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Half Naked Woman in Berlin Plays With Her Tits…while Breast Feeding…and Other Videos of the Day

Elmo Says – Hindus Rape Children

Soccer Player Dies Celebrating Goal

Australian Isis Member’s Message to the People of America…Britain and America…

Plane Crash of the Day

Elephant Gives Birth….While Assholes Terroize Her….Not Cool…

Boxer Knocks Out the Ref

Girl Gets Robbed by three Thugs in Crown Heights

Spotted Dick on Jeopardy

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Anastasia Ashley Teaches You How To Take a Beach Photo of the Day

Her name is Anastasia Ashley, she is just as famous for her surfing, since she is a pro surfer, as she is for her bikini modelling for people like Sports Illustrated, or more importantly, Instagram, the number one modelling agency around…

She put together this video for all the instagram whores to spice up their social media, you know to trick the world into thinking they didn’t use filters when you know they spent hours trying to get that casual bikini pic, you know hours in photoshop apps to make their asses look even remotely ass good as Anastasia’s…

Video doesn’t lie, so you can see just how good Anastasia’s bikini body is…while she tries to help less talented girls follow her lead…and when it comes to half nakedness – I like when girls guide other girls into making things for me to masturbate to…so Anastasia is a hero to us all…that’s why we love her.

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Kateelife is Ridiculous and Amazing of the Day

Her name is KATEE LIFE

She’s a cam girl, at MY FREE CAMS so there are probably a lot of pics and videos of her floating around…

But my pervert friend over at HOLLYWOODTUNA sent me this….and I was blown the fuck away…

Now I am not a breast man, I mean I love tits – because everyone loves tits…but these are from another fucking planet…I am assuming a very magical and amazing planet I don’t deserve to ever visit, but don’t need to be Katee has managed to embrace her talent and share it with the world…

It would be a real fucking tragedy if she worked at walmart or had a breast reduction like so many big tits before her – when clearly this is exactly what she needs to be doing.

I’m in love…at least I think this is what love is…

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Glamour Models Shooting Guns of the Day

Glamour Models aren’t hot – that’s why they are Glamour models, otherwise they would be actual models, and not these thirsty as hell girls in the UK just hoping to land a soccer player to knock them up – because in the UK there are as many of these girls as there are players…

But Glamour models do have rocking tits…that’s the whole reason they exist. That’s the whole reason they do cheesy shoots to get published, probably for very little money, to just stand out from the strippers and barmaids they are competing with for the Soccer wallet fucking…

This is a behind the scenes video of a few of them with guns, not sure what it is for, but babes and guns as Cliche as it is, works, when the babes with the guns are Glamour models, which is Cliche to begin with…right…

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Drone VS Topless Tanner and Other Videos of the Day

NYPD Arrest Hipster Subway Musician

NYPD Talk a Suicidal Dude Off the Brooklyn Bridge

Old Man Boxes Young Guy and Wins

Cops Arrest Annoying Girl

Chinese Man Abusing Camel

A Fuck Her Right in the Pussy

Man Falls in the Water During a Live Interview

Mexican Saves a Man from his Burning House

Little Kid Smokin’ of the day

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Man Gets Hard On at Worst Time and Other Videos of the Day

Fight Between Teacher a Student

Cop Shoots and Killed Hammer Weilding Hobo in Montreal

Man Sleeping on Bus…

Dogs Caught Humping…

Van Slams Little Girl…

The Backflip Kid…

Kiss of the Day

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Plain Clothed Ebola Handler Other Videos of the Day

Woman Goes After a Driver…He Runs her Over…She Almost Dies…

12 Year Old Thai Tattoo Artist – Because Thailand Starts Them Young

Drunk Backflip Off a BMW

Guy on Drugs of the Day

Angry Russian Storekeepr…

Fishermen Catch Sea Lion…

Guy Saves Cyclist…

Femen Topless Protest in Spain

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Pumpkin Dropped on a Van and Other VIdeos of the Day

Car Accident of the Day – There Were No Casualities But The Accident is Nuts

Dog Breaks Up Fight

Hong Kong Police Beat Protestor Who Wants Democracy…

Footage of a Tylphoon

Chinese Politician Fondles a Shoe Shine Girl’s Breasts…

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How to Stop a Fight and Other Videos of the Day

Jet Powered Porta Potty

The Aftermath of a Morning Accident

The Truck that Ran Over a Dozen Sheep

Drift Fail…

Wife Beater Tries Escaping a Police Car

Weird Crackhead Dude Freaking Out of the Day

Throwback to Yesterday – WTF is this Woman Doing on the train

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