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Gretchen Rossi is Bullshit in a Bikini of the Day

Gretchen Rossi is so fucking useless that she is on TV, but doesn’t even have her own Wikipedia page and over the course of my “career” writing this site with one hand on the keyboard and the other in my ass, I have seen a lot of fuckin’ useless fuckin’ people, all of whom had a wikipedia page.

I guess no one gives a fuck about this whore, so I am forced to ask myself why I am bothering writing this shit about her, and the answer is simple….she has a tight body and is in a bikini and that’s all it really takes to get into my heart. I don’t care if she’s useless or not in her career, cuz I can think of at least 5 things she’s good for…..

Since I’m a bottom feeder and can spot other Bottom Feedin’, I know that she’s probably figured out that all she needs to do is hire a photographer, get into a bikini and hit the beaches of Malibu in hopes all the tabloids run her shit to secure a little fanbase, and maybe one day even get her that Wikipedia page, because these are staged, bullshit and make me want to punch her in the face because I hate lies, just as soon as I’m done fucking her up the ass…..because I like fucking bitches up the ass….Here are the pics…

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Gretchen Rossi in a Bikini of the Day

Here she is in some shitty staged pics you’d expect to see in a shitty brochure for a shitty hotel that you would only stay at if you were like me and broke as shit but backed into the corner when your fat wife bitches about how you never take her anywhere because spending alone time with her is a fate worth than fucking death…you know the kind of picture you’d then see on shitty postcards and shitty hepatitis pamphlets they hand out to vacationers in Mexico, because she is a stock photo star some photographer took a pic of and sold to every low level asshole who needed a picture of a twat in a bikini, but at least she has a nice body, even if her bullshit career is as bullshit as the quality of these bullshit staged shots….you know with being on Real Housewives of Orange County and having paparazzi take pics of her with her fake TV boyfriend, thus contributing to why I hate the fucking world…

And Here she is in some staged pictures of her workin’ out, not because her life is bullshit, but because she is a good person who wants to show the fat chicks how she gets that body worth fuckin’ all while rockin’ a stupid grin on her face I’d like to fuck right off of her…..

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