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The Ass Puppet….Is the Worst and Other Videos of the Day

Drunk Stripper…You Know

Apparently this is a Mom Pulling Gun on Teens to Defend her Son….

Taking Out the ATM

Dancer of the Day

A Man and a Baby Bear…

Just a Car Catching on Fire…

Partier Of the Day…Now If Only All Ravers Followed His Lead…

What the fuck is this….

And…what the fuck is this weirdness…

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French Girl Got Knocked Up in Australia on One Night Stand and is Searching for her Baby Daddy – I Call Fake and Other Videos of the Day

They Say this is a Husband Beating His PRegnant Wife….Because She Didn’t Make Dinner for Him…What?

Russian Photographer Captures Footage of a Bear

Some Back to School Shopping

Horse Fucks Up Rider…

Freaky Snapping Turtle Head After Being Brutally Murdered

Insane Motorcycle Accident….at 1:40

Car VS Scooter

Man VS the Guy Who Killed His 3 Year Old Daughter

Fight in the Hood…

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Fast Food Worker Dives into a Car and Other Videos of the Day

Mother Doesn’t Like Daughter’s Selfies, So Posts Her in her Underwear on The Internet Being Beat…..in Some Mother Daughter Fetish Video…

Off-Duty Cop Shoots a Bandit

Breast Feeding Deer

Old man VS Sliding Doors

Road Rage in RUssia

Worst Prank Ever

Old Man Gets Dropped by 16 Year Old

Soldier Doesn’t Like Injections…

Angry at McDonalds…

The Man Who Delivers a Table

Hamster Wants to Escape

Detroit – What?


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Woman Uses baby Seat as a Weapon and Other Videos of the Day

Wife Caught Cheating

Woman Stripped Topless in Public

Passenger Attacks Bus Driver

Older Man Body Slammed During Robbery

Couple Beat a Girl for Being in Wrong Hood

How McDonald’s Treats Chickens

Stupid Fucking Cliff Jump…

Sexual Assault of the Day

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Gisele’s Creepy Dance Video of the Day

Gisele did a weirdo dance video for Stuart Weitzman and it is was weird as fuck…

I guess drag queens, you know men who like performing as women, sometimes on Tuesday night at the local cabaret, other times in life as a Victoria’s Secret model, turned “Mom” and wife to some cheating NFL player…all while getting richer than god, despite being from the streets of Brazil…like most of the tranny sex workers of brazil…just love dancing..

It’s like I’ve never met a Drag queen that didn’t like dance…

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Murderer Bryce Williams in a Weird Road Rage Incident and Other Videos of the Day

Dali Lama’s a Joker

Dog VS Minion

Orangutan Wants To Eat Babies…

Just a Coiple Having Sex in Public

Naked Man VS Windows

Cameraman Takes Out Star Runner on a Segway

Robber with Knife Pushed Out

Killing a Sheep to Celebrate Plane Purchase

Man Outside Gym for Disrespecting Women…

Robber Uses TNT

Gym Idiot

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Subway Finger Bang and Other Videos of the Day

Crazy Footage of a Whale…

“Fuck You Pussy” at a Bond Hearing

Daycare VS Kids

More Chinese Construction Wins….

Creepy – Kangaroo

Building Under Construction Collapses

Cat VS Cat Door

Man Saves Kitten….

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The Live Broadcast of the Shooting in Virgina of the Day

What the fuck is wrong with people…

Hot reporter Alison Parker who was only 24 and her cameraman Adam Ward who was only 27, were killed during a live broadcast…on Air today…in one of the more terrifying murders…because it was for all to see..

I am assuming that it’s an angry ex, or a crazy fan who jerked off to her every morning and got mad that she wouldn’t give him attention in his psycho crazy person head….

They are saying it was an ex-employee…which is even more ridiculous, who takes their job this seriously?

It is the reason I tell people not to put themselves out there…the world…is an insane place and this is so fucking disturbing….

Update – So the killer was a co-worker naked Vester Lee Flannagan – and it is racism related. He sent a 23 page document to ABC and he ended up killing himself, or trying to kill himself. Still a dark use of the internet…taking murder to the next lvel.


Apparently this is the first person shooting…what a fucked up use of the internet…social media / etc…the world is a dark dark place…

Update from TMZ on the dude’s racist claims:

Bryce Williams — aka Vester Flanagan — sued his former bosses at a TV station in Florida back in 2000 … claiming his bosses verbally abused him because of his race, and even called him a “monkey.”

After killing 2 members of a TV news crew this morning, Flanagan accused one of the victims of racism.

Now, we’ve learned it wasn’t the first time he hurled such accusations … because in his lawsuit, filed against WTWC-TV in Florida, Vester claimed he was constantly targeted because of his race.

Here are his allegations:

— Claims producer called him a “monkey”

— Claims an “official” joked about a black murder suspect with gold and green grillz, saying he had “collared greens” stuck in his teeth

— Claims he heard a manager tell another black employee to “stop talking ebonics.”

Vester claims he filed a complaint with the powers that be — and was fired because he blew the whistle.

WTWC adamantly DENIED race had anything to do with his termination — claiming he was a crappy employee who often used profanity in the workplace.

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Woman Flashing the Camera Outside The Court House…and Other Videos of the Day

Waiter Poured Hot Soup on Female Customer

Girl JiuJitsu’s Her Boyfriend

Naked Protestor…

Topless Book Club in New York

White on Black Cop Love

Car VS Military Vehicle…

Morning Workout

One Legged Cement Worker

2 Idiots in a Car…

Truck VS TRaffic

RObber Tells Dude to Keep His Money

Bear Rolling Down the Hill

Human Tow Truck

Kid VS 1.5 Million Dollars Painting…

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Jon Stewart VS Paul Heyman on WWE of the Day

Paul Heyman has been dominating wrestling forever…

I have never been into wrestling, ever…but the weirdest cross section of people are…when I was 18, all the weird immigrant italian kids in Kappa track pants loved the shit, later in life, it seemed like serious white trash trailer park dwellers were into the shit…

I just always found it ridiculous to watch people play fight in panties…but I guess I just couldn’t get into the storyline…

A storyline that now includes Jon Stewart in his retirement getting involved in this Brock Lesner movement….

When the most interesting wrestling match Brock Lesner has had, was every single time he had sex with Amy Schumer….before she was famous….

We can assume the steroids messed with his hormones, and tricked him into fucking anything with what could be a pussy…thanks to too much testosterone…kinda like a black dude willing to fuck anything…because they are more man than you….

Proof that Amy Schumer is a monster despite how famous and “funny” she is..

Here’s Heyman fuckign with people on the street in New York

Here’s WWE Diva Summer Rae doing Battle Ropes…Because WWE divas make things less gay…when watching greased up men grinding like male strippers…without the screaming 50 year old women bachelorette party…

A video posted by Summer Rae (@daniellemoinet) on

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Graphic Miami Girl Fight….and Other Videos of the Day

Woman Wrestling a Cop

Lady VS Super market

Topless Fame Whores in Venice Beach – 90 Percent Aspiring Actresses

Granny Fight of the Day

Crackhead Driver of the Day

Hot Lebanese Reporter VS Cops…

Arrested For Saying “Fuck the Police”

Cop Wrestling!

Truck VS Bridge

The UK Plane Crash is Pretty Crazy

Young Presenter Dies on TV

UK Girls Fighting Naked on the Street

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Kayla Kupcakes Flashes the Judge of the Day

Susan Surrette, 54, of Fort Lauderdale was arrested on Wednesday for disorderly intoxication.

When Judge John Hurley asked Surrette what she does for employment, she said she works as an escort and porn star named Kayla Kupcakes.

Then She Flashed her tits…and I decided to google her, because any girl who flashes her tits,, whether for a judge or anyone, is my kind of gutter trash crackhead….

I found her porn HERE ….it wasn’t that difficult…

It just reminds me of how digusting some people are, usually from Florida, like she’s the kind of old, weather, stripper looking trailer park garbage that I wouldn’t necessarily want to fuck, but I am totally down to watch her fuck, because it just makes sense…

It also reminds me that not all porn chicks make 1,000,000 dollars a year…and some girls call themselves pornstars, because they get paid 1000 dollars to fuck.

Here’s a previews…

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Couple Caught in a Booth and Other Videos of the Day

Clueless Pedestrians VS Trains

Drunk Tourist…

Sand Castle Destruction

Idiot VS Subway Door

Motorcycle Slams Parade Girl

Man in Court Attacked by Man He’s Accused of Stabbing

Kid VS Swinging Door

Bus Parkour

Naked on a Bike

Dude Pulls Gun in Store Fight

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Beast Feeding a Calf…and Other Videos of the Day

White Men Restrain a Black Man in Nashville Because they are Racist…..and Because he Tried Robbing a Woman….

Careless Wedding Guest Shoots Kid in the Face…what?

Motel 6 Explodes

16 Year Old Murder Suspect Revisits Crime Scene Where He Raped and Killed a Girl….The Dad Wasn’t Into It…

Karate GUY Vs Car

Balcony Fisherman

Kid Stuck in a Chinese Escalator

Truck VS Height Barrier

Girl On Drugs

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Tantrum by a Recently Dumped Girl and Other Videos of the Day

The Dude Who Fucked 3 Dogs and a Horse…

Old Lady Robbed at a Church

The Creepy Cop Who Got Arrested for Harrassing Women…He Takes the Passenger out of the Car to take pics of her tits…only to find her on Facebook where he hits her up for 2 months…

Snake at the Chinese Restaurant…

Failed Suicide of the Day

Man Tasered for Throwing a Brick at Police Headquarters…

Dude Jumping in Front of the Train….

Downhill Skateboarding

Little Kid VS First Day of School

Drunk Driver VS Head-On Crash..

Canadian Cops Shoot a Dog and I Hate Them For That…

Racist Australian

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