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McKayla Maroney Bikini of the Day

McKayla Maroney is the Olympic Fucking dream…so if you jerk off to her now that she’s 18 and has got your attention through her slutty self promoting tactics…that work…it is your right…because she belongs to you…the American People…to jerk off to her…

I call it – giving consent through the content you produce and just because it’s not straight up porn, or the intention seems innocent…it’s a bikini and dudes can jerk off to bikinis…whether they belong to America to America or not…

I like to assume all girls know what they are doing when they put out slutty pics, even if they preface it with it “not being slutty”…or claims like “don’t sexualize me”…because if I can spin a story to be sexy as fuck and jerk-off-able…that’s my right to do…and if you don’t put your slutty content for attention out there…then we won’t have an issue…but the world would be a much sadder place..

Sure this isn’t sexual, then what’s with the tits, the make-up and the porn music…I’m onto your marketing campaign…


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McKayla Maroney Busting Out of her Shirt of the Day


McKayla Maroney is the Olympic Fucking dream…so if you jerk off to her now that she’s 18 and has got your attention through her slutty self promoting tactics…it is your right…because she belongs to you…she belong to America…but her tits belong to her, and she clearly doesn’t want you sexualizing them, she wants to be seen as the athletic talent that she is…not some underage slut that after the last Olympics 4 years ago became shameless instagram whore…beecause she’s an American hero…who spent 4 years producing subtle…what should be illegal content for people who should be in jail…but instead walk amongst us….in our communities…and pretend they don’t get hard for 16 year olds in bikinis…because they aren’t 18…

Well, she is 18…and here she is exploding out of a shirt…

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Mckayla Maroney Big Booty for the Gymnastics of the Day

McKayla Maroney at GMA 10

Mckayla Maroney was the jailbait in Olympic Gymnastics that was white and possibly worth jerking off to – as the pervert you are – with pride for your gold medal team….and she’s missing from Gymnastics this year, which is all 4 foot 8 boxy midgets running the USA dream team of zero angelic or erotic use of that flexibility, and 100 percent little tanks designed to do really ridiculous freak show shit…

So Mckayla Maroney got into her fame and fortune from the last Olympics, decided she pleased her family that forced her into this shit, and could focus on being a social media whore…and fans…that she’s spent 4 years slutting out on…


In being a social media whore, she’s been doing squats all fucking day, knowing her sex appeal, knowing her fans are pervert dudes and loving it…all while being clueless enough as to what men are actually into – as she turns herself into a Kardashian or Jenner…the cool kids of her generation…

And I’m OK with this ass…it’s so big and awkward and amazing to think she’s been working on this for the last 4 years..while her teammates were working on winning another gold…

She looks like she’s got face filler also…typical…

McKayla Maroney at GMA 3

McKayla Maroney at GMA 4



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McKayla Maroney Gymnast Butt of the Day


McKayla Maroney was created by the Olympics, she got famous from the Olympics, when she was an underage gymnast that dudes jerked off to and celebrated – not because they were perverts but because they were patriotic and because Gymnastics is perverted – those young girls in little leotards bending in cartoon porn ways….

She’s not in the Olympics this year, her career is done, but she’s a social media star because of the Olympics and will always have a life teaching Gymnastics to kids or doing whatever it is she does on her endorsement money…

It’s probably better that she’s not going to the Rio Olympics, even though the Rio olympics are pretty hilarious so far, I am not much of an Olympic fan, but I went to the 2010 Olympics and it was really easy to have sex with international girls looking for a good time while drunk and celebrating their country’s stupid win….

But the Rio olympics are funny because they are fucked, there is ZIKA virus, raw sewage in the water, super bacteria in the water making athletes sick and hospitalized, there is so much crime, athletes have been robbed and kidnapped, the infrastructure totally fucked in a massive fail…and even the athlete village forgot their damn shower heads in the bathrooms…what the fuck…pretty funny..and amazing.

But not as interesting as McKayla Maroney’s crazy fitness booty…from doing SQUATS all day…seriously – because ass is the answer and here she’s demonstrating her booty upside down – crazy…

Here are those Olympic showers – because they make me laugh…

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McKayla Maroney’s Diaper Booty of the Day


McKayla Maroney is an Olympic hero, she’s like a Bruce Jenner, but instead of going tranny – she went instagram whore – which a lot of the time looks like going tranny – but in Maroney’s case – it was just subtle slutty…

Once you live out your mom’s dream for her and pay her back for driving you to all those gymnastic meets all your life when you wanted to be in bed discovering your vagina – by winning the Olympic gold before turning 18, which is old for Gymnasts…you are left with few options to take your silly fame..so slutty pics on social media is the logical answer. What else is an Olympic Gold gymnast to do….work at a vegas show, strip, teach less fortunate kids in the projects…why bother when you can post butt shots…

I am digging the weight gain – the fat ass on a what was once fit – athletes finally getting girl hormones into them – always looks good for a while – but I guess the people who actually care about her, don’t care about this – because she’s no longer 12…or looking 12…

But I’m all about that Diaper ass…all puffy and round…looking it was shit in…


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McKayla Maroney’s Olympic Gold Ass of the Day


Olympic gymnast living the Olympic gymnast dream…who is no longer a Gymnast but is still an Olympic winner who is actually living her gymnast stage mom dreams…stage mom that probably saw that glimmer of talent in and that she in turned into a reality thanks to hard work, hormone therapy and teaching your kid a lessing in whoring their happiness for bigger dreams..

You know there was some negotiation every time Mckayla Maroney tried to quit growing up, because kids don’t care about this shit, they just want a normal life…they don’t care about getting up at 5 am to do cartwheels, they just want to go to the mall….

And I guess some of those concessions were that once she got a gold, she could quit and become an instagram whore for her fans…which is what she’s been doing since she won…

I know you don’t really care about her and her fit ass now that she’s not 14 anymore…but thanks to all she’s been through – she still looks 14…and in a tight dress…so go go go …

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Olympic Dreams with McKayla Maroney of the Day


Olympic gymnast dreams…not that you care about McKayla Maroney, she’s not 14 anymore…or even on the Olympic circuit…

So her slutty “band camp” equivalent perversion – we call “gymnast camp”…where you know these awkward stage parented kids with all their performance enhancement hormones fuck each at a young age while touring the world to compete together…putting their flexbility to the test…jut doesn’t matter…

So this butt shot in jeans…may not showcase athleticism…but it’s still a butt shot…doing it like a Jenner…also an Olympian…Dream.

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McKayla Maroney in Her Bikini of the Day


McKayla Maroney is a subtle cocktease, she’s played social media post Olympic gold so solid, by playing up being young, despite being 18, old for a gymnast since she knew that her fans jerk off to her because anyone into an Olympic gymnast is a fucking creep….

So despite being a social media whore, with dreams of fame beyond athleticism, because who once you win gold, in a sport like gymnastics, you pretty much have no where to fucking go, but teaching gymnastics to 7 year olds, not too exciting of a life….so go for the fame from being jerk off material on the internet like every other girls… but she will always be an Olympic Gold Medal winner to validate her life and to justify or at least make her half nakedness…almost make sense…why do something more substantial in life if you don’t have to…after all those years of hardwork, you gotta be burnt out so chill by the pool….

You can see HERE

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Olympic Nipple Thanks to McKayla Maroney of the Day


McKayla Maroney will always be an Olympic Gold Medal winner, but unlike other Olympic Gold medal winners, she won her Olympic gold and virtually told her overbearing gymnast stage parent mom who saw talent in her baby and exploited that shit…to fuck off….in a “there’s not much more I can do than an Olympic Gold in this sport”….so she’s retired…to let the other 14 year olds who excel in the sport take her place in the pants of many creepy Olympic watching dudes who jerk off to the US gymnast team…who you can see HERE

I think the highlight of McKayla Maroney has been her ability to be subtle cockteaser, playing innocent young girl, all with the knowledge dudes were jerking off to her, based on her instagram comments alone…you know with innocent bikini pics…

By the looks of it, she’s slowly morphing into a Kardashian…hard nipples and all..

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Ex-Team USA Gymnast Ass with Mckayla Maroney of the Day


Mckayla Maroney was an American hero back in 2012 when she won at least one Olympic medal, but who as soon as that was over appeased her “stage parents” or what we call in Canada “Hockey Mom” with her version of a NHL Draft, which allowed her to focus on what I guess she was more into…being slutty on the internet..

A long time ago, there was that whole Band Camp girl on American pie, who was obviously and blown out version of these kids who are forced into a close knit circle, where they develop their perversions together, all while being socially awkward…where the cool kids aren’t staying in hotels together, which opens the door for fucking…so Gymnastics, or any sports, along with Band…is really just a great place for kids to fuck each other…and develop weird perversions…all with the help of their coaches…

So it’s possible that paved the way for being slutty on the internet, but it probably had more to do with everyone being slutty on the internet…or even more likely, loving all the attention she was getting with tweets directed at her by fucking perverts…everywhere…allowing her to find herself as a booty model..

Because I just googled her to see if she was on Team USA for 2016 in rio..and she’s not..
but her ass is on her social media…and that could be better than another Olymic medal, because it requires less work….just ask Bruce Jenner.

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Olympic Dream McKayla Maroney’s Vagina in Shorts of the Day


Here’s your McKayla Maroney, American Hero, Gold Medal Winner…who was 16 at the time she won, and now probably pushing 20, but who spent those 2 years of famous and underage…being as slutty while innocent as possible…to not lose any endorsement deals…or to offend the Olympic team…all while speaking directly to her fans…a gang of middle age Olympic watching perverts who liked her youthful leotard clad body and it’s flexibility…

I’ve heard stories that all these obscure sports leagues, like Gymnastics, or swim team, or figure skating…you know the not PRO sports have a small group or scene that all fuck each other…because they are so embedded in it…and constantly see the same characters and stay at the same shitty hotels thanks to their parents forcing them into this…thanks to seeing talent and Milking it hard…

So she knows whats up…while I try to know what her vagina looks like…because I’m as perverted as you…

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McKayla Maroney Olympic Gold Gymnast Outfit of the Day


I have a leotard fetish…and I guess so does a handful of people jerking off to gymnasts, but that could be more because gymnasts are these very athletic, sturdy little flexible thing that looks like she hasn’t hit puberty due to gymnast stage parents who get their kids on hormone therapy at a young age to keep them small so that one day they can be like our Hero McKayla Maroney….

I guess McKayla Maroney realizes that along with her flexibility, weird athelete turned social media porn, they like seeing her fit young body in a leotard….because one piece of fabric touching pussy, asshole and nipples, all at the same time is glorious, especially when you slide it over to the side and get to work…

I am a victim of the Leootard love…I’ve made girls wear leotards for me, not in a rapey way, but in a “walk around my lifd in these leotards I bought for you to wear while I jerk off, yes that’s a deadbolt lock” kind of way…

I’ve also eating pussy in leotards…and I have a feeling McKayla Maroney knows that…she’s been aware of her sex appeal since she’s been 16 and has milked it hard…and this is just the continuation of that…so keep up that good work America’s favorite Olympian…

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America’s Gymnast Hero McKayla Maroney for America of the Day


McKayla Maroney is an American hero..

She has fought for your country and lost her limbs fighting for your freedom…in the form of being one of 10 athletes on the American gold winning Olympic team…before jumping right into her passion…flirting with her creepy male fanbase, probably all over 30, who thought her little body was tight, fit, strong, young, perfect and something they wanted to coach on their dick…

I don’t know what her deal is, what she does, I am guessing it involves her using or finding her sex appeal, for god knows what…but definitely not gymnastics…

So talented for porn, but I doubt that’ll happen…America doesn’t let their gold medal heroes do porn..except maybe Caitlyn Jenner…that Olympic bitch is pure smut.

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McKayla Maroney is the Olympic Star of the Day


McKayla Maroney is an Olympic Hero…and as an Olympic hero, part of a gold metal winning team, thanks to discipline and lunatic parents, who the second they could, got her into acting and social media hustle, as Gymnastics alone isn’t very lucrative, and with that attitude, it trickles down to her level, leading to selfie smut that isn’t smutty enough to be inapproprirate, but is smutty enough that dudes can jerk off to her thinking she’s all innocent…

What I’m saying is..this is McKayla Maroney and her family playing you for their personal gain…enjoy…cleavage…

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McKayla Maroney Bikini Pic of the Day

McKayla Maroney is a bit of a scam.

Sure she won a Gold Medal by piggy backing on the skills of her Gymnastic team that I assume she got on because they needed one that didn’t look like a weird boxy muscular troll so that perverts everywhere would watch….something her stage mother, who probably acted as assistant coach, forcing her into this at a young age, seeing some natural talent and pushing hard as it was their window of opportunity…it was the way out…but I know nothing about Gymnastics other than cameltoes and cartwheels, so maybe she isn’t a scam on that American Hero Front…where I know she’s a scam is that at 18, she plays up and acts like a 12 year old, at least on social media…and the perverts love it because she’s a gymnast and has a body of a 12 year old….you know all virginal and shit…then her nudes drop..her constant flow of bikini pics drop…and her 18th birthday dropped and you know that her pre-mature, developmental issues possibly caused by hormone therapy must be a lie…and that this girl knows just what she’s doing and how to do it to seduce her way into relevance…

So this bikini pic may be her pretending to be playful..but really it’s a cocktease…I can tell.

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