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Jessica Alba Stiripper in Sin City 2 of the Day

Jessica Alba is a stripper in the new Sin City..

This is the promo pic…

As much as I like single mother strippers trying to make enough money for their drug habits…

This is just too candy coated hollywood for me…

There’s no herpes scabs or broken souls…which is a fail….

But I’ll still look, despite the whole not being naked yet being a stripper lie that is being presented to us.

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Jessica Alba Bikini Pics of the Day

The only thing less attractive than seeing a mom in her bikini, is seeing a grandmother in her bikini, not that I wouldn’t want to fuck a mom and a grandmother and a daughter in their bikinis all at the same time, but individually, they aren’t that impressive, even when they are Jessica Alba, in her bullshit fake marriage that she used her uterus to trap and make happen, leading a a miserable husband who she probably lets fuck other girls, because the tightness in her vagina disappeared with child birth, and because they are from LA and no one in LA is monogamous…not even with Jessica Alba because there are hundreds of girls in LA way better looking, who are younger and down to fuck knowing you’re Alba’s husband…it’s just the way it is….but I’l still look at her in a bikini and not hate her for being half naked, but rather hate her for being so fucking boring…

That’s not to say I wouldn’t stepfather her kids, cuz I totally would..but it is to say that she’s not spreading her asshole…which is what makes it fun…

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Jessica Alba for Glamour of the Day

I don’t get overly excited about Jessica Alba, but she’s still Jessica Alba…you see she’s always been hot enough to look at…but she’s also always been fucking annoying. Whether it was never getting naked in her movies despite being cast as the hot chick, to having babies pre-maturely to trap her husband, to now doing some Martha Stewart shit, it’s just been fucking consistent disappointment with her…so I know what she’s posing for magazines, it’s not for a “before and after” expose on mom vaginas…it won’t even be artistic nudes, even after being spread out on the hospital bed birthing, it’s will just always be G-Rated, leaving us wanting nudity, and after so many years, it no longer remains cute, if anything it just makes me mad…

I don’t even really want to see a naked mom of 2 in her 30s…I mean despite the fact that I want to see every single woman ever naked…but it’s not my fetish or something I seek, but her constant tease, the 2 decade old tease, that always ends in disappointment, kinda makes me want it more…

So her she is in August’s Glamour….we’ll leave it at that.

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Jessica Alba for the Sunday Times of the Day

Jessica Alba was in the Sunday Times and she looked pretty fucking lovely, despite not being naked enough for my liking, she’s Jessica Alba, and has never been naked enough for my liking, she always knew she was hot, and always knew that getting naked would end her appeal, so she never fucking did it. I just assumed falling off the map and having a couple of kids would have made her more desperate, only instead of taking any job she can get, now more naked because she’s eager to get back in the limelight, or even to establish herself as an actor now that she’s more comfortable being spread out on a table in front of a room full of people thanks to child birth…

But instead she took the Martha’s Stewart route…you know if Martha Stewart wore evening gowns on tennis courts..

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Jessica Alba is in Workout Gear of the Day

Jessica Alba was walking around in workout gear and I figured I’d post it, despite Jessica Alba’s sex appeal being virtually dead, even if she’s bounced back from her pregnancies, she’s still had those pregnancies….

Sure she’s hotter than any girl you’ve got with, and you may still have a soft spot in your masturbation schedule for her, you know one for old times, cuz you have a hard time moving on….and sure even as a shell of what was, it’s still not horrible…

But I was hoping to see more cameltoe, tight pants do that to women, before realizing, her labia are probably taped to her inner thigh, you know as a result of those pregnancies…

To See the Rest of the PIcs

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Jessica Alba Titty Flash of the Day

It would only make sense that Jessica Alba, a slut who pretended she wasn’t a slut, until she took on a little entrapment like she was from Cleveland, via her uterus, because that’s what broken girls who fear being alone do….get pregnant….would walk around in a sheer bra now for the paparazzi, in a whole “i’ve given up” or “notice me over here” kinda way. It’s good for business…..

This is the same girl who wouldn’t even get in her underwear in a movie, but I guess age, realizing no one cares that much about her naked ass, and countless visits to the gyno have eased her up…into a Jessica Alba I can respect and appreciate….even if I resent her for waiting til it was almost too late to do what she shoulda been doing at 20…because she’s fit and at least she fucking did it…

Lovin’ these Titties….


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Jessica Alba in Some Magazine of the Day

Jessica Alba is working it good, even showing a little puffy nipple thanks to too much breast feeding, for some magazine I’ve never heard of, but that I know has taken the right steps in post production to make her skin look like she’s not in her 30s or a mom of 2, but instead a young vibrant thing we all used to want to have sex with as she got paid millions to cock tease us before settling down…and for that we celebrate, not that we haven’t given this unappreciative, never-nude bitch enough, like her fucking whole life of luxury, thanks to our lusting after her, something we could have collectively taken back from her, if we weren’t all such fucking perverts with no control over wanting to fuck girls in movies marketed to us hard.

here are the pics.

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Jessica Alba’s Looking Ok in a Bikini for a Mom of the Day

I don’t like celebrating women who spat in the face of their fans and her sex appeal to reproduce for selfish reasons, like locking her husband in. I am more into celebrating women who squirt in the face of their fans for money, but that’s got nothing to do with this post.

I don’t like saying shit like “she’s still got it” cuz she’d be hotter if she never had the kids.

So this whole older, sloppier, her skin hangs off the back of her thighs, her tits sag a little more than when she was in her 20s and not a fucking mom of two, doesn’t get a “PASS” from me, like it does from all the other sites, those pervert virgins would cum if they say a 300 pound bitch in a bikini.

I don’t celebrate – look how much she bounced back and how she’s almost as good as she was – shit.

I say, bitch, at least you’re not fat, and at least you’re in a bikini, cuz that shit is better to look at than clothes, but you are a fraction of what you were, reminding us all that breeding kills women.

Here are a few of the pics I’m not allowed to post.

To see a shit ton of ALba bikini pics from this St Barts Trip go HERE and HERE

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Jessica Alba Mom Ass in a Bikini of the Day

Jessica Alba, despite being a dirty mom of two, with a vagina that has probably been ravaged, thanks to being a mom of two, you know unable to grip a cock with no hands, thanks to the damage she put it through to trap a boyfriend, cuz celebs are insecure damaged vulnerable people with trust issues and daddy issues to begin with, so they pull gutter moves, just while wearing designer clothes…..still holds a soft spot in my heart, cuz she’s Jessica Alba and despite being that mom of two, still rock’s it in a bikini well into her 30s, a cut off date I’m usually pretty strict about, more old ladies need to look like this. Fact.


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