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Woman Treated with Penis Cake and Other Videos of the Day


streaker of the Day

The Girl Who Fell off the Ride at Six Flags

Police Dog Takes Out Suspect

Woman Breaks Arm on live TV

Drunk on Rum Falls off Balcony

Security Guard Accidentally Shoots His Fellow Guard

Married Teacher Had Sex with 14 Year Old – 15 Times

Car Vs Pole

Bridge Collapse

Look in Mirror Before Getting Out

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Sexy Archaeologist of the Day

You’re missing culture and educational content in your life…so here’s a video of an Archaeologist teaching you about excavating years gone by to try to decode the human condition, experience and history of who we ended up here……and if you’re not into archaeology, because you’re not Indiana Jones or a fucking nerdy weirdo, you may be into the Archaeologist tits because tits are universal…they transcend all topics you can learn in school if you weren’t a half retard who dropped out of school

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Anna Kournikova Beastiality Erotic Workout of the Day

Anna Kournikova likes getting licked by her dog…

It is always a special time when a nice hot girl says to me that my pug has a great tongue…this is something that happens all the time…to which I say he gets it from his dad, or you should see what he can do with it, or other things related to me eating her pussy…it just gets awkward when it’s a little girl with her mom telling me about my Pug’s tongue and I tell the mom via the little girl that I am essentially the master tongue in this duo…..you know to be seductive…..because it just comes across creepy…even more creepy than this series of Videos of Anna Kournikova, or as I like to call her, the reason this site exists because I posted a set of her in yellow bikini picking and out of her pussy and shit went like wild fire…it was 2004 and people knew who she was…not today…where people have no idea who or why I am posting videos of some Russian doing softcore beastiality…well this RUSSIAN happens to be the least significant yet hottest Tennis Players and that’s all that matters.

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Pervert Peeking Under School Girl Skirts…and Other Videos of the Day

Sea Lion Doing Situps

Drunk Driver Trying to Park.

Crazy Boat Sink


Gorilla Splashing

Car VS Human

Father Gets Joint Custody – Mother Freaks Out

Pervert Caught in Miami Mall Filmign…

Camper VS Truck…

Slap Contest Gone Wrong

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Server Puts Hot Dog in Her Vagina Before Serving It – and Other Videos of the Day

Hot Naked Girl on Drugs….

More of the Hot Naked Girl on Drugs

The Girl Having Sex at the Race Track…

White Trash Pool of the Day

Toronto Robbers Use a BB Gun on a CHild

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European Vacation Public Sex and Other Videos of the Day

Medical Student Learns To Remove Foreskin…

Thugs Shoot Fireworks at Homeless guy…Find them and Kill Them

Pool Party Girl Fight

Today’s Strip a Mistress

Hamster Tucked into Bed…

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Lily Collins Anorexia Erotica of the Day

Lily Collins is trying hard to really get out there riding her Phil Collins daddy name….and she’s in this new movie about anorexia….which speaks to my heart because I like to call girls fat, even skinny girls, I am an asshole…and I like to send people pics of anorexia, because anorexia is hot to me, it’s discipline, it’s fatless and it’s too weak and tired to run….and ever since I saw some Anorexia fetish sites, which in the early 2000s was an actual thing, I felt good knowing other people out there like skinny girls….and are pro eating disorders….

So this trailer for a NETFLIX SHOW they aren’t paying me to post, but should, and if it wasn’t about a hot skinny celebrity daughter trying acting out….porn on so many levels….I wouldn’t be posting it…but since it is….it makes me want to pay NETFLIX…but why bother, people just give me their passwords…

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Naked man on the Porto Potty at EDC and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Lady in China

Maniac Midget

Guy High on Drugs in a Truck


Truck Explodes at the Gas Station

Girl Attacked for Wearing Shorts on Ramadan in Istanbul

Idiot of the Day

Tranny in a Trailer

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Couple Has Sex at a Restaurant and Other Videos of the Day

Crackhead Goes Crazy

17 Year Old Dies of Heart Attack After Doing Push Ups in the Gym

Naked in Spain

Woman Sets a House on Fire – with Family Inside – One Person Died

Sex in a Beauty Salon

Woman Catches Pickpocketer…

Blowjob on the Bus

Tuck Explodes in FLorida

What the Fuck is Going on in this River

Kid Caught in the Bars

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Russian Woman Gets Pantsed and Other Videos of the Day

Man Versus Skunks

Woman Shaves Chest on Train

Tranny Gets Stomped…FUCKED

Rule Number 1 – Never Be Number 2

Drugged up Woman…

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Chick Fight and Other Videos of the Day

Tit Grab for Cash

Coconut Picker ALmost Hangs To Death

Dog and a Dildo

Alex Jones Recorded Megyn Kelly Interview

Crazy Dude of the Day

Weird Way to Transport Buffalo

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Vivid’s Throwback Thursday SFW Porn Blooper Reel Part 1 of the Day

For anyone who visits this site, you’ll know that I have a very very very long standing relationship with the good people at VIVID.COM because many years ago, a woman named Kim Kardashian put out a sex tape and I connected with the good people that helped launch her career, and ever since have been dialed in on all the celeb sex tapes that ever mattered. I’ve been given advance copies, exclusive clips, and for that I am and always will be grateful…because celeb sex matters…when it’s in video for shameless promotion tactics….

So basically – VIVID creates the highest paid celebrities with their content…so if you’re a celebrity – reach out to VIID and make it happen.

My first job, long before this, when I was in my late 20s was working at a porn company, they had the rights for Vivid Canada, in an era where porn production mattered and where video revolutionized the porn world, where Vivid were by far the leaders…so I watched a fucking ton of Vivid movies and all were top notch….

There was story with the sex, not just digital 3 minute face fucking clips you see today, you know because the JOURNEY is what matters man, not the penetration…it’s the build up…

So I’ve been wanting to get my hands on some of their Safe For Work behind the scenes clips for a long time, to put out, to showcase the glory days, the 80s and 90s filled with amazing….and what better way than with a THROWBACK THURSDAY blooper Reel…

We’re releasing at least 4 – so be excited- because I am…

And if you want to get more NSFW content from VIVID – go to VIVID.COM

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Nipple Video of the Day

Sometimes, we just need to watch a video by a girl about her pierced nipples to really understand the meaning of life, art, humanity, existence, the plight of the feminist woman, and body modification as a commentary to one’s self expression…

You know, the whole free the nipple to desexualize the nipple and protest American establishments like FACEBOOK that ban the nipple, and make the nipple feel like it is some sort of freakish second rate citizen that deserves to be left in the basement….

I know, you are so progressive as a person that you don’t see these nipples, but rather just the cross tattoo on her wrist you are trying to understand. Is she religious, or is it a tribute to a priest that raped her, or maybe a tribute to a dead relative…or maybe it’s ironic…we can just never quite tell..

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High as Fuck Dude and Other Videos of the Day

Dude Gets Bit by Croc

United Airlines Employee Knocks Down 73 Year Old

Lightning VS Tree

Nature VS Broadcast

Fight Outside Nightclub

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Girl Gives Blow joB to Get on Bus and Other Videos of the Day

Street Brawl in AUstralia by some Classy Kangaroo Fuckers

Boner Man Poking Girl in Butt on Subway

Man High on Drugs Rams Head Through Window

The Man Who Filmed his Hot Wife Fuck his Dog is LOLZ

When Thunder Roars – Get Indoors!

Girl Fighting Her Man

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