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J.Lo’s Fat Ass Drinks By the Pool with the Kids of the Day

Here are some pictures of Jenny from the Block keeping it hood by drinking with her kids poolside. This is the kind of shit the housing projects are made of. Seriously, all it’s missing is her hand halfway down her pants grabbing her dicks telling her kid to come sit on her lap, before freaking the fuck out when the kid says no, and beating the fuck out of it, I saw Precious, I know how it works….

Here she is in a robe….and at least 4 pairs of SPANX trying to contain her disgusting….and protect it from the outside world…

Pics via Bauer

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Avril Lavigne is a Party Girl of the Day

There’s nothing much better than shoving a bottle of booze down some young drunk girls mouth, you know watching her eyes roll back in a drunken state, as the shit drips down her drunk chin, knowing that as the guy with the supply the chances of her makin’ her pussy talk to you like a sock puppet while you’re back at her hotel for the afterparty is a hell of a lot higher, cuz you’re the trusted bottle dumper and she’s having the time of her fuckin’ life….

I mean unless the girl you’re shoving a bottle of booze down her throat is a famous popstar with obvious fuckin’ issues, because fuckin famous pussy, although potentially more dangerous than fucking prostitute pussy, cuz prostitutes use condoms, is pretty luxurious, at least just for the bragging rights….

What it all comes down to is that if I was stuck with a dude from Sum 41 for more than 5 minutes, I probably would have already killed myself, I wouldn’t have taken the slow, self destructive way….but based on Avril’s lyrics, she’s got way more depth than that and enjoys the suffer for her “artistic” vision of crap….

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