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Rosario Dawson Bathing Suit of the Day

Rosario Dawson is pretty big…literally…because I guess there comes a point in every Afro-Cuban’s life, where they opt out of the bikini and put on the one piece, because they are either breeding future criminals or Latin popstars, or just fat from all the eating….I like to think it’s just cocaine bloat.

I’ve heard all kinds of stories about her being an ungrateful poor, squatter, who at 15 was discovered by Harmony Korine in his Original Spring Breakers some of you may know called KIDS.

I’ve also heard she’s a party slut, coke fueled, and fucks everyone…but probably not anymore, because she looks like this….

I guess none of that really matters, because looking at her doing the whole Mom at a Resort letting loose thing, while not a mom and in Cannes, isn’t very hot…to even the biggest Rosario Dawson fan…

The life lesson is that the girl with big tits, always grown into her big tits…she can’t fight it forever…

Who cares…

To See the Rest of the Pics CLICK HERE

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Rosario Dawson’s Weird Upskirt of the Day

I’ve heard some Rosario Dawson stories over the years, from her being some coked up annoying party slut in New York who thinks she’s super fucking important thanks to Harmony Korine pulling her out of the projects when she was 15 to star in her panties in his movie….a slut start to a slut life….filled with big tits….and now panty flashes…because by the looks of her stomach she’s pregnant and trying to give her baby a little light….what a considerate mom….

Or maybe she’s just accustomed to flashing her junk to make people care about her….and that’s why life has been too good to her up until now, handed to her big titties on a silver platter,

I say send her back to the ghetto where she belongs….because her panty flash hustle will be alot more like sucking dick for coke….or rent money…a place she belongs…


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Rosario Dawson Looks Good in May’s GQ of the Day

Rosario Dawson loooks awesome in GQ, sure SHe’s not as great as her full frontal scenes in her new movie that her boyfriend directed her in….all labia all the time….

I lost interest in her, not that I ever really had interest in this squatter turned high maintenance celebrity, but she’s looking better than she has in years…

I mean for a while the gutter NYC cokehead hipster hispanic from KIDS was just fucking irritating, but her big titties have prevailed, and she’s got a second chance to make it count, and least for today…thanks to GQ…..

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Rosario Dawson’s Awesome Full Frontal from Trance of the Day

Trance is a movie by Danny Boyle, who happens to be Rosario Dawson’s boyfriend, and who leaked that she had nude scenes in the movie, despite having already seen her nude, I mean her first role was in a see through bra at 16 in KIDS, but yeah, she’s also showing her pussy, a pussy Danny Boyle is dating, and a pussy Danny Boyle leaked to the press, because they wanna hype this movie up and you know what, when it involves pussy lip, I appreciate that marketing strategy.

I’m kinda likiking this pic, I’m gonna have to go see the movie, that’s what they want me to think, their strategy worked.

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Rosario Dawson’s Topless Tanning of the Day


Rosario Dawson is some coke slut party girl scenester from a poor immigrant family that used to squat in abandoned buildings in New York, who was recruited at 15 by pervert Harmony Korine, to be one of the tween who’s nipples you saw while swimming in her bra in K.I.D.S…..and it’s been nothing but roses and fucking unicorns for this bitch ever since..getting half naked at 15 was her lottery ticket…so why would she stop getting half naked now…it is the foundation of who she is and everything she represents…sure she’s done other gigs where she hasn’t had to get half naked…and the world saw her as some kind of movie star…and not some gutter slut…for whatever reason…but the good news is that she’s never let go of who she really is…at least that’s how I am interpreting her topless tanning in Barbados, and island that doesn’t allow topless tanning, cuz 90 percent of the tourist are fat Britons…and not fat lookin’ Rosario Dawsons….



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Tits at the Whitehouse Correspondents Dinner of the Day

I don’t know if the White House is trying to go pop, you know like an old timer who doesn’t really know what’s up so he invites the cool kids a few years too late, you know when they aren’t so cool anymore…..or if this is some kind of joke the White House is playing on the world….or if this is just where we are at in the grand scheme of America….where trash reigns supreme and anyone who has been on TV or in a Movie or in a Tabloid can attend their fucking events….From Kim Kardashian to Lohan…seems more like a Miami 5 star hotel on New Years than something remotely political….

Maybe, thee Whitehouse Correspondents Dinner was more about legalizing drugs, brining in Colombian Sofia Vergara who is famous due to drug cartel and their influence on Hollywood producers….Lohan someone who has been in and out of rehab….Rosario Dawson someone knows as a NYC club kid who openly does blow….and Kate Upton who will be on hard drugs as soon as she sees her ass start to catch up with her tits….you know as her metabolism slows and she becomes an Anna Nicoe Smith sequel….

But the good news is tha with low level trash comes titties and cleavage so click the pics to see more pics….of pics…pics pics pics….of bitches at this low level high profile event that is as classy as a crackhouse on the Sunset Strip….

Here’s Sofia Vergara

Here’s Lindsay Lohan with Some Weird Looking Face and Sideboob I’d Like to Fuck

Here’s Rosario Dawson Solid Spic Squatter Turned Famous Titties

Here’s Kate Upton Covered her Tits Cuz She’s Tired of Being Typecast as Just Tits to Show Off her Wonky Face

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Ginger Spice Tits Out Shine Rosario Dawson’s Scary Face of the Day

Here’s Geri Halliwell showing off her big old tits in a lovely dress all fancy like it’s old lady prom….an old lady prom I’d like to be at cuz apparently old ladies put out easier than high school girls…even though high school girls are pretty easy…and really who cares it’s just a set of fucking pictures that luckily out perform Rosario Dawson’s face at the same event……

Here’s Rosario Dawson’s face looking fucking weird…unlike any Rosario Dawson face I’ve seen before….What the fuck did she do to it? I guess I’ll just never get coke whore squatters turned famous thanks to the movie KIDS…literally and figuratively….

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Rosario Dawson Brings Out Her Tits for a Kids Movie of the Day

I like Rosario Dawsom cuz she spent the better part of her illegal immigrant youth squatting in some abandoned building like a homeless person, before Harmony Korine swept her up, the way pedophiles obsessed with kids fucking do, and cast her for KIDS as the 14 year old in the pool, in her bra with hard nipples, nipples that the world has fallen in love with despite how much her horse head has grown over the years. at least that’s why she tells the media, cuz saying she’s 4th generation middle class is way less marketable…and really who needs marketability when you have a set of tits that you are willing to show off cuz you aren’t nothing more than a New York city, rich and famous, coke whore….here are the pics….

In more interesting news, Leah Remini was also at the premiere – she used the opportunity to showcaase her new Asian face…you know have a coming out party for it or something equally ridiculous…

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Spics In Cannes of the Day

I bet when they were living in the housing projects on the wrong side of the tracks, neither Michelle Rodriguez or Rosario Dawson new what Cannes was, I mean except for getting 5 cents when you pick them out of the garbage and return them to the store. Look at them now, living the glamourous, luxury dream….

To See Some Recent Upskirt Pics With What May be Anus

One spic down, one to go….Here’s some pics of manly Michelle Rodirguez….in a dress..which is weird cuz of the whole her having a dick thing…

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