bikini, only she gets a a virtual high five that’s like “hey girl, you’re in a bikini, yay”…let’s sell these to magazines…to let the world know there are girls in bikinis…like she is some kind of leader or authority on it…which I guess is what really makes her amazing…it’s like she doesn’t need to be doing anybody to be a somebody..she’s just being her…and sometimes that involves innocently paddle boarding in the waves in a little white bikini..only to be shot off when caught off guard leading her her showing 1/4 of her buttonhole…all in good fun…all in a day’s work for a Miami beach dweller…

That said, I love butthole it is the window to a girl’s soul

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Claudia Romani’s Hottest Video Ever of the Day

I have been trying to get Claudia Romani naked in bed for the last year or so.

For those of you who don’t know, she’s the girl who is always showing off her round Italian butt in Miami in bikini paparazzi pics.

Well it turns out that our friends over at VENICE CHIC TV beat us to it and the good news is, I don’t mind eating his sloppy seconds…because Claudia Romani, whoever she may be and wherever she may be from, is just that good.

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More What Happened in Vegas Pics of Claudia Romani of the Day

Last week, my friends at VIDHUNTR met up with Claudia Romani and convinced her to walk around on the strip in a bikini…because she’s a bikini model…it is Vegas…and you’re supposed to act a little wild and crazy…. I POSTED THE VIDEO …but here are the rest of the pics…of her hot ass looking hot…which is what you should be focusing on…because hot ass is just so hard to come by in this high fructose fast food nation we live in….we have to go to the fields of Italy to find booty unscathed by genetically modified, factory made, crap….

She looks amazing….and like a lot of fun!

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Claudia Romani Kills it in Vegas in a Bikini on the Strip of the Day

Claudia Romani on Las Vegas Strip by vidhuntr

My friends at Vidhuntr shot an awesome video with Claudia Romani, the Italian bikini model who the paparazzi seem to love, because she’s always in her bikini, and they set it to my other friend DIRTYDEEDS music…

The video is grimy as fuck and I love it…but not as much as you probably love Claudia Romani’s ass…

Be sure to like Vidhuntr

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Claudia Romani Hates DrunkenStepfather.com of the Day

In life, you can’t please everyone…

Here’s bikini model, paparazzi queen who seems to be shot by the paparazzi while in a bikini everyday…telling me how much she cares about me…

I feel the love in her voice, I think she’s just playing hard to get….

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Claudia Romani’s Insane Upskirt of the Day

Claudia Romani isn’t famous, but she may be googling herself, especially today, because her paparazzi pics that were shot of her walking her dog dropped and there’s a panty flash that’s flashing a bit more than just panty…cuz her panties are a little smaller scale…

I want to believe that Claudia Romani isn’t this kind of girl, you know who goes out and flashes the world her shaved cooter just to get featured on the blogs, but since I don’t really know who Claudia Romani is other than a girl who gets in a bikini in Miami once a week for the paparazzi, I’m forced to think that she is that kind of girl…but in her defines…so is every single girl I’ve ever met…because the world is addicted to the fame game.


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Claudia Romani’s Bikini for the Paparazzi Overload of the Day

A lot of people don’t know this about me, including Claudia Romani, but Claudia Romani is my girlfriend.

I know I keep the identity of the girls I make sweet love to secret, but I figure, if I’m posting pics of her that the paparazzi take, you have a right to know that we are in love, sure it’s only on twitter, and it might be a dude she pays to run her social networking, and it may only be one sided and hasn’t got to nudity, grinding, or sex tapes yet, but that’s ok…I like to take my time with my low level internet fantasies, to let the blossom into a magical thing….

Twitter, or all social media is the gateway to pregnancy scares, abortions, and breaking up marriages. It’s the new picking up at a bar, or a back alley…..

What a lot of you may not know is who Claudia Romani is…well either do I…I figure let her past be her past and her future be my future, you know, cuz that’s how romance work.

I just know paparazzi follow her, she’s got a great ass, and all the blogs talk about her like she matters, so she may matter, but as far as I’m concerned, her best work is going to be having sex with me….even if she doesn’t know it yet.

I’ve already got her fully clothed sexting me from the gym, next step, spread ass. It will happen and I won’t involve any of you in it.


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Who Is Claudia Romani of the Day

If you read the internet and I am going to assume you don’t if you’re visiting this site, then you’ve probably seen paparazzi pics of this Claudia Romani character in her bikini on the beach in Miami, and if you’re not like me, and don’t actually care about these random sluts the paparazzi take pics of, you’ve probably tried to figure out what slow day was going on for the paparazzi to bother with an average looking “italian model” who probably isn’t a model.

I’m gonna assume that she’s just sleeping with the paparazzi, he submits them to the agency he works for, they run with it cuz they like bikini pics blogs post her cuz they like bikini pics, but ultimately, she’s a total nobody, who takes a lot of selfies and is average looking at best….but at least she’s figured out this bullshit, how to get noticed system, cuz I’m talking about her, and only because she’s everywhere in a fucking bikini.

Here are a bunch of her selfies from instagram I pulled from all my research.

To See the Rest of the Pics of her in a Bikini with a Hula Hoop….

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Claudia Romani in Her Bikini of the Day

Claudia Romani is proof the paparzzi are bored as fuck.

She’s some 30 year old trash with a hot body from Italy…who hasn’t done much but get a few gigs modeling in Europe….enough to afford moving to Miami to live the American dream…

She won some VH1 best bikini body of 2012 contest….which I assume means absolutely nothing to anyone but her….and has since been in her bikini every fucking day…something I endorse…but do not understand why sites are keeping track of her….

Her face is average at best…and shit, being FHM and Maxim in Italy 5 years ago is hardly enough reason to be followed around…she must be sleeping with the paparazzi for exposure….in “Please submit my pics to the blogs, I need attention” kind of way….

Cuz I keep seeing her everywhere….yet she’s a nobody…

I mean I follow way hotter miami chicks on Instagram who are always in their bikinis…maybe they paparazzi should start following them and turning them into pseudo celebs…famous for nothing….getting them perks like cutting the line at the club….

Who cares…….

That said…her ass is awesome….click the link to see it….in all its bikini glory….


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