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Erika Christensen Needs to Paddleboard Harder of the Day

Someone seems to be on the Kate Upton diet…I don’t even know who Erika Christensen is but I assume she’s related to that dude who played in Star Wars….and only in Star Wars..cuz the rest of his career was spent trapping and ruining Rachel Bilson….but I could be wrong….I didn’t bother looking her up, cuz I try not to give fat chicks the time of day…

What I am sure about is that this girl needs to Stand-Up Paddleboard into the fucking sunset…for days upon days….with nothing but fish and rain water to live off of….like this was Life of Pi…cuz really…she’s chubz and no one wants to look at that…except maybe all you tit obsessed perverts who don’t care about a sloppy joe…as long as it’s got a D cup….

This guy right here….is not that dude….

Here’s the Video

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