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Laura Wiggins in Shameless of the Day

Shameless is a great concept for a show…obviously…not from America….but anothing UK rip off…which doesn’t bother me cuz it’s a story of a drunk, degenerate, with a family he can’t support, cuz he’s too busy drinking, and getting in trouble for his drinking….

THey didn’t pay me to say that…I just fell I can relate to it and I like that finally someone has paved the way for me….like that midget from Gang of Thrones thanked the Little People Big World and the Munchkins from Wizard of Oz for paving the way for him last night…

That said…. TITS ON TV ….is an even better concept…something I need, support, approve of and that I’m happy about…it’s taken years to get here, but we’ve almost broken down the taboo…and humanity can now feel human…by not being subject to censored oppressive content..

Here’s a clip of Laura Wiggins, I posted her tits in Shameless before….I said she’s 22 and looks 13…which is enough for you to enjoy here….so watch.

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Emmy Rossum Naked in Shameless of the Day

Tits on TV is a fucking good thing….Emmy Rossum is also a good thing and these UK turned US shoes could be a good thing…my the Americans are missing the shit…making it some Disneyland pile of shit version that rapes the fucking original…..

I get that these US producers are jumping on the success of The Office, and figure ripping off UK shows will lead to serious success, even if their story lines are 6 years late, but motherfuckers need to hire me to write the shit….cuz I understand drunken deadbeat dads…

Seriously… I am going to start a campaign to get me a writing job on this show, not that I’m not a writer, I just know I’m better than the idiots they hired, and that I can save the shit from the death it is clearly going to have…even though Emmy Rossum is worth masturbating to…unfortunately not enough to save her shit….and here’s her recent nude scene…cuz they’re trying as hard as they can…and this kind of trying is amazing…

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Tits on TV of the Day

I never know if I am going to get busted by the legal team at the networks who put on these shows cuz I post the naked clips from the week…I usually do get hit by them and their dated theories on copyright and that makes no fucking sense to me because if anything this is giving publicity two shows who do TV right by allowing some uncensored shit we want to see and never could see before cable tried to keep up with the internet…sharing is caring motherfuckers…stop being so stingy with the goods.

That said, two of the best shows on TV, other than the Grammy Awards are Californication and Shameless…Two shows that should be hiring me not punishing me….

Here are the tits on TV for the week…

Addison Timlin’s Big Old Tits in Californication…..cuz she know the formula of launching a long lasting career….and that’s Tits get Hits motherfuckers…

Emmy Rossum in Shameless….fucking proper enough to make me a fan…

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Shameless Brings Some Tit on TV of the Day

I don’t know if Shameless is officially racist, but they’ve made Shanola Hampton’s bed pretty jungle themed.

Last week I posted this clip of her tits fucking and thought maybe it was a one time thing, but apparently this whore doesn’t wash her sheets, or maybe the producers are just racist…which I like to think they are….because along with this jungle nonsense, they also tried to sue me for posting their Emmy Rossum sex scene before the show was on TV….even though I like to think I was helping tham market it…

A drunken deadbeat dad is a great concept for a TV show, especially when William H. Macy is the drunken deadbead dad, which makes sense because it was ripped off of a successful show in the UK, something that seems to be typical Hollywood behavior…recycling shit from another country 6 years later, but at least they show tit cuz Hollywood has no fucking clue.

Here’s Shanola Hampton’s nipple this week…

Here’s some unknown actresses who I want to invite to my birthday party….

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Tits on TV of the Day

I’ve seen the show Shameless, and yes, it’s just another example of the USA ripping off British TV, because the USA lacks creativity, especailly when it comes to producing decent entertainment content, cuz the USA is all fucked up with their Christian guilt and rules and regulations that have made them what they are, instead of just embracing actually comedy, sleazy, drama, and good fucking times…

But at least they are trying to make TV better than the shit it used to be, I just wish they gave someone like me a fucking show, cuz I could use the money and come up with something they wouldn’t have to steal from the brits…

Who cares…here’s some nudity from TV…and it’s better than the Tila Tequila Black Labia Lesbian Sex Tape Circulating…

Laura Wiggins cuz she’s 22 but looks 13….

Shanola Hampton cuz I love black girls….even though I’ve never tasted one….

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Some Tits on TV of the Day

The biggest thing for my future, aside from my liver surviving more self-destructive behavior, as I get on in years, I feel more and more like shit and doubt that I have much left in me to give, is the fact that TV is following my lead…It is saying that people like seeing nudity, it is kinda the basis of humanity, fuck the Christian corporations, and let’s do this thing the way we want to do it for the people, cuz otherwise the internet will make us totally irrelevant and the only competitive advantage we have over the internet is that we have budget that allow us to produce amazing nudity with amazing pussy that these idiot bloggers could never afford to get naked, and I love every second of it….

Since I was kid, I needed nudity to keep me interested in anything, which made elementary school a series of embarrassing moments, and maybe, just maybe I’ll get a job as a consultant on one of these shows, since tits is what I’ve made my life about…maybe they’ll even give me my own show, I’m willing to do anything, I have concepts for cooking shows, for craft shows, for Home Renovation shows, and they all include naked bitches, I’m fucking ready for you TV career.I just want their stamp of approval/lots of fucking money…

Let me sell out…Please…

And until I do, I like tits on TV….so here are the latest from yesterday’s best cable TV shows….

Emmy Rossum in Shameless

Camille Chen in Californication

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Emmy Rossum’s Tits in Shameless of the Day


Apparently there is a show called Shameless on TV. I’ve never heard of it. I’ve never heard people talk about it. I don’t know anyone who watches it, not even my neighbor who collects welfare, has stolen sattelite who watches everything, but apparently this Emmy Rossum bitch shows off her big shit stain nipple on it, cuz she’s shameless and knows it is the only way she will get noticed

I didn’t know who Emmy Rossum was, but assumed she was named by her stage mom who pushed her into acting to live out her dream she couldn’t thanks to getting pregnant at a young age…but instead found out she was 14, surprising me, cuz these tits don’t look a day younger than 40. I guess she grew up too fast for her own good, Hollywood will do that to you…

These pictures could be old, but they are new to me and that’s what matters..

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Heidi Montag’s Shameless Music Video of the Day

I posted these pictures of the devil shamelessly promoting her new shitty songs by getting her fake boyfriend to pretend to videotape her, while she mouthed the words to her song and asked people to go out and download it on itunes. If you were one of the people who listened, I hope you fucking die, because buying shit she’s peddling like the desperate out of work alcoholic kid’s birthday clown I saw on the street corner handing out free baloon animals to little kids, hoping to get a gig at a birthday party like the good old days, before he sold his soul to the fuckin bottle, and all motherfucker got was arrested for being a pervert who got too close to fuckin’ kids, like he deserved.

That said, give Heidi Montag what she deserves…failure.

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Heidi Montag Plays it Up For the Paparazzi of the Day

This souless cunt was out self-promoting and the paparazzi fed into her shit by taking pictures. She pulled up in a luxury car and danced around lip syncing her bullshit song while Spencer Pratt videotaped it, trying to promote her shit and get some buzz, despite it being kitchen fucking garbage, like her boobjob.

The lies are starting to get to me, I mean all I can think about is hate fucking her until she stops resisting under me. Maybe that sounds violent, but not as violent as how she rapes me everyfucking day with her bullshit.

There’s gotta be a video about this somewhere, google it.

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