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Ashley Tisdale Ugly Watch of the Day

Yep, still ugly….I do a little thing here called the Ashley Tisdale ugly watch. It all started when she won some award as the starlet of the year and I got offended because she looks fucking inbred and the only thing inbred bitches should be doin is sucking dicks in parking lots, back alleys and seedy motel rooms, not winning fucking awards and I knew that with that award would come a fucking ego that left her thinking that people must like her and in liking her must think she’s hot and in turn thinking that she’s hot when she clearly isn’t. So whever I see pictures of her, especailly when she’s not wearing make-up, I like to put it out there and say that Ashley Tisdale’s still fuckin’ ugly….in case you were wondering…..and here are the pics….

Pics via INF

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Katherine Heigl is Really Pretty for a Pig of the Day

I saw a fat girl talking about how hard of a time she’s having with her night classes, day job and raising two kids. She was pretty much whining, as most fat people do, especially when it involves getting off their fat asses and she said something along the lines of how she’s spreading herself too thin, that’s when I chimed in and said that thin is something she definitely isn’t spreading herself and shouldn’t been too worried about anything involving thin, except maybe for being thin, because obesity is the number 1 cause of heart disease, diabetes and most recently cancer…..She didn’t find me funny.

Here are some pictures of ugly Katherine Heigl lookin’ her best because she reminds me of a fat lazy slob who doesn’t do anything other than smoke her cigarettes and make her bitch husband do all the housework while she lives off residuals from that lesbian show she was on.

BONUS – Here are some pics of Katherine Heigl actually working in her panties for some movie she’s being fat and lazy in…..

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Kim Kardashian’s Got No Make-Up On But She’s Got an Eyebrow of the Day

These pictures were listed as being Kim Kardashian with no make-up on, something I am pretty convinced doesn’t exist because she’s more into make-up than a drag queen trying to trick me into letting him suck my dick because he’s a girl and it gets me every time because I always fall for it….

Either way, I can’t tell what her deal is because I am too busy worrying about that eyebrow she’s got living on her forehead and I have a feeling that it is slowly trying to take over her face. Maybe it’s her dad’s reincarnated some new growth on her unibrow and he’s trying to make her look vile because he’s tired of her draggin’ his name through the mud by having nature channel sex on video but I guess that theory is pretty unlikely and it’s just her Armenian genetics, something a lot less exciting that my original theory.

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