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Bridget Marquardt’s Gunt Needs Some Love of the Day

So I figure I should give Bridget Marquart a post after the whole Kendra Exposed scandal that’s going nuts….

You know how bitches are….catty as fuck…especially bitches who were competing for the attention of their boss/john Hugh Hefner…and the attention of America via their TV show and Playboy spreads…all while smiling at each other and pretending to be the best of friends in interviews while secretly looking in the mirror and wondering how their could even be a contest because they know they are the prettier one, except when their period hits, in which case they hate themselves for a week….and the whole business they are in makes them way more heightened, insecure, filled with daddy issues and self hate issues, like any stripper who snobs you out even though she thinks she’s fucking dirt on the inside and in turn self medicates….

While Kendra was strategic in releasing her sex tape from when she was 18, Bridget was strategic in getting fat, growing a cunt, and lowering her chances of being a high paid escort, but you’d be surprised how far celebrity will take you in the prostitution industry, cuz people are just happy fucking people they see on TV no matter how fat they got….


Here are the Playboy Twins…Since we’re on the Playboy kick….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Ashley Robert’s Got a Gunt of the Day

I know I said I was done with the Gunt posts, but I just couldn’t help myself buy doing one more, I guess I am mesmerized by this panty pillow that represents femininity, fertility and no self control when it comes to late night tubs of ice cream, bags of chips and/or baked goods.

I guess what it comes down, or what these pictures prove is that the Pussycat Dolls haven’t been working too much lately. There have been no practices or performing or really doing anything that involves any physical activity, because by the looks of this Pussycat Doll, she’s been doing the fuckin’ Garfield.

I don’t know what that means, I just know it was stupid and I am almost embarrassed, I also know that she’s fat and with all fat chicks comes fat tits so leave me alone.

Pics via Bauer

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Shakira’s Got a Gunt of the Day

I am not sure if a new trend in Hollywood is to let yourself go and age the way nature intended your womanly ass to fucking age, but I do know that I’ve been seeing a lot of gunts lately and I don’t like it one bit. If I wanted to see fucking gunts, I’d join the senior citizen’s aquarobics class at the local community center, because 60+ is where I like to keep the gunts, not on barely 35 year old smuggled Columbian trash everyone is hard over standing around in some ridiculous lookin’ dress that’s squeezing her stomach into all the wrong places, like her menopausal, mom of 5, nature’s pillow in her pubis….I’m not diggin’ this,but your lonely ass probably is.

That’s enough gunt talk for the day…no onto better things…

Pics via Fame

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Anna Friel’s Got a Gunt of the Day

I don’t know much about Anna Friel, I just know she’s in some stage show naked and everyone made a big deal about it, despite girls getting naked on stage in pretty much every single city in the world every night, but I guess they didn’t have a huge celebrity being on TV shows none of us every watched, unless you consider their dad’s beating and raping them before they ran away and were forced to strip a TV show….

Either way, based on this tight dress, I’m not sure I want to see this girl naked, but would rather see her in a pair of SPANX cuz let’s face it, the gunt she’s packing in her uterus is pretty fucking unattractive. I guess she could be bloated or getting her period, or maybe pregnant and too busy to get an abortion, but seriously, she’s gotta make the time to sort this out when getting paid to get naked, lazy bitch.

Pics via Fame

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