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Audrina Should Really Wear Heels of the Day

I’m not fashion expert, but I am a pervert, and Audrina without heels looks like some short legged stalky piece of shit with a long torso I’d definitely still fuck despite her shortcomings, but I’d be sure to let her know how inadequate she is by pointing out all the girls around her who have proportionate bodies, so that her ego doesn’t get out of hand and her self-esteem non-existant where it belongs, cuz this whole success from The Hills shit has made her a little delusional, cuz any normal short legged girl would never have the confidence or arrogance to step out of the house dressed like this, because it is disgusting….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Some Audrina Bikini Pictures from Hawaii With Love of the Day

The Hills cast have gone to Hawaii because I guess that’s as deep as the writing staff can go when it comes to writing storylines for this robots. You know as they sit around and try to figure out what more they can do in LA or Vegas or even Miami that they haven’t already done, and since they can’t really exploit this stupid twat Audrina for the pornstar she was meant to be because MTV are all prude and shit, they come up with “let’s send ’em to hawaii” genius. I can only assume they did it in hopes the plane would crash, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking because that would probably mean they’d lose their meaningless job creating meaningless TV staring lazy talentless assholes designed for braindead people.

On a side note, I blame these cunts for the fall of America.

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