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Classy Half Naked Women in a Classy Fast Food Fight and Other Videos of the Day

The Most Boss Panty Flash Ever…

Gas Instead of the Break

Truck Carrying Dirt Crash

Interesting Fight…

Toddler VS Exploding Manhole Cover

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Naked Woman VS Gas Station and Other Videos of the Day

Femen in Davos for the World Economic Forum

Dude Doesn’t Like a Knife Pulled On Him

Texting Kid Gets Slammed By a Drunk Driver

Daycare Worker of the Day

Unhappy Girl of the Day

Epic Glass Door Fail

Page 3 is Back…

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Fat Chick Stuck in a Car and Other Videos of the Day

Pornstar Eva Long Sings You Are My Sunshine

Topless Brazilians Protesting Not Being Allowed to Be Topless On the Beach…

Failed Assassination Attempt

WTF Car Accident…

The Dildo Factory:

Drunk of the Day

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Hijabi Girls Twerking of the Day

I saw this YOUTUBE CHANNEL and figured it was controversial, yet harmless enough to get a kick out of and share with the world.

It’s like this guy plays up the whole Muslim Girl Gone Wild, which in the event you don’t know, happens in every College town they are sent to go to college, where they spend their oil money on cocaine, raging at clubs and unprotected sex with non muslim people, before graduating, moving back home to go back under the veil. It happens all the time…

The close-minded, fundamentalists may not like that, or like this…but luckily for me, I’m not the one who produced these videos, I’m just the one who found them on Youtube…

Here’s another one….

And another one….

To make this not racist…and so that I don’t get targeted here’s a White Girl Twerking of the Day…because we are all god’s people…and all asses can twerk through life

To Make this post really not racist…here’s a girl in a thong twerking to the Tetris Theme song…because the tetris theme song is for weirdo virgin nerds….and they come in all races…colors and levels of socially awkward.

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Brazilian Beach Party and Other Videos of the Day

Fuel Station Idiot…

Dog Catchers Attacked with Chainsaws

Man Saves Cat from Subway

Porn Star Erik Everhard’s Interview

Worst Liquor Store Thief

95 Year Old Superman

Guy Asking Cop to Shoot Him

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Drunk Girl Bombing the Male Strip Club and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Ratchet Fight

Yonkers New York Car VS Ice

Pigeon Does Backflips

Redneck Ho Down

Karaoke Beat Down…

Bike Fail of the Day

PETA Protestors

Pickin’ Her Nose and Eating It

The Dude who Trashes His Underwear…

Flaming Vodka Fail

Insane Bike Getting Slammed By a Car Video…

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Pornstar Tells a Joke and Other Videos of the Day

Topless Femen Protestors Protesting Saudi Blogger Being Arrested

Weird Shootout in Turkey

Man VS Muslim Over a Parking Fight

Car Rolls Through Light and Hits Pedestrian

Weird Dude Being Interrogated About His Erection

Dog Who Pushes the Legless 86 Year Old

Robber Loses Pants

Protestors Against Charlie Hebdo in Pakistan

WTF Video of the Day

Pissing on the Bus

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Naked Mexican Lady Swimming in a Mexican Fountain and Other Videos of the Day

Rally Car Accident

Guy in BMW almost Runs Over Old Guy…Old Guy Gets Mad…Guy in BMW Gets Out and Kicks Dog….Old Guy Gets Mad

Thief Falls Through Ceiling

Drunk Driver Hits Cop that Pulled Over Other Drunk Drivers

Hockey Blooper of the Day

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The Coke Prank….Probably Made by Coke is a Fucking Win….and Other Videos of the Day

German Trash Micaela Schaefer Topless Fame Whoring

Asian Driver of the Day – Watch the Whole Thing…

Donkey VS Russian Cop

Idiots Hassle the Pizza Guy – By Giving him 20 Dollars in Singles for a 12 Dollar Pizza, Making Him Think It is a Tip only to Ask for Change…Assholes.

Drunk Piss / Vomit and Shit….Disgusting…

One-Legged Biker

Kentucky Cop – Shot Off His Finger…

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Naked Dancers in Mexico City and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Girl Jumps on Stage

Dude Who Doesn’t Like His Parking Spot Taken

Interesting Religious Celebration…in St Louis

Ladder Hack

Attempted Murder at McDonalds

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Femen Burns Quran Topless and Other Videos of the Day

Diner Smashed by Cooks

200 Car Pile-Up in Michigan…

Man Gets Shaved by Elephant

Brit VS Muslims…

Shots Fired at Chris Brown Concert

Elephant VS Car

Plane VS House

Fat Boys Fight in Locker Room

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How to Make a Girl Stop Crying and Other Videos of the DAy

The Woman Who Pretends the 100 Dollars Was Hers

Surfing Dog


Unhappy Cat

Brazilian Upskirt Cat Fith

Airplane Landing of the DAy

Drunk Driver of the Day

Swimming in Wine in Japan

Backflip Fail of the DAy

Hotel Lobby Peeing…

Slaugherhouse Fun of the DAy

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Brazilian Girl Drinks a Bottle of Tequila and Other Videos of the Day

The Man Who Got a Year in Jail in Toronto for Talking About Muslms

Lunatic Stabs Random People

Steve Ballmer Dancing Like a Crazy Person with Fergie

Neighbors Catch Girl Falling from 4th Floor

Crazy Gram

Car VS Tram

Kid Rides Motorcycle to School

Drake gets owned…

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Fight on the Train and Other Videos of the Day

Drunk American Woman in Lithuania

Man Collecting Cans Stabbed

Panic Horse at the Horse Race

Dude Gets Slammed By Runaway Tire on the Highway

Quick Reflexes

Car Wrecking

Camel Mount Fail

Naked Woman Recovered from River

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Brazilian Topless Catfight and Other Videos of the Day

Drunk Dude of the Day

NYPD Fail of the DAy that resulted in serious Head Injuries…

Women Survives Crazy Crash

Guy Fights Off a Guy With a Stick….

Weird Ghetto Flashlight Beating…

Guy on Fire Outside Cemetery

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