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Ashley Tisdale Ugly Watch of the Day

Yep, Ashley Tisdale’s definitely still ugly, only today she decided to step up the ugly by wearing a pair of over-sized basketball shorts, the kind you’d see on a couple of white Jewish dudes at their driveway in the rich part of town…I don’t know what the fuck possessed me to do a post on this trash, she’s a fucking nobody, I guess it has to do with hoping it gets to her to remind her that she’s not the hot pussy she things she is. I also don’t know who possessed her to put these shorts on, like who told her it’d be a good idea, but I can only assume it was chanelled directly from her internal testicles, you know her high testosterone count. She’s useless and ugly and now she’s has reached her lowest in sex appeal, unless rich Jewish boys playing basketball in their driveway is porn to you….

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Victoria Silvstedt Pitchin’ a Watch Campaign The Only Way She Knows How of the Day

Victoria Silvstedt was never really relevant, she was just a Playboy model years ago, when Playboy was into this look. I guess they still are, but Silvstedt attempt to hang onto it, isn’t workin out too well for her, the older she gets and the more surgery she gets to put things back in place and I am talking about her penis, the weirder she fuckin’ looks, like a half eaten Jello tray at the ghetto buffet after it was raped by my wife

Here she is trying to get attention by flashing some panty with her watch, possibly hoping the watch company appreciates the plug and send her a couple free watches that she can pawn off to pay her rent like the common whore that she is.

Silvstedt remains my enemy for trying to sue me, but I think aging is her enemy and we all know who’s gonna win this one. Cunt.

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