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Woman Refuses to Cover her Chest and Other Videos of the Day

Physics Teacher of the Day

Young Girl Hit By Car on Cellphone

Car Chase of the Day

Violent Robbery in Florida

KO of the Day

Racist Woman and her Crowbar


Dude gets Clotheslined

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Cigarette Vendor and Other Videos of the Day

Guy Calls Ambulance Saying He’s About to Give Birth

Don’t Lend Porsche to Son

Shop Owner Beats Up Robber

Driver VS Tow Truck

Man With Knife Gets Pepper Sprayed

Cop Gets Beat

One-Handed Rubik’s Cube

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Drunk Driver and Other Videos of the Day

Rhino Rampage is Like Oprah Sitting on Your Face

Funeral Fail of the Day

Topless Protestors

Florida Frat Boy Eats a Hamster

SWAT Team VS Carpenters

Balloon Vendors Fight Off Banana Vendors

Suicidal Mom with Baby in Arms

Montrealer Saves Girl from the Train

Man Loses Leg in Fight

Drunk Brits

Woman Gets Run Over By Semi Truck and Shkes it Off

Woman Steals Cookie…

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Australian Cat Fights and Other Videos of the DAy

Crackhead VS Drunk

Suicidal Guy Gets Tazed

Brazilian Rodeo!

The Worst Eyeball Trick Ever

Idiot Gang Fight…

Texting and Driving Truck Crashes

Man Drowns Unclogging the Drain…

The Bus in Sydney is Amazing….

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Crackhead Smashes Human Shit in another Dude’s Face and Other Videos of the Day

Cancun Spring Break Still Happens and I can Smell the Herpes…

You’re Better Off Going to Jamaica

Girl in Brazil – Gives a Blowjob to Bus Driver for a Ticket….

Bus in Canada Stars Leaking….

Throwback Thursday of Border Patrol Killing a Man

Titties on the Bus in Australia

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Old Men Jerking Off To Girls on Stage and Other Videos of the Day

Drunk Guy Gets Sucker Punched

Help Catch These Thugs Who Stomp on a Store Keeper’s Head while Robbing Him

Korean Cop VS Baseball Bat

Man VS Bus Driver

Fight in Spanish Harlem

10 Seconds to Steal a Scooter in Vietnam

Rapper Brawl at SXSW

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Dirty Dancing and Other Videos of the Day

Fight in the iStore

Caution Wet Floors

Scottish Dude VS Drive Thru

Drunk Guy Gets SUcker Punched

Bird Gets Reunited with Mom and Dad Bird

The Pope Gets a Pizza

Man Releases Rat in Restaurant for a Free Meal

Helpful Woman Gets Attacked

The Worst Golden Retreiver of the Day

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Female Body Builder of the Day

Here’s a female body builder, topless and scary as fuck, in what you know is a fetish, because why else would she be selling clips like this, obviously, she was into the body building first and some dude told her at the gym that he would pay her to flex for him like some kind of wrestler, and the rest is fucking history, weirdo new market opened up, as porn has desensitized us all, leading to people digging deep….not that this is a new thing, I remember being a regular at a stripclub, and seeing these two tank body builder women, their stage show involved them doing pull ups, and I am not even joking…they had more business than any of the other cunty strippers, who didn’t have clits the size of mini dicks…so I guess this is the gateway to tranny sex…which is the gateway to dude on dude sex…but when presented like this, how can you hate it…it’s amazing.

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The Pope VS Nuns and Other Videos of the Day

Man on a Roller Coaster

Mexican Wrestler Death…

Fireman VS Police Brawl in Mexico

Dude Who Had Fight with Bus Driver, Chases Bus…Falls…

Bag Thief of the Day

Man With Sledge Hammer – VS Wall

Scooter Rider Hit By a Truck

Dog Rescue of the Day

Dude Being Dragged By a CAr

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Women Gets Stabbed Twice in the Butt and Other Videos of the Day

Crazy Armed Robbery Gone Wrong

Thugs Disguised as Police Sneak Out of Hospital – End Up in Shoot Out…

Korean Traffic Chase

Put the Gun Down….

Mob in Kabul Kills Woman for Burning Koran

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Woman Smoking on a Plane and Other Videos of the Day

Topless Girl in Thailand

Passenger Lights Bus on Fire

Dude ALmost Got Smashed

Don’t Walk on Cranes…

Dude Jerking Off on Motorcycle

Brazilian Police Motorcycle Fail

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The Fresh Prince of C-Span of the Day

This…is is a solid use of a call in segment of a radio show…the guy, possibly now a legend, assuming people actually watch C-Span…

I can’t handle Fresh Prince of Bel Air references, the theme song or anything, because it is something that happened and took Will Smith from a bankrupted 80s rapper, to a massively rich as fuck A-List celebrity…who annoys me…

But when it is presented to the world on C-Span…it’s good…

If you don’t like that…Here’s Pornstar Karlie Montana Telling a Joke…

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The Naked Chef of the Day

Some girl from Argentine did such a basic video of her cooling “topless”…and it apparently went completely viral. I watched 10 seconds of it, because that is my attention span when it comes to pretty much anything and everything, including but not limited to going down on girls and/or eating their asses, because I’ve seen it all before…

I just like that we as a society, on an international level, are so fucking basic, it’s like all it takes is a decent girl strategically topless to get known…

Meanwhile, in LA, so many girls are struggling and “thirst” trapping…when all it really takes is a vidographer with a basic idea and basic editing skills..

Step your game up fame whores, every last one of you could have been this girl…it really doesn’t take much…

Let me be your life coach…

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Strippers Fight Outside Dominos and Other Videos of the Day

The Beach Save a Drowning Victim

Guy Stabs Gay Neighbor for Being Gay

I Fuckign Love Baby Elephants

Mother Slaps and Kicks Kid for Dropping Burger…

People VS the Police in Frankfurt

ANnouncer Doesn’t Miss a Beat

Kimmel Does Shots of WHiskey with Julia Louis-Dreyfus

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Failed Hijacking and Other Videos of the Day

Construction Worker Doesn’t Like the Drone

Multi Car Accident

Grandma VS Rat

Rental Car VS Pole

Bouncers VS a Dude

Don’t Text and Drive…

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