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Miranda Kerr’s Halloween Shoot for Snapchat Founder and Harper’s Bazaar of the Day


I guess it only makes sense that Miranda Kerr would do a fun photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar, the Halloween Issue…

Shot by Terry Richardson, I guess in efforts to cater or impress her young Billionaire who “created” snapchat back when trying to get girls to send nudes and “I promise I’ll delete it”…wasn’t convincing enough…so he went to the drawing bored, and said “self destruct pictures, that area all saved on my servers, so I can cross reference and see the world’s nudes, and they won’t know anything of it, because people are retards and only understand their user interface and not back-end programming, and that will make me rich, since everyone is a pervert voyeur/exhibitionist, and then I’ll get to fuck models like Miranda Kerr’s back-end, because that’s what I used to jerk off to when she was gold digging and making babies with Hollywood Stars…before the whole fucking bieber…and Australian Billionaires thing happened…because this bitch likes billionaires and I’m a billionaire”…

Fascinating…but only because of the old Hollywood Horror characters of our youth…and not because of the Gold Digging Australia cunt..

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Megan Fox Ass for Harper’s Bazaar isn’t Megan Fox of the Day

I may hate Megan Fox and her constant bullshit trying to stay in the limelight for as long as possible because she knows she’s replaceable, and nothing but the next Jessica Alba, you know the girl everyone wants to fuck, who never shows her fucking tits or pussy, because it makes guys want her harder and because she pretends she’s wholesome, even though she’s really nothing but a loser with shitty tattoos, a shitty boyfriend, who seems pretty shitty to hang around, but who takes every opportunity to be sexually suggestive as possible….but I definitely like her ass.

Here it is in Harper’s Bazaar….and it turns out it isn’t Megan Fox but some other model…and really what difference does it make…

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Megan Fox Bullshit in Harper’s Bazaar of the Day

This made me laugh…..

On her sex partners:
“I’ve only been with two men my entire life. My childhood sweetheart and Brian. I can never have sex with someone that I don’t love, ever. The idea makes me sick. I’ve never even come close to having a one-night stand.”

On giving provocative interviews:
“My biggest regret is that I’ve assisted the media in making me into a cartoon character. I don’t regret what has happened to me, but I regret the way I have dealt with it.”

On her sex scene in the upcoming DC Comics adaptation ‘Jonah Hex’:
“I had on underwear and silicone covers that you wear over your breasts. My body parts are all I have left now that are only mine – the world owns everything else.”

Cry me a fucking river you whore who always knew you were a fucking whore, you can’t retract statements you made when you were milking the fact that people thought you were the sexiest pussy in Hollywood, when you were feeding into that “cartoon character” now that you know your career has no longevity, she is bullshit… but I do believe she’s only fucked 2 people in her life, it’s really the only explanation for why she’s still with David from 90210 after all these fucking years. He brainwashed her at a young age into thinking people only want her for her body, making her trust no one, believing that he is the only one who truly loves her….keepin’ her as fresh as he possibly can by stickin’ close to her and not letting her test the waters…proving yet again that a lot of girls are fucked up and lookin’ for dads….

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Demi Moore Photoshoot for Harpers Bazaar of the Day

Let me start this off by saying that I don’t find Demi Moore hot in any way. She looks like an old, weathered, dried up and brittle cunt that was never hot, but somehow sucked the right dick to get her into the limelight.

Despite my love for fake tits on strippers, I don’t find her fake tits hot from the movie Striptease. Despite my love for cumming on cancer patient bald heads, I don’t find her shaved head hot from GI Jane. The only thing hot about her boyish good looks from Ghost is when my dream girl Whoopi Goldberg and her have the closest thing to a lesbian kiss in film and it is only hot cuz Whoopi is the single hottest thing in Hollywood and would get me hard if she was making out with a pile of shit….and I sure as hell don’t like the slop that crawled out of her obvious broken pussy that grew up to be the ugly as fuck Rumer Willis.

The only thing I like about her is that she preyed on young Ashton Kutcher who clearly never had a mother and who I know crawls up to her and breasts feeds like the little bitch he is.

For some reason Harpers Bazaar did a photoshoot with her, God knows why they still care about her, and these are the pictures, not even for “old times because she’s never been hot, even in her vintage erotica even though anything with a vagina is worth fucking…

Pics via Bauer

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