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Sex in an Uber and Other Videos of the Day

Grocery Store Dude Looking Upskirt

Python Cut Open to Find a Dead Man…..

Dude Rubbing His Dick on a Sign

Panty Thief

Doctors and Nurses Dancing in the Operating Room

Man VS Iguana

Happy Bride!

Dump Truck Drifting

Demolition Gone Wrong

Dude VS Owl

Scooter Steals from Woman’s Car

Deadly TUK TUK Road Rage

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Naked woman Running on the Street and Other Videos of the Day

The Woman Puts Her Meth in her Ass…

Maggots in CHinese Food

TSA Feels a Kids Dick

Dudes Fighting forget to let their friend in as they drive off…

Car Crashes Through Animal Hospital – no One Died

Panda Falls Out of Tree….Poor Little Guy

Leg Day Leg Break

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Balcony Fuck and Other Videos of the Dat

Pretty Girl Strutting…

Just a Dude who Shat Hipself

Drunk Driver Hits Barrier

Weird Bike Accident

Cop Slams Woman to the Ground –

Old Man Rescued from Frozen Lake

Abused Goat and Monkey

Mistress – Gets Stripped

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Nude Models Carrying Women’s Purses and Other Videos of the Day

Tulsa Shooter Gets Hit By the Cops and Locked Under the Car

Teacher Bites a Sleeping Student

Brazil is Fucking Nuts

Trump Hater

Trump Supporter – Titty Grabbed

Big Texas Tits

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Video Reminder that Kylie Jenner is Not Hot of the Day

Every once in a while, pretty much once a day, every time Kylie Jenner posts, is a friendly reminder that she’s not hot, if anything she looks like a muppet that was stapled together in some weird dude with a weird fetishized version of a white girl with black booty in his creepy basement….before he decided to cut off his motherfucking dick…and change his name to Caitlin…becausae that’s what this family does…they troll so hard, and for some reason the people they are trolling believe in them and buy the bullshit products they are selling…it’s terrifying…

Like her dad /mom she’s a fucking mutant designed to make money for the family, or herself and it’s disgusting, shameless…and people like it…so here it is..

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Big Tits in Texas and Other Videos of the Day

Alligator Pulled Out of Florida Sewer…

A Dude Chasing the King of Morocco

Dude Punches Woman in the Face…Never Punch a Black Woman in the Face….They’ll Kill a Bitch…

Woman Gets Taken Out by Gate….

Dog Fucks a Duck – Duck Dies….

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Public Breast Suck and Other Videos of the Day

Chinny Man Falls Off Cliff

Pervert Masturbating in the Back Yard

Arm Break during Arm Wrestle…

Fat Golfer…VS Friend’s Face

REPEAT – The One Punch Knockout TWERK

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Hot Arizona Pussy and Other Videos of the Day

Diner Brawl

Husband Caught with Mistress…

Accident of the Day

Chinese Building Demo

Head Injuries after a fight

No Train – Horn Prank

Biker of the Day

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Spring Break in Texas and Other stepNEWS of the DAy

Drunks of the Day

Customer VS Drive Through Window

Wendy’s Employee Beats a Customer

Naked Guy with a Boner VS Cops

Girl Jumps Out of Moving Bus..

Wall VS Biker

Man Attacks a Women with a Hammer in California for being Korean

Segway Driver in the Public Bathroom

Man and Bear Scare Each Other

Dude Livetreamed his Death in Tennessee

Vegas Brawl

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Hailey Badlwin Stupid Dance of the Day

Hailey Baldwin is the most irrelevant of the group of “it girls” who aren’t actually “it girls” but who the fashion industry and advertising industry are presenting to us as “It girls”…so that they have puppets who aren’t money motivated, with big following, to sell bullshit product to their retard groupie followers…despite not being hot, talented, interesting, or compelling in any way…it’s just fluffy nonsense, candy coated dog shit really, and their all lucky they are rich kids because without their parents money / fame / whatever – they’d be nothing but cokesluts working bottle service…like most sluts I know…

That said, I decided to check in with Hailey Baldwin to get a sense of her life, existence, the content she puts out there…and it’s not worth jerking off to, but she is eating pizza and dancing – which I can assume is porn to some of you…I just prefer my porn to involve creampies…not PIZZA PIES…

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Sara Underwood – TOpless on Snapchat of the Day

Playboy drop out and FAKE TIT owner – Sara Underwood knows how to take a landscape photo….and basically turn it into a self indulgent, trashy, narcissistic experience…

It’s like here’s a beautiful natural setting…in a Country that is doomed….let me pose in front of in in lingerie, flashing my ass, in a night gown, fingering banging myself…in lingerie because I’m an egotistical cunt who did playboy at 18….and has carried that as hard and as far as she can..

I am not against Sara Jean, the fact she banged Seacrest, or her hustle…I find it funny….and it reminds me of the cover of a romance novel, or cheesy pin-up glamour model calendars you find in the car wash…and it’s worth jerking off to…

Especially since you can google her pussy pics…a pussy Seacrest probably did coke off of – as he does….he’s a little homosexual workhorse – dude probably sleeps an hour a day to keep his billion dollar empire going….

Not that this is about Seacrest, it’s about Hawaii……and Sara Jean tits…

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Superstar and His Gun and Other Videos of the Day

The Man and his Sex Doll

Trump Sex Tape

Drawing Penis on TV

The Dog with the Artificial Legs…

What the fuck is this…

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Blowjob in the Movie Theater and Other Videos of the Day

Fat Man VS Blizzard

Woman VS Mudslide

Distracted by Cellphone Taken Out by Bus

How to Prevent a Teen Brawl – Fake a Police Siren…

Train VS People

Truck Crash in Front of Cops

Mormon Missionary VS Robbers

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Dude Jerking off in his Car and Other Videos of the Day

Woman gets beat for Not Wearing a Jijab

Croc VS Dude’s Face

Monkey Fucks a Chicken

Pedo Caught Trying to Bang a 12 Year Old

Scooter Driver Drives Like a Pro

Girl VS Cheater

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Homeless guy on the Street Gets a Blowjob and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Woman Runs Wild

Bus Rider

Jamaican Night Club Dagger…

Girl Dancing on Coffin

Dude Kiss Cams a Beer

Naked Protestors Poor Blood on Themselves

Carnival Ride Fail Cuz of China…

California Cop Arresting as People Call Out Police Brutality

FedEx Crash Aftermath…

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