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Lindsay Wixson, Sui He, Jasmine Tookes and Elza Luijendijk in Bikinis for Numero of the Day

I’ve been jerking off to fashion photoshoots since the 80s, not because I am into fashion, but because fashion into nudity in some ironic, we’re fucking artists, these are models not strippers, kind of way, that luckily doesn’t involve fat chicks, helps instill negative body images in girls, and is an all round solid multi billion dollar industry, filled with sweatshops, exploitation and most importantly, glamourous hot pussy other pussy grows up to and aspires to be….

So here are some models in bikinis….for Numero….

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Candice Swanepoel, Adriana Lima and Jasmine Tookes for Victoria’s Secret Swim of the Day

Victoria’s Secret always lets me down. They consistently deliver the most uninspiring bullshit photoshoots, mocking us with models who are willing to get naked for other people, and probably more than willing to sleaze it up for Victoria’s Secret, but that Victoria’s Secret won’t fuck with, cuz they are a 6 billion dollar a year business and have to be safe, so their Christian subscribers who jerk off to this shit, don’t feel like they are porn….meanwhile the executive team are probably test riding the models, or at least locals when on location shooting, cuz they are rich, on expense accounts and HUMAN, but for some reason, they don’t channel any of the good and fun in their lives of luxury into their campaigns…they just suck us fucking dry with the same picture, different pussy, season after season…

This is a waste of good, if not golden, pussy. A real fucking waste.

But these bitches still look hotter than anything you’ve fucked so I’ll post it anyway, but seriously, step it up and stop the yard Victoria’s Secret.

I approve of this message:


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