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Happy Lesbian New Year of the Day

Nothing like ringing in the New Year to a bunch of lesbians in a fake marriage that God doesn’t recognize.

New Years is overrated. People like to get excited about it, but it’s just another day. People pretend to have an amazing time with amazing plans, but it’s nothing by disappointment. Just like lesbianism.

Here are some pics to ruin every lesbian fantasy you may have, cuz the core of lesbianism fucking sucks, and here is the awkward, middle-aged, raped or molested leading to penis hate Ellen and her opportunist latch on younger pussy Portia who isn’t really named Portia just how unnatural this loving relationship is…

Happy New Year, even though I know it won’t be happy. Just like lesbianism. You fucking hippies…

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Ellen Degeneres and Carmen Electra Erotic Dance of the Day

Christmas came early for Hollywood’s favorite Lesbian when Carmen Electra showed up and did a little slutty stripper dance that we all know she’s very familiar with because she’s pretty much Hollywood’s version of a slutty stripper that ended with an ass slap that I think that it was a little too much for Lesbian Ellen to handle because by the looks of it, I think she came and had to change those Lesbian pants for the next segment but no one could tell because all her Lesbian pants are the same.

Also on the show today was slutty Anna Faris showing her legs and giving Ellen a pair of tacky tranny Christmas Shoes…that she goes onto model for us….something no pant wearing lesbian should ever do…

And to close out the show The Pussycat Dolls were there to keep shit wholesome….

BONUS – She’s Doing a TV Giveaway for Christmas and after luring Carmen and Ana Faris into Clooney’s Office to Take Smutty Pics (can’t find video of that), they roll out a TV to give to her audience and shit falls and I laughed…

And She Reveals the Costumed Whore Dressed Like a Hot Soothing Drink and It’s Paris Hilton….what she gives lasts more than just 12 days of Christmas…..

Now I’ve officially posted an entire episode of Ellen and I feel like I’ve paid back my lesbian brethren.

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Ellen Degeneres and Her Topless Lesbian Portia De Rossi of the Day

Here are the lesbian pictures that will end all lesbian fantasies because they are of Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi. The funny thing about Ellen is that everyone freaked out when she came out of the closet, like it was so fucking shocking. For the first 2 years that her show was on TV, I thought bitch was actually a dude played by David Spade and assumed Ellen was the name of the town they were living in. When I found out that she was actually a chick and that she was a lesbian, I was pretty much unphased because the only thing gayer than fuckin’ Ellen is a pair of bicycle shorts. The truth is that Ellen is such a lesbian they have a pair of construction boots and flannel named after her.

I don’t really believe in lesbianism, because I know all girls need dick and the only girls who denounce it are ugly, masculine and dudes don’t want them or rape/molestation victims who are scared of dick because it hurt them when they were 10. Lesbian couples are just like 2 best girl friends who sometimes lick each other’s pussies and help each other masturbate because it’s the nice thing to do and not because they are in love, they are just misguided to believe that their intense caring for each other is something sexual and more than the intense caring they have for their other friends, so when I first heard about this relationship I thought Portia was just out for a publicity stunt since no one knew who she was but has really pulled through and committed to Ellen for the long haul, but after seeing these pictures of her tits, I am a firm believer that they are something onlyanother woman could appreciate, since women are constantly telling each other how beautiful each they are, even when the person on the receiving end is 300 pounds, proving that women are far more accepting and lenient on their measure of beauty than me. I guess I am just an asshole..

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