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More Julia Roberts Feet of the Day


Julia Roberts is into showing off her feet… I have no idea why, but I’m going to assume it has something to do with sex..maybe because she loves her feet, or more importantly loves dudes jerking off to her feet, or maybe she’s just showing off the one part of her that hasn’t aged terribly, not that she was that great back when she was Academy Award winner Eric Roberts’ sister in casting couches of the 90s…but she was a huge star…

She likes showing off her feet…SHE SHOWED OFF HER FEEt IN CANNES and now she’s showing off her feet in a magazine…

I guess she knows the foot fetishists are loyal as fuck, some of the weirdest people out there jerk off to feet. I’ve seen cam girls react to this getting paid extra tips by the weirdos to “show your feet”…I’ve been to porn conventions where dudes tried to buy the shoes of the porn chicks working – who complied because they are porn chicks…you are the weird foot fetishist and here are granny feet – rich and famous granny feet still staying relevant with her feet and some movie roles.

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JUlia Roberts in a Wet Suit of the Day


If seeing an old Julia Roberts in a wet suit is the hightlight of your day…you have a very sad existence…because even at Julia Roberts’ peak…I would have had no interest in seeing her in a wet suit…or even a bikini…that big bobble head and career that I don’t fully understand…would just distract me from her tits…

I guess what I am saying is if Julia Roberts happened, possibly thanks to award winning brother Eric, anyone can be an overrated actress on the beach in her retirement, showing off menopause…

That said, Julia Roberts in a wet suit is the highlight of my day…


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Julia Roberts Scares Me in a Bikini of the Day

Julia Roberts Shows Off Her Enviable Bikini Body by splashnews

Julia Roberts was in a bikini and it was not as tragic as her getting cast as the main character in Pretty Woman, pretty much establishing her career, while fucking with the general public’s ideas of what exactly a pretty girl is….giving her this career built on a lie that all the drones bought into cuz the media told them too….only now, instead of being a unpretty girl playing a pretty girl in her 20s, she’s an old tired mom and lookin’ real sloppy….but I’m posting it anyway…


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Julia Roberts in her Bikini of the Day

I think the day I realized that Hollywood was a lie….was the day I saw Julia Roberts cast as Pretty Woman….since then I question everything they tell me via marketing.


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Julia Roberts Finally yet Unfortunately in a Bikini of the Day

I think Julia Roberts follows me on TWITTER cuz just a couple of weeks ago I wrote something saying we need more Julia Roberts paparazzi pics. This stemmed from finding out she spent 2 months in Montreal, the not very big city I live in, and not one person saw her outside the film crew filming her movie…..She didn’t tour the city, she didn’t leave her room, she was no where to be found…not drunk, flashing pussy, acting like the married mom she both looks like and is….

Then all of a sudden, after two years not in the paparazzi, these bikini pics surface, and I say, send her back to her reclusive life, cuz there’s a reason far deeper why she hasnt been half naked in public and that’s the body you’re gonna look at when clicking the link….

I guess this is a classic – be careful what you wish for….I should have been smarter and aimed higher like wishing for hard cash and not this pig in her bikini…but I guess it is all part of sucking at life….

To See The Rest of the Pictures Cuz I Don’t Have the Right To Post Them and I’ve Been Threatened Lawsuits From The Company That Owns Them….

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Julia Roberts and Her Bikini on Set of the Day

Remember Julia Roberts? Unfortunately, I do. My relationship with her is definitely one sided because she doesn’t know I exist, but I know that I hate her. I don’t find her hot. I never understoodd her career or why everyone was hard for her over the years.

I remember watching Pretty Woman almost weekly because this whore I was dating and living with insisted we get high and watch it all the fucking time. It gave her hope that her sucking dick for money would work out in the end, would bring her the life of luxury she always wanted, and that one day her Prince Charming would pull up in a limo and save her slutty as.

Unfortunately, that never happened. She died after getting beat by a John one night, a John I am sure she thought was Richard Gere’s character in the movie, coming to sweep her off her feet and save her from her hell. That is the false hope Julia Roberts fed her.

So if anything, it is all Julia Roberts’ fault this happened and here she is making huge money with her shitty mom body in a bikini, while my ex is dead.

Pics via Fame

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Julia Roberts is in a Bikini of the Day

Everyone has those days where they feel like they look like shit. In Julia Roberts’ case, she’s actually got a reason to, because she does look like shit. I mean all the movie magic, make up, body doubles in the world can’t make her something I’d ever want to have sex with when sober, booze on the other hand makes me do a lot of things I regret and the fact that her womb is worth millions, kinda counterbalances the fact that she’s busted.

Lucky her, the paparazzi were there to snap off these pictures of her in a bikini, normally the only time a guy looks at her in a bikini is when she writes a check to the dude she promised an exuberant life of luxury to under the condition that he knocked her up

It is beyond me when she was such a big deal in the 90s, I have no idea how this homely cow went from rags to the highest paid actress in her time, but I can only assume her blowjob is spectacular, because it is really the only way.

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