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J.Lo Plays With Her Lazy Tit on a Yacht of the Day

Here is everything wrong in the world hard at work being a lazy fucking piece of shit who thinks she deserves the fucking good life cuz of all she has done for the world with her shitty songs and movies….So laying on her fat ass that made her stupid money that can pay for servents to do everything for her as to not disrupt her laying on her fat ass existence…..that’s just the new money from the ghetto idea of being rich…if you can afford to not get off your lazy pig ass cuz you hired your distant relative to clean up after you…why the fuck not….

It also makes being rich far more fun because you can look down on people from your throne while making them do your dirty work….which is good for self confidence…especially when you’re an over-rated cunt who is struggling to stay relevant….

I just thought this shit was funny as the guy she is with looks like he’s shitting and how her lazy body points at the paparazzi like it’s the biggest effort she’s put into anything all day…”you mean i have to sit up?”…and her facial expression that looks like she’s been busted in the bathroom inserting a tampon, not that she wastes her time with that kind of menial and messy shit….she’s got staff for that…

Either way, I find this disgusting.

Pics via Bauer

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Some Elisha Cuthbert Pictures for Old Time’s of the Day

Remember when Elisha Cuthbert was this hot thing everyone wanted a piece of, I mean maybe because I live in her hometown, I heard a lot more buzz about her than the rest of the world, but she was definitely all over the fuckin’ place, dudes were jerking off to her in that Girl Next Door movie, and she had some Maxim covers, and now she’s pretty much a dumpy lookin’ nobody. The only thing upsetting in these pictures is that she hasn’t come back home so that when I get drunk in the same bar as her I can do my best to destroy the little self esteem she has, you know make her feel like she really sucks at life for not being a big star, and making her want to prove herself to me by sitting on my face. See, I don’t care that she’s got fatter and looks like the kind of girl who doesn’t shower always, doesn’t keep her bush maintained and who may or may not have a 3 week old tampon lodged in her pussy, just because it was too much work to take it out, I’m talking Toxic Shock Syndrom pussy motherfuckers.

Here she is doin’ nothing, something she’s pretty fucking good at lately.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt is a Fucking Dump of the Day

I like how Jennifer Love Hewitt’s turned 30 and has officially given up on life. I remember when I first started wearing sweatpants in public a couple of years ago because I couldn’t find pants that weren’t elastic waist band to fit and for the first 6 months of the shit, I felt a little ashamed. I still try to fake it when I head out to bars and shit, not because I am image oriented or really care all that much, but there’s something about sweatpants that screams I slept in this shit, and didn’t bother getting dressed, that is never attractive or hot. Sure she can accessorize with her Luis Vuitton and a mercedes, but as far as I’m concerned bitch looks like the poor kid in your elementary school and not like a hot Jewish girl heading to camp and I blame her fat mother for that.

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