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Dolly Parton for Terry Richardson of the Day

Terry Richardson posted these pics of Dolly Parton on his site that I assume he took for some kind of magazine, and they are in the, what is now the standard Terry Richardson photo, which is unfortunately boring and corporate, when I’d be more interested in seeing Dolly Parton in the not so original, but original enough Terry Richardson pics of the late 90s, that put him on the map as some kind of “artist” or “it-girl”, which involved nudity, penetration, softcore porn, because even at 100 years old…Dolly tits give me a boner, I just would rather be staring at them naked….I mean I’m technically naked but she isn’t…

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Some Dolly Parton Old Lady Tit to Start the Day

I am a big fan of old country music…not the new shit, because I am too fucking cool like that and only like the “authentic” past when country was real and not pop marketed to white trash Christians….you know sung by the hillbilly soul when going through hard times on their farms during the depression….battling alcoholism and a broken heart…and apparently, I’m also a big fan of big old country music titties set on a tiny little waste…cuz no matter how old her pussy gets…her novelty act that is her tits just doesn’t get old….

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Dolly Parton’s Awesome Old Lady Tits of the Day

I love me some Dolly Parton old lady tits on some Dolly Parton small frame…..Maybe it’s cuz I’m all about old country, and old country music…maybe it’s cuz I like big tits and I’m talking ridiculously big tits, but I like to think it’s most likely because I have a thing for helping the elderly…with my dick.

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Dolly Parton’s Tits are Never Too Old of the Day

Dolly Parton proves that old tits are still good tits….when they are big tits on a small frame tits….I’ve always been fascinated by the strength of this woman’s upper back and the ability to bring the fucking titty on such a little waist…but not as fascinated as I am with her tits….not to mention that I love old country music and old country girls…all inbred and uneducated….their accents erotic in their classless twang….so 75 or not, she’s spectacular….and makes me want to take a road trip to Dollyworld for masturbation purposes…in the meantime I’ll just use these pics…

Why hasn’t Dolly done any nudes that I can find? It’s never too late.

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Dolly Parton’s Old Lady Tits are Still Wonderful of the Day

I like country music and I hate people who have been trained to say “anything but country” when asked what music they like, we get it, you want to be accepted by your peers you insecure fuck and repeating the same answer everyone you’ve ever met before you makes sense, you sheep motherfucker…..

Sure, new country is fucking horrible…jesus loving hicks singing bullshit…but the old shit is honest and touches me but not in the places I’ve always wanted Dolly Parton’s tits to touch, because she’s the kind of cunt who plays up her rack like fucking crazy, every chance she gets, but doesn’t fucking let them out….making us all fascinated and wanting more…trying to make sense of her small frame and huge chest…trying to figure out if the shit is real or fake like her face even though she’s fucking 65 years old…

She was just in Montreal and my biggest regret wasn’t getting a job at the hotel she stayed at a few weeks earlier so that I’d have the chance to sneak in and hide in the closet before she got back from the event she was hosting….I guess I’m not as much of a truthseeker as I’d like to be…

Pics via Fame

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Some Dolly Parton Old Lady Tit of the Day

I like country music. I am not sure if it has something to do with the fact that their poor trash lives speaks to me on some emotional level, or if it is because everyone seems to be trained when asked what music they like to say “anything but country”, except poor trash who actually like country music. But I’m pretty sure it’s got more to do with Dolly Parton’s substantial tits than anything else, because I never knew if they were real or fake, but I knew the ridiculousness of them was always amazing and here they are, old and clothed, but still good enough for me…cuz I don’t really have much else going on right now…

Pics via Fame
Pics via PacificCoastNews

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I am – Reba McEntire’s Old Country Tits of the Day


Old tits are exciting because they’ve seen a lot more than young tits. Just think how many times they’ve been sucked from husbands, boyfriends, one night stands and her babies compared to some 19 year old who’s only let 5 duded up her shirt, not that that exists, but you get my point and if you don’t it’s fine, because I don’t think I actually made one.

Sure Reba looks like the state fair pig you threw out 25 years ago that’s decided to come knocking on your door to tell you that she still loves you and that you’re daughter you never knew you had has a 10 year old making you a grandfather and before slamming the door in the face because she’s clearly crazy, she offers to sell your some doilies she made for her church bazaar and when you say no she pulls out her tits that are 10 times bigger than they were when you last had her because that’s what getting old does to a woman and you’ve got no choice but to take hold of the aging process with your mouth and bust all over them….and by them I mean yourself, because you’re wife’s in the other room and you got overly excited by the risk of getting caught.

I am drunk and that’s why I just wrote this post. It happens.

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