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Dita Von Teese Lesbian Sex Tape of the Day

Here’s a video that’s surfaced, but is probably from a while ago, of Dita Von Teese dyking out on video with a strap on. I hate Dita Von Teese, she does tame bullshit burlesque shit and looks like a vampire from the 1800s and that makes me feel uncomfortable because all I keep thinking is that bitch doesn’t wash, has the plague and shit’s in a chamber pot in her brothel boudoir or some shit.

I don’t know if this is news because I feel like I’ve seen her pussy before but blocked it out of my mind because I knew she was fucking Marilyn Manson. I remember she did Playboy and was internet famous before her celebrity really hit and now you can watch her rockin a strap on because lesbians may not be cool enough to fuck you, but when they let you watch them go at it, they are are better than all the other girls who don’t fuck you and unfortunately a hell of a lot better lookin than the lesbians I know who want to rip my dick off in some kind of victorious win for women everywhere, but that’s not really saying much because those lesbians are taking male hormones and have hair on their chests and clits the size of a really small penis. True story.

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  • RvP

    Thanks Jesus, ill beat of to this later, i need my vampire porn

  • AngryBroomstick

    you are a fuckin disgusting piece of shit. Not all women have to look like blonde trophy Playboy Playmate sluts to please your “desires.” We all know what a fuckin ugly nasty hairy beast you are, sitting at home and writing this stupid blog. Dita rules, and you’re just bitter you can’t get laid.

    Go fuck yourself, you filthy asshole

  • courtycarrots

    amen, angry.

  • gilp

    that was fucking funny , you never stop pissing of the most hateful fucking people . But seriously i would fucking rail Dita . I mean after marlyn manson i would def. double wrap my shit but still you know she gives a mean Blow job . That body is fucking nice .

  • You can also see Dita’s pie hole and bits in a soft-porn movie she did back in 1994-5 called ‘Romancing Sara’ under her real name Heather Sweet.

    AngryBroomstick, where the fuck did Jesus say he only likes blond bimbo Playmates. In truth, probably any woman better looking than his obese wife will do. Besides JM has already said since the beginning that he is a fat horny, lazy, drunk with small impotent dick and can’t do much in picking up chicks. This is no new revelation, I think he once said he’ll fuck a puddle of water out in the street while under the boozing influence if can’t get the real thing or some shit like that.

    Since you’re a newbie and I doubt you’ll ever want to come back here but in case; then I say come down from your haughty mountain and go fuck yourself with a pine cone lubed with greasy bacon drippings. I’m sure the squirrels and monkeys in your neighborhood would want a good laugh.

    That’s Mr. Asshole to you.

  • Once again my typos fail me, I fucked-up my handle. It must be true that I’m going blind from too much masturbation.

  • that was the most boring POS lesbian clip ive ever seen. They both look like fake madame toussou bitches. they didnt even bump their coots together.
    i expect more from sluts. Much more.

  • Dita Von Teese is fucking disgusting. shes been Mansoned and id not put my body anywhere NEAR anything that went near that dirty slime ball.

    shes not now, nor ever HAS been attractive…

    and id like to understand what she has done (Besides Marilyn Manson) that would make her “Rule”?

    shes a fucking Lame ass wanna be Betty Page.

    Gretchen Mol in the betty page movie is more convicning as this type of model than Dita is.

    girl got famous for fucking slimey gross marylin manson. she needs to really go the fuck away, and, you can tell that she doesnt want that cause , oh surprise!!!! a lame sex tape did WONDERS for Kardashian’s meaning less exsistence, so in turn now we have a lame sex tape from a talentless meaningless useless bitch like Dita Von Teese.

  • Ange

    That’s not even Dita. This chick has fake boobs and as far as the other pics I have seen, the real Dita’s are 100% real. This is just some chick trying to look like her. And I think Dita has a little more class then to do this.

  • nonny

    Um…that’s NOT a strap-on.

  • samodernist

    It is her…She did some porn (all lez scenes) for the director Andrew Blake in the 90’s – that’s what this is. Just look up Andrew Blake – He did some moveis for Dita, Aria Giovanni, and Dahlia…among others – again mostly lesbian scenes.

    All His stuff is well/artistically photographed, and while pornographic, he tries to be more “Erotic” than explicit and all the women are hot, but overall the movies are boring.

  • Kirsten

    Yeah that’s definitely her, and just so you know Ange, dita DOES have fake boobs, shows how much you know. this was a while ago so she doesn’t look the same, there is such a thing called aging.

  • sb

    Um actaully Dita has gone on the record and said she got breast implants, and that it was one of the best things she ever did…yeah look into that Ange

  • Girl_In_Beige

    Dita 100% has fake tits, has said so in interviews. Most of the time you can’t tell, she had a damn good surgeon.
    On a more important note, does anybody know wear can I buy the full length version? My, um, husband, yeah that’s it, wants a copy.

  • drgirlfri3nd

    It’s totally her. At least she did some classy porn.

  • mno

    I think its a movie from Andrew Blake, an erotic artist.

  • AvP

    Ive beat off to this twice already, im getting bored tho, i need more footage, wheres this shit from? i need my next dita fix

  • Marcy

    That’s a double-headed dildo, not a strap-on.

    Dita is gorgeous. She was famous long, long before Manson, for her fetish modeling and burlesque shows. By the time she hooked up with him, she’d already made her personal fortune. I had the distinct pleasure of seeing one of her shows live in Hollywood (the Fetish Ball) about 13 years ago. Most amazing skin I’ve ever seen, even right up close.

  • Dita has never said her tits are real. That clip is from an Andrew Blake production which is about 6 years old. I agree that Dita is gorgeous.

  • megaritta

    thats not a strap on. its a double ended dildo.

  • A1spud

    angrybroomstick, that took a lot of energy to be so crabby – just go away and we’ll not miss your misinformed, poorly thought out, ridiculous, rant.
    PS. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

  • cat power

    This clip is from Pinups2 by Andrew Blake.

    You’re welcome.

  • LipstickLesbian

    “Lesbians may not be cool enough to fuck you, but when they let you watch them go at it, they are are better than all the other girls who don’t fuck you.”

    Um, pardon me, fuckface? Not *cool* enough to fuck you? Maybe you’re not cool enough to be fucked by anyone, lesbian or otherwise. Maybe women are actually doing you a favor when they actually condescend to fuck your tiny, shriveled dick.

  • you suck

    Hey asshole. Strap ons have straps. And take a writing class. Your grammar makes me sad.

  • cunty cuntall

    After beating off to this 4 times in the last 30 minutes, I’ve just realised that I’ve ran out of tissues !!

  • Kalyhummber

    Her videos and pics is seen at the celebrity age gap dating club ★★★AgelessFriends.com★★★ – where you can meet your like-minded local younger/older friends or partners

  • $tormin Norman

    I can agree that marilyn manson is a discusting fella, but Dita is one of the sexiest women on the planet. She helps bring to life an almost lost art that allows us to still use our imagination in her performances. In todays vulgar no holds barred world, that is a beautiful rarity.

  • That is from the Andrew Blake film “Pin Up Girls 2” that Dita did around the mid 1990s. You’re writer should learn the facts before posting gossip!!

  • Serjeschmeidig

    of coruse not everybody in the world have to like dita von teese but it is definitely absurd to dis dita ! Her tits are faked she said on her own in a interview,she did this because of her drug past. at this time she loosed a lot of weight and logical her tits…after that drug time she got her normal weight back but not really her tits so she decide to do something. I think its total okey,her tits look normal and not extreme…..and that she did some pornmovies in her past….Oh My Goooood^^ any other star did something like this in his past. I look at her and that what she did in her strp shows and fotoshoots and only can say that it is a kinde of art what you see there. so keep cool folks 🙂

    ps: Yes i know my english is bad !!!!!!!

  • You have a ton of beneficial advice inside this article. I will be subscribing to your rss feed.

  • BFWB

    I met DvT once and she was furious because I had no idea who the hell she was, had never heard of her.