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Cheryl Cole in Some Leather Lookin’ Pants of the Day

Everyone seems to care about this Cheryl Cole bitch and I’m not really sure why. I am also not really going to bother to look it up. I just know she’s some UK popstar trash with prison tattoos who hasn’t quite made it in America, she’s married to a black soccer player who also hasn’t made it in America and I guess whatever scandal is going on will be milked to get as much media attention as she can going into her move to North America…see there is a big world out there but the entertainment industry in the USA is the top of the pile of shit, it pays the most, the fans are idiots who buy into the bullshit because they have nothing better going on and I’m just happy that she’s wearing these leather lookin’ pants like the whore that she is, not because it’s that hot or exciting but because I have nothing better goin’ on…

Pics via Bauer

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Drew Barrymore Unfortunately in a Fetish Lookin Dress of the Day

Drew Barrymore premiered her Charlie’s Angel 4-The Rollerskate Years movie staring the cunt I can’t stand from Juno because Drew Barrymore milks this whole Girl Power bullshit that gives girls everywhere the wrong idea about their place in the world, fucking up the whole balanace of the world and more importantly works against all the hard work men have put into keeping their bitches their bitches, if you know what I mean. When the reality is that roller derby chicks, like suicide girl chicks, are fat, lesbian, rockers with tattoos who no one really wants to see naked, except maybe other roller derby chicks, you know after they finish beating each other up oin the rink.

She wore some fetish dress that would look great with my cum dripping off it, provided it was on another chick, we’ll just leave this pig-face for the Mac guy.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Ashlee Simpson in Some Leather Pants of the Day

Marrying and Emo bi sexual dude turned this bitch into some kind of monster, but I guess if you were her, you wouldn’t want to look like Ashlee Simpson either, so she’s really doing herself a favor by doin’ this whole vampire shit. She looks fuckin’ skinny, she looks haggard and you would be too if you married a homo who wouldn’t fuck you ever and just used you as a vehicle to birth his devil child or some shit. I don’t really care and either do you, so why am I even writing this, I should just throw up the pictures, like Ashlee Simpson throws up her dinner every night.

Bonus – Here She Is In Showing Off Her Little Vampire TITS..

Pics VIa FAME and INFphoto

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Kim Kardashian in Leather at Some Bullrun of the Day

While Kim Kardashian went to host some Pepsi Bullrun event in leather, I guess in honor of the Bullrun in Spain, or I hear that Khloe Kardashian was their playing the bull. They didn’t feed her for days, the tied up her balls to really fire her up and they let her out on the street where people ran away from her in fear, and I hear there were deaths, just a lot of excited homos/closet cases on all fours with their pants around their ankles in hopes she’d mount them and “accidentally” sodomize them to death.

Pics via FAME

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Kate Beckinsale and Her Leather Dress of the Day

Kate Beckinsale shoulda have been wearing this dress the night she got pregnant, because instead of bustin inside her, baby daddy would have taken advantage of this special occasion outfit to see his seed roll down off it, at least I hear that’s what people who fuck people in latex are into, meaning like every other time he had sex, shit wouldn’t have stuck on the womb, but it really doesn’t matter because I think she’s bounced back from that pregnancy shit quite amazingly and if only more mom’s were like her, maybe the world would be a better place and men wouldn’t resent their wives for giving them a life sentence with a fatter ass than they married…..

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Jessica Simpson and Her Post-Fat Concert Pictures of the Day

Jessica Simpson realized that having a big mouth no only helps in her singing, but also has had a huge affect on how much food she can shovel into her goddamn mouth. I don’t care that she got fat, she’s pretty much been off my radar the last few months and it was totally expected, but I figured I’d post these concert pictures that came out since the last fat scandal, and it may be safe to say that although she may be thicker, she’s not as fat as I’d like her to be, you know fat enough to know there’s some serious emotional problem that I can ridicule, instead, she’s just a little thicker, like any girl is when she gets a boyfriend…all she needs is to get dumped and she’ll be back on track, but I have a feeling Romo is making her this way because he wants he all for himself and doesn’t want all these men after her all while making her look and feel like one of the defensive linemen he’s got a crush on when she fucks him up the ass with various household objects. It’s a win/win situation in his closet case life.

BONUS – Here’s Rene Russo’s Opinion on Jessica Simpson and her weight gain…

Bonus – Here’s that NY POST Comic on Jessica Simpson and Her Food Addiction….

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