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Pam Anderson’s G-String on the Runway of the Day

I don’t know when these pictures were taken, they were just emailed to me. So they could be old or they could be new, I just know that I don’t remember seeing them before and based on how her asshole seems to be sucking her ass cheeks in, making her booty look like some flat, indented, sagging sack of fuckin’ jello you’d expect to see when changing diapers at the old folks home, I’m gonna go with that they are recent enough. I gusess what I’m trying to figure out is what happened to her youth, sure she’s partied hard, fucked hard, had two kids hard, got plastic surgery hard, but is no longer getting me hard. Does that mean I’m getting old too? I guess these Pam pictures are meant to inspire us all to embrace what we have when we’ve got it, otherwise life will just run its course right past us. So here are those inpsiring pictures of an era coming to an end…….but on the positive side of things, her tits are only a few years old, so despite how disgusting the rest of her gets, she’ll at least have perky tits.

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I am – Hayden Panettiere Buying a Lacy Thong of the Day


Here are some pictures of Hayden Panettiere buying some “sexy” red semi see-through panties. I guess now that she’s a big girl, she can wear big girl underwear too, it’s like when a girl first gets her period and buys her first box of pads, or when her breasts start budding and she’s gotta get her first A-Cup, or like when a college girl who never really admitted to masturbating hooks up her first vibrator, or like when a 12 year old dude tries on his first rubber to see how fucking annoying safe sex is going to be for the rest of his single life and maybe even his married life because he doesn’t trust his wife is on the pill and knows she is trying to trick him and lock him down leaving him with a kid that forces him to have to see her every second week after the divorce for the next 18 years.

Either way, I don’t find these pictures hot. I don’t know if it’s because I find Hayden a weird looking troll that doesn’t really do anything for me other than make me wonder how her neck and body support her big waterhead. Or if it’s the underwear that she’s buying remind me of some K-Mart shit that 50 year old ladies buy to drive their bored impotent fat husbands crazy on Valentines day, because it is the day for lovers after all.

Here are those pics:

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