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James Blunt with a Slut at Some Beach Party of the Day

James Blunt is a genius, sure his songs are something you can not get down to if you have a cock, unlesss that cock likes rubbin up against other cock, because there was a serious science put behind his work and that was to write the most sensitive sappy shit imanginable about fantasies all women have and that make all their panties wet, like love at first sight on the subway and other cliche love related shit all sung with a hurting voice, like he really was affected by the shit, making every pussy in the world shed a tear for the motherfucker.

Now he’s living in Ibiza, the sleaziest party spot in the world, where pussy is plentiful and every single one of them dreams the next hit Blunt single will be about them and how they broke his heart….


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James Blunt Rocks Out With Topless Sluts of the Day

I am convinced that the only reason people try to become famous, pick up a guitar, start writing songs or movies, or start acting classes is not because of the passion for the art, or even for the money because there’s really no guarantee things will work out to make you money, but 100 percent for the pussy. It’s like even if you’re some loser rocker who plays local bars, or some shitty actor in local car dealership commercials, or even if you’re a male model for your friend’s clothing shitty t-shirt company, there will be girls willing to bang you because you are seemingly more important that the other dude that’s trying to get their pussy.

That’s why seeing James Blunt with sluts sucking each other’s tits, riding his friends, or simulating doggy style like some kind of private spring break party, doesn’t really come as a surprise, it’s easy fuckin’ pickings for this weird lookin’ clown because he’s a star and even your wife would throw her vagina to get with him because he writes songs strictly to remove panties. So whether these pics are new or not doesn’t really matter, because I am just posting them to remind you where you’ve gone wrong in your life.

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James Blunt’s New Pussy in a Bikini of the Day

James Blunt proves that if you are a little guy who isn’t much to look at, all you have to do is teach yourself the guitar, figure out how to sing about things that make girls wet in the panties, get signed and pretty much whore yourself out to middle aged women and ladies with a broken heart through your record deal that ends up making you a lot of money. Once that happens, you can date and walk around models and other tall girls to let everyone know just how much power you actually have.

It turns out that eating a bag of chips everynight while playing videogames alone in your shitty basement, slowly getting fatter and fatter while chronically masturbating, your idea of satisfying your woman, who is actually a rubber vagina toy your mom got you because she was concerned that if ever you came in contact with a real one, you’d be scared of it and this would ease you into it all while not showering and pretty much lookin’ like you’ve given up on life, doesn’t work quite as well.

Here he is on vacation with some slut, just to show that he smarter than you.

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