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Diddy’s Banned 3 Am Ad with Cassie Tit of the Day

Diddy strategically made a commercial with his girlfriend who we can assume he cheats on and who is just on his payroll..because I know girls who have fucked DIddy in his apartment…when his twin babies were in another apartment in the same building….with their baby momma who he was “dating” or marrid to at the time…before Cassie got into the mix…of being the hot as fuck girl..who knows if she fucks with Diddy the world opens up to her…and if that means stroking his head at night liek the girl I know who fucked diddy used to do…it’s better than working at Walgreens….

Either way, the ad is banned, Cassie is slutty in it…and looks awesome and that’s good marketing…because I never talk about Diddy, throw in some tits..and here I fucking am…

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Diddy Leaving Miley Cyrus’ House of the Day

I am not fucking joking, these are pictures of Diddy leaving Miley Cyrus’ house, because the only thing gangster about this motherfucker is that he had Biggie killed to advance his pussy, candy-coated Hollywood career. I mean seriously, when rappers are seen hanging with Miley Cyrus or leaving her house, and they aren’t R. Kelly pissing on her face, it confuses me. Sure, I hate Diddy to begin with, he blocked me and all his artists on Twitter, because dude’s got a fuckin’ vagina, but I find this kind of behavior just proves he just got his period for the first time last week.

Here’s Miley Performing at Some Free Concert This Weekend for the Perverts with No Taste…

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P Twitty TV is Fucking Retarded of the Day

Puff Daddy blocked me on Twitter for posting hateful messages directed at him about putting Chris Brown and Rihanna up in his house back after he beat her up. I didn’t realize that this crazy motherfucker does these stupid twitter videos in his custom jeeps, where he talks about how great he’s doing, how happy he is, how amazing life is, in some crazy manic shit like “Look at me and God baby”, pushing this whole stay positive insanity, and I just can’t wait for this manic episode to come crashing down hard. He’s obviously not right and needs medication, therapy or suicide.

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Diddy is an Asshole of the Day

In keeping shit black for my one and only Black Wednesday since starting the site, that will probably end afer this post, I decied to post this video of a manic Diddy at 5 am that he shot for his youtube diaries where bragging that he’s just like all of us, nothing but a man with a dream from Harlem, and now he’s done gone bought a clothing line called Enyce, while American is pretty much dying as the economy explodes, you know just like all of us, sitting on his private jet, paying whores to rub his insane head, spending stupid money, while the rest of us can barely afford a bag of chips and I am not talking the good chips, I am talking the 89 cent no name chips. Then he goes off calling himself the black Buffet repeatedly, because motherfucker’s got an ego, while explaining why he did what he did, pretty much proving the economic crisis works out nicely for the rich, while killin’ off the poor. So maybe Diddy is right, maybe he is just like us, you know considering we can’t afford a pot to piss in, while he owns millions of dollars worth of hip hop gear, but I like to think he’s fuckin’ crazy and needs to be stopped, so if you see any Enyce on special at your local TJ Maxx, don’t buy it, because if you do, you’re just lining this cocksuckers pockets and I think we’ve done enough of that. He’s a fucking rat-faced motherfucker who exploited his friend’s death to end up where he is today, he’s got no fucking soul, but he’s got soles on his 1000 pairs of expensive shoes he keeps in his dressing room. This video offended me, mainly because he was trying to tell me that I should be working at 5 am, because he is and he’s such a fucking success, while I think you should be drinking at 5 am. I guess that’s just one of our many differences. I guess Diddy isn’t quite like me at all.

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