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Lady Gaga and Her Titty Flash Video of the Day

My computer isn’t working today and either is my penis now that I’ve been subjected to Lady Gaga’s transexual breast and it’s nipple. Shit always leaves me feeling weird, even though tranny porn is statistically more watched by straight men than gay men, which never really made sense to me, so maybe this hate for Gaga is my libido telling me I’m faggot, but I don’t think that’s true, because I have traditionally loved girls who don’t have dicks, or look like they should have dicks, or sound like they have dicks and spent the whole night sucking dicks in a Gay Sauna.

What I do know is that if Karma existed, this bitch would die of fucking AIds for mocking the homo lifestyle and exploiting it and making money off it.

She’s bullshit and here is her tit in video…

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Nicole Scherzinger and Her Nipple Slip of the Day

So Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls let her big brown nipple out for some air because I guess it was suffocating under her dress, or maybe because the shit stain is so fucking big it’s almost impossible to keep it covered up and letting the world see it is a small trade off for the cleavage that sells her records….I am not one of those people who hates on brown nipples or even brown vaginas, I only find that shit disgusting on white chicks, because you gotta do some serious damage to get a brown pussy, like using a log of frozen dog feces as a dildo or someshit.

Either way, this Scherzinger whore’s good to go, unfortunately it’s not as funny as a massive clit slip, but I’d settle for massive nipple slip, because ultimately, I don’t care and I’m just posting this for you.

Here’s the video of the performance last week….

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Lily Allen Nipple Slip Brawl of the Day

Lily Allen doesn’t like bras but she does like brawls.

Here she is coming out of a club drunk with her nipple floppin every which way, not because it’s looking for a baby to feed because it’s still got remnants of the sour milk from her short lived pregnancy, but because she doesn’t give a fuck if the world sees her tits because she’s given up.

It’s like this woman I knew who tried so hard to have a baby for years and years and who ended up killing herself because of the emptiness she felt. Near the end of her life, it was pretty obvious she had given up, not only was she doing tons of drugs, but she was also walking around her apartment complex naked, and one day even went grocery shopping in her undewear, unshowered and was taken to the psych ward, that didn’t do a whole lot of good for her, because when she got home she ended it all.

The truth is that all that was crazy, but not nearly as crazy as her toilet that was filled with blood and fetus from her last miscarriage that she refused to flush and would sleep next to at night calling it Charlie the name she intended to give it while screaming and crying. It was a fuckin’ horror show, but she’s in a better place now with all those dead babies.

Unfortunately for Lily Allen, she’s not in a better place, she’s just falling apart, self-medicating and fighting, I hope the girl on the receiving end realizes that she’s dealing with a muderer, it’s one of those never fight someone you don’t know cuz they may have a weapon situations, only in this case Lily Allen’s uterus is her weapon, shit kills babies and that’s pretty fucking psycho. Either way, here’s her nipple.

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Cheryl Tweedy Cole’s Nipple Slip of the Day

Girls Aloud are a useless Spice Girls tribute act from the UK, in the event you didn’t already know, but I have a feeling your bedroom wall is plastered with posters you got out of your Teen Dream magazine subscription because you’re creepy like that. The only one really worth a round is Cheryl Tweedy Cole and she is out at some party having a useless nipple slip and her nipples are all taped up, the same kind of fashion tip the whole group should be using on their mouths every time they get on stage because lets face it, they just aren’t that good.

If they really wanted to sell more tickets and hit up a broader audience, they should consider changing their stage show to one with more masturbation and fucking on stage. Pop stars are hypocrites, they act all conservative and wholesome when doing their jobs performing on stage, but the second you let them out on their own, they’re flashing cunt, doing drugs and most importantly shooting sex tapes….I feel like all the candy-coated lies should stop and they should give the public more of what we expect out of them, because we all know they’re just a bunch of sluts who must have sucked some serious dick to get where they are today and I think we deserve to get in on it in exchange for buying their music….

BONUS: Sarah Harding and Nicola Roberts of Girls Aloud Dyking Out Because They Are a Team….a Drunk LesbianTeam….hopefully practicing for a brighter future….

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Amy Smart has a Nipple Slip of the Day

Amy Smart is stupid.

Be my Valentine.


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