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Paris Hilton’s Bikini Party of the Day

I’ve heard so many stories about Paris Hilton VS Cocaine and the Paris Hilton winning, kind of like the stories of Paris Hilton’s Herpes vs Condoms and the Herpes always winning, not that she uses condoms…

I’ve also heard that Paris Hilton, despite seeming like a vapid idiot who loves drugs and sex, like everyone else, she’s actually a genius, and everything she does is strategic, since her family has a name, but the money you’d think she has, she went out and made it on her own…She leveraged her situation and got rich, by pretending to be a little rich bitch and that in and of itself, was a great scam that we can’t hate her for..

I mean she’s been around since I started the site and she’s still got a great fucking body, so despite hating everything about her or at least everything about what we know of her, I’d let her ride my face like a mechanical bull…

Here’s her bikini party from instagram.


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Paris Hilton Erotica for Instagram of the Day

Paris Hilton is getting back into the internet slut groove….it’s like she’s in her mid-30s and instead of just starting a family with some billionaire she’s met along the way…she’s still pretending she’s 20 and filming sex tapes…only her sex tapes are half naked pics to instagram…instead of taking loads on her face…which is a real downgrade…as normally we evolve, and the older we get, the less we care about getting fucked on camera….you know producing a follow-up to her original movie…like a little pornstar since we’ve already seen it…and since she’s got a decade more experience at fucking all kinds of people…and what it comes down to is that I actually don’t hate Paris Hilton…she served her purpose in fucking up society and the youth…youth that is all in their 20s and super horny all the time…and without her I really think things would be different…far less herpes and teen pregnancies…and who really wants that…

She’s the Joan of Arc of our generation…and here is some shitty, especially compared to her history, self shot erotica…

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Paris Hilton DJing in Dubai Bikini Pics of the Day

Paris Hilton may be the worst, she may not matter to the general public, the media may not talk about her because she was overexposed and replaced by the Kardashians, but apparently, she matters in Dubai, where she is on a DJ tour, because Dubai is the only place that still cares about Paris Hilton…they like over the top tacky shit…or maybe it’s just how they mock America through our “idols”..

Whatever the reason, she’s been posting bikini pics peddling her line of purses, and whatever else she does to make money, because she’s a hustler…from trust fund…to sex tape…to riches…it’s the American dream…

My favorite picture is the one she posted of her “disguise” in Dubai. but that’s only because it makes me think she’s terminally ill, and a terminally ill hilton is a hot hilton…

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Paris Hilton’s Inspirational Marketing Pitch While Honored in a Russian Mall of the Day

I don’t know what Russian Billionaire Paris Hilton had sex with, but I am going to assume he owns the Russian Mall that presented her with this star on their walk of fame….and that they probably met on Yachts in Ibizia…or maybe Russia, like during the cold war, is just 10 years behind America and hitting up on our last week’s kitchen garbage, honouring them with bullshit things, and giving them a venue to feel important since they have fallen off at home….or maybe…just maybe…no one else returned this Mall’s call for such a silly thing…because flying the 10-12 hours even for a free Moscow trip…was more of a pain in the ass than anything…but it’s nice to see Paris took the opportunity to pitch her shit to a poor unsuspecting crowd who just want a taste of America…but instead got a taste of a vapid, useless, famewhore brat…who likes to talk about herself…which I guess based on the girls I’ve met…is a taste of America…good times.

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Paris Hilton in Lingerie for Terry Richardson of the Day

Paris Hilton stripped down…at least a little for Terry Richardson, because when you’re an ex pornstar socialite who loves herself more than anyone could ever love her…but more importantly who loves getting naked and having fun, especially when in a room with one of the world’s most prolific and racy fashion photographers…bitch had better bring it….

I have a feeling that this shoot happened randomly, like they just bumped into each other, but Paris was conveniently wearing this outfit under her dress, just in case she needed to get half naked for a photo op…and there is nothing wrong with that…all girls should live their lives as though they are about to be shot by Terry Richardson…it would make for far less soiled, period stained, panties on homeless chicks you bring home…if they happened to know what Terry Richardson was, instead of being too busy looking for food…but you get what I’m saying…girls need to be a bit more like Paris…


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Paris HIlton’s New Music Video Teaser of the Day

Paris Hilton, or as I like to call her the herpes Pop culture got 10 years ago, and forgot about, but it’s making an appearance, because herpes is for life..and every once in a while you are reminded you have them….

This time, with Lil Wayne, because she’s marketable, it’s a valid publicity stunt, there’s some seriously comedic value to doing a song with her, and really with technology and dance music, you don’t really need to be talented, the computer does all the work for you….not to mention, she’s got enough money to pay everyone involved enough to pretend she’s doing something revolutionary, and not desperate, like her porno tape….

I just don’t understand why she can’t just embrace her trust fund, and do things that don’t involve annoying the fucking world while making a fool of herself, like all the other daughters of billionaires before and after her, I mean why is she a gutter hooker about things…it makes no sense…but some things don’t need to make sense….

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Paris Hilton’s Intense Bathing Suit for the Internet of the Day

Paris Hilton is a polluted pile of shit…who is old, who was beat by an Armenian at her own game, even though historically Armenians don’t win, that was an Armenian genocide by the Turks joke, making me wonder just how useless Paris Hilton might be…remembering that like most rich girls…she’s totally fucking useless…but the one thing she did excel at was getting naked and fucked while high…and distributing it to the world..landing a TV show where she played a half retard…and for some reason, a reason I call marketing and the general public being full retard it worked for her, even though she didn’t really need it to, because she has more money than god and this was all just a cry for attention…

Well now she’s old, well rested, and still up to her “Look at me antics”…and sometimes I don’t mind looking at her, because ultimately, what she did and what she represents is pretty fucking funny, and far more entertaining than so many socialite twats in their tennis whites before her….it’s like she revolutionized rich kids and said “It’s okay to be gutter trash, we have trust funds”…and I am into that…Own your herpes…and buy for friends…

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Paris Hilton’s New Sex Tape of the Day

This is hardly a sex tape, but seeing Paris Hilton at some Foam Party in Ibiza getting slammed with a frothy white substance in a pretty substantial volume, is pretty much as close as we get…

It’s not even that much of a stretch though, because historically, she likes to go big and over-the-top, meaning if it was a sex tape, she could easily get enough dudes to fill up the foam party reservoir…

If anything, it brings back memories of a time when Rick Solomon came on her in their sex tape that made her famous…

Which is better than looking at her for the pathetic, old hag at the part that she is…raging like a college girl while fucking the DJ boyfriend…because she’s got all the money in the world and nothing better to do with herself…you know why start a charity or do good…or get a job or leverage your fame and fortune into something more than the vapid little brand you’ve made for yourself..when you can be on stage at a club for a bunch of high as fuck international party kids…pretty pathetic…but we wouldn’t expect anything else from this cunt…

That’s why I like to focus more on her getting slammed with obscene amounts of semen, it makes this villain more likeable..

She’s a prop at a night club act to help get her boyfriend paid more per booking…horrible.

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Paris Hilton’s Obnoxious Self Shot Bikini Photoshoot of the Day

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I want to sniff her bathing suit…just to see how what it smells like…I mean I’d go as far a say that I’d wring it out and drink the water from the crotch…like a man who just spent 3 days lost in the desert….

I guess, despite hating the bitch as much as you can hate a vapid tacky rich girl who craves too much attention but fails at it because she’s as old and tired as her one trick…I would be into K-Fedding her, because let’s face it, she’s still Paris Hilton, and free hotel stays for life herpes is better than gutter drug addict who’s pimp may come after you and kill you herpes…right?

Here are her self shot pics, cuz no one’s bothering taking pics of her.

To see the rest of the pics CLICK HERE

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