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I am – Britney Spears Vagina Shot of the Day


I am pretty slow on this because I am pretty fucking hungover. I guess that’s what happens when you drink but drinking shouldn’t be an excuse for me because I try to always be drunk.

I decided that I want to do a video of doing things sober and proving that I can do the same task while drunk…like important shit like performing surgery on someone, operating heavy machinery and whatever else you consider important. I probably won’t do it because I hear the camera adds 10 pounds so I wouldn’t fit in the frame but lucky for you, Britney’s vagina does.

I am not going to write the standard shit about how it probably smells like cheetos or that she’s so dirty and gross because I don’t care what people say and it looks pretty nice and well contained to me and because I am sure the women reading this have way grosser shit going on in their pants and have probably had a lot more unprotected cock than Britney ever has, but you just don’t realize that you’re a slut because you don’t want to admit that shit to yourself and because all your friends are sluts too and because you let the guys wine and dine you while the whole world isn’t watching you so you think you have self-respect. But we know what’s really going on with your meaty fucking junk.

I overheard some chick ranting about Britney replacing the words to the song “Gimme More” with “I’m a Whore”, I felt like my brain had just been raped by her bad joke that she thinks is genius and probably dropping to everyone she sees like she just found the cure to cancer…speaking of rape now you can live out those Britney rape fantasies with a picture of her box, instead of that useless drawing you made on the back of a cocktail napkin.

Some Recent Britney Upskirt Action
Britney Spears Side Lip Vagina Shot
Britney Spears Vagina Shots
Britney Spears Almost Vagina Shots

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  • im a certified Britney Spears fan ever since i was a little girl. she has really grown up from a teen popstar into a sexy goddess diva. luv ya britney

  • im a certified Britney Spears fan ever since i was a little girl. she has really grown up from a teen popstar into a sexy goddess diva. luv ya britney

  • there would be no other pop star that is as sexy and talented as Britney Spears. this girl is really amazing, she was popular in the 90s and even today.

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