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Thick Hilary Duff Showing off Tit of the Day

Here is a fat Hilary Duff showing off tit, because tit is the thick chick’s only defense mechanism….It is the only way to divert focus and if they are lucky shit makes them look skinnier, mainly because people aren’t looking at their gut or even realize there is a body from the nipples down….cuz everyone knows that thick will turn into obese in a few years so we do what we can to ignore the shit and focus on the good, it’s like a man defense mechanism….

I’m not sure why bitch is so fat, but I can only assume bitch gets engaged and then gives up and starts eating all the food she was holding back on all these years for fear a motherfucker wouldn’t lock into her….or maybe her man is just trying to fatten her up because he’s a closet case jock and only cums when she feels like his chubby childhood Hockey coach who taught him about sex when winning the game ended with more than just ice cream…if you know what I mean…..and if you’re anything like Hilary Duff I lost you at ice cream…cuz it’s your fucking favorite…but I was talking about child rape in organized sport.

Here are some stuff by Duff thickness pics for the black folk….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Doutzen Kroes and her Thick Body in a Sports Bra of the Day

Doutzen Kroes was doing some Victoria’s Secret modeling and she looked like she was getting ready for the superbowl, seriously, this bitch is jacked and I’m sure it’s a nice change of pace from the other skinny bitches Victoria’s Secret exploits, especially for the gays who don’t know they are gay yet and the blacks who have dicks designed for “thick” bitches….and I guess for me who likes anything that claims or is marketed as having a pussy….and ehre are the pics…

Pics via Fame

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Jessica Simpson’s Thick Neck of the Day

The only thing hot about a bitch with a thick neck, is that if you accidentally knock her up when dating her and you push her down the stairs in efforts to get rid of the baby, cuz you aren’t ready for that shit, the chances of her breaking her neck and ending up wheel-chair bound, forcing you to spend the rest of your life changing her fuckin’ diapers and pushing her the fuck around, because you’re a good guy and feel that it is the right thing to do, are a lot more slim to fuckin’ none. Now the only problem with that being the only thing hot about her is the rest of the time when you aren’t trying to push her down stairs and you’re forced to look at the shit all the fuckin time and have flashbacks of your childhood football coach who used to play find the fuckin’ 10 yard line in his anus.

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Kim Kardashian Wishes She Had Photoshop in Everyday Life of the Day

Rumor has it that Kim Kardashian is investing her porn slut money into trying to create some hollogram screen that you wear and shit makes you look photoshooped when you walk around giving off the optical illusion that she’s as tight as her magazine published pictures, you know so that her gut, thighs, ass and other fat that stems from her being a lazy fucking big, gets airbrushed out so that the public doesn’t have to be reminded of the lie she is living…..I mean I made that rumor up, but it’s something she may want to consider, because if this is what she looks like in everyday life, her line of workout DVDs are obviously a fuckin’ joke, and designed for girls fatter than her to feel like they’re doing their part at getting fit, but never giving up their pint a day ice cream addiction.

I guess who really cares, I know I don’t, but I just wrote a bad post about it, so maybe I do….

Here’s the photoshoot video….

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Lindsay Lohan’s Legs Rub Together When She Walks of the Day

So it turns out that Lindsay Lohan’s thighs rub together when she walks, which isn’t really that big of a deal considering my wife’s tits rub her thighs when she walks, but then again my wife’s idea of walking is sitting on our ghetto couch and in all fairness to my wife, she’s not a celebrity and never will be, unless she’d doing the before pictures for some weightloss scam that they will photoshop a fit girl’s face onto to sell product. In reality, my wife being fat is all my fault because I told her I was tired of fucking her and wanted a blow-up doll. Since, she’s french she understood that I wanted a bouncy castle and decided to turn herself into one, at least that’s the only explanation I have for what has proven to be a really disgusting part of my life.

Either way, here’s Lohan’s thick drug addicted thighs rubbin’ together.

Bonus – Some Shitty See Through Action from the Other Day:

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