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Gisele Bundchen Bikini of the Day

Gisele Bundchen Bikini

Here’s Gisele Bundchen….you can probably smell Tom Brady’s ass on her dick if you get close enough to these pictures…because every year he wins the Super Bowl…she untucks and gives him the gift that keeps on giving, the reason he married her, and her hard face…the brazilian Chorizo…that she’s kept hidden from us for so long because she wants to give the illusion that she’s not a man….and the whole thing…is pretty fucking queer. Not as Queer as that Jussie dude and his MAGA Nigerians…but queer none the less…it’s a jock frat boy thing….you know…gay but not gay enough to let people know they are gay…but gay enough to marry a tranny and play house with a tranny so long as the world thinks she’s a Victoria’s Secret lingerie model…



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Some Celebrity Sluts at the Met Costume Gala In Pictures

I wasn’t invited to the Met Costume Institute Gala…even though I embody fashion on all levels of fashion…but these sluts were there:

J.Lo’s Like a Bird….

Blake Lively and her Old Face

Gwyneth Paltrow and her Aspiring Singer Cuz we Gave her too Much Props Ass

Christina Hendricks and her Tank-Like Monster Truck Body

Bar Refaeli Always Amazing

Brooklyn Decker and her Retard Downs Syndrome Face

Gisele and her Tranny Loving Husband

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Gisele Bundchen Topless and Bare Assed in St Barts of the Day

I don’t know when these pictures were taken, or if these pictures belong to a paparazzi agency or not. I just know they are floating around the internet and therefore I had no choice but to post them for you.

In the event that you have no eyes, they are shots of Gisele at a photoshoot in St Barts changing in the back seat of her car.

You can see most of her tranny tits that could be dick implants and I was surprised her tranny dick wasn’t tucked between her ass cheeks like some kind of tail.

Maybe the female hormones have made it shrink down into a weatherd clit you can hardly see poking out in bathing suit bottoms unless it is arounsed….or maybe it’s taped to her leg….because I have spoke to many Brazilians and there is no evidence she’s not a dude.

Sure she’s married to a football player, and those locker rooms are notoriously straight….and sure she was “pregnant” and there’s no way it was a prosthetic…and sure she was in fired from Victoria’s Secret cuz she was a bad model and not because they wanted her gone before the world found out her secret…cuz admitting your lingerie model dudes have jerked off to for years is actually a he could ruin a huge corporation…and I guess it doesn’t matter…since if she plays a girl in her everyday life and she looks like this…she’s close enough to fuck and not kill yourself like teenager for coming out of the closet.

All this to say….Great pics. Probably staged to hit today to take attention of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show that bored the fuck out of me. I like revenge when it is like this.

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Gisele Tits at The Masked Fashion Event of the Day

Gisele’s tits looked pretty perky at some event….so perky you’d think they were a small implant designed and paid from by Victoria’s Secret to help people believe she’s actually a woman, and not a man with the right figure for bikinis….cuz you know Brazil is the tranny capital of the world and her hard face may have come with dick, but for the purpose of this post, let’s just look at her cleavage and ignore the liklihood that Tom Brady takes all of her inside him like a good jock being taught a lesson…cuz that’s what they want us to do…

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Gisele Bundchen’s Ass for Vagina Magazine of the

A reader sent in these pictures of Gisele from V for Vagina magazine and wrote something like “I bet you’ll love this shoot” or something equally inspiring. The truth is that Gisele has too many masculine features that I know she’s got a clit the slze of my big toe and although some dudes like that, I’d rather focus my energy on someone who is more chick than dick. The funny thing in all this is that she’s on the cover of V magazine, when her V is actually less of a V and more of an M and V magazine isn’t a fashion magazine, but actually a femal genital medical journal and Gisele’s just made the cover because she’s the hybrid gender you’ve all heard about all these years, but haven’t met because you haven’t been to Southeast Asia or Brazil, where there are more lady boys per capita that any other gender.

I guess what I mean by all this is that, Gisele and her V magazine cover would go over great for Gay Pride week that hits Montreal soon, and that I can only assume I’ll see some of you who made the trek up here on the local news rockin’ the floats in the parade for the progression of your people and by progression of your people I mean lots of gay orgies. Enjoy ya’ sexual deviant.

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