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Victoria’s Secret Models in China of the Day

Victoria's Secret Models in China

The Victoria’s Secret infomercial that no one will bother watching on TV, but that will get a lot of social media content out of their girls for the Black Friday / Cyber Monday rush, it’s strategically timed to blow their sales out of the water, in what is their biggest time of the year for sales, besides Valentines Day…..and they are doing it in China…

I find it ironic, I mean the product is basically made in Chinese factories that make some Chinese people rich, while makes the massive make enough to eat, sweatshop wages, and has been produced there forever, I’ve heard from people at the company that the brand doesn’t even bother designing their own lingerie anymore, they just put their label on factory underwear already being made, I also think they sell so much volume that they probably own a bunch of factories, an that shit is shipped to the USA distribution centers, to sell at malls and online for the middle of the road people…but they’ve capped, and most importantly found a better way to maximize margins…target the rich asians..

If you live in an urban center, you’ll know that that Chinese money is being spent hard in North America, these people are fucking rich…I think 40% of real estate sold in Canada was to Chinese Nationals…meaning they don’t even live in Canada…I know people who worked at high end stores and had Chinese nationals come in and buy 100,000 dollar purses and cars…CASH…it’s just a crazy place I guess..

And any retailer knows that Chinese people are buying from their websites and that they are shipping goods shipped from china that cost 1 dollar, back to china at 100 dollars…and it’s crazy…so do an event there…get seen, get noticed, push your flagship store and with GLOBALIZATION…you don’t even have to pay to ship shit back to American and back to China, you can do it all there…PURE PROFIT…

So why not do your fashion show there, ship your ladies on Commerical first class, no private jets where they promo model hard for you…

Here they are:

Bella Hadid…undeserving, but does it for free. She’s not a real model..

Candice Swanepoel….

Martha Hunt Upside Down…

There will be more, that’s enough for now.

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Candice Swanepoel’s Nipple for Men’s Style of the Day

You know what…there’s not enough nipple pictures of Candice Swanepoel….Sure, we’ve all seen her nice, round, small, firm, amazing, possibly HIV positive cuz statistics aren’t on her South African side, tits before….but not quite enough…

She went all corporate and signed her life away to the Disney of lingerie companies, you know the kind of mainstream, publicly traded garbage that is strictly there to make billions of dollars in underwear sales, while being acccessible to the masses…mainly the Christian masses…

They commit all these up and coming hot bitches, and they photoshop out their nipples, in efforts to keep what they do wholesome, all while repressing a model, who would have totally been comfortable being naked, cuz that’s what models do, and taking countless amounts of titty pics of them out of circulation, out of the market, pretty much non existent thanks to contracts they signed when selling their fucking body to them….

But the good news is that clearly there are loopholes, and bitch can venture off and pull out half her tits every once in a while…

This is one of those times.

Take it all in….Clearly she wears push up bras…but that’s okay…take it all in…

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Candice Swanpoel Checking Out Her V-Man Shoot for the First Time of the DAy

I have no idea how I missed this video…but there seems to be nothing better than a hot chick reflecting on her slutty actions after the money has traded hands…embarassment, excitement, shame, exhileration…all things that make me want to fuck them….

Candice Swanpeoel is pretty much awesome…and so is this video.

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Candice Swanpoel in her Lingerie cuz it’s her Job of the Day

I was hoping Candice Swanpoel would stop releasing these post production photoshopped lingerie pics that I can only assume are from Victoria’s Secret, not because I don’t like looking at Candice Swanpoel, I actually think she’s something pretty amazing to look at, but because I have exhausted all my South Africa High AIDS rate and Apartheid jokes, not that I had that many, or really that they were actual jokes, but instead just truths, but it is the only angle to go at that I know of when it comes to Swanpoel, I mean other than imaging going at her from every possible angle if I just had some motivation, her home address, work schedule, some retraints, a car, a box of donuts and the ability to get an erection….so instead I prefer to focus on socio/economic….

So despite hating Victoria’s Secret in terms of their lack of vision, obvious strategy, and the fact there has been no evolution to keep masturbating to them exciting, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say I guess I can’t fully hate any billion dollar company that in in the business of getting clothed girls that they recruit internationally as naked as they possibly can because they are a stamp of approval bitches want to be a part of so they get as naked as they are allowed to be in exchange for money to get that stamp…which I guess is a good thing, even if I find it a cocktease cuz I know I’d prefer these with pussy lip…but I guess I’ll take what I can get which is pictures like this and/or real pussy that I won’t post here cuz it may make you never want pussy again and I’m not the kind of guy who is gonna do that to you….plus if I get busted that pussy will never come back to me and I’m not willing to give up the last of the pussy willing to fuck me….

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Candice Swanpoel Modeling Lingerie of the Day

I wonder if bikini models only pose when they are on their periods and their tits are swollen. Is this something that the client factors into booking a shoot? If so what happens if the bitch isn’t regular, you know from not eating enough throughout the month to fit into the required clothing, leaving her depleted of enough nutrients to let her pussy bleed for a week….and I guess it doesn’t matter….It would just make for a messy pile of panties at the end of the shoot…a pile of panties I’d want to bury my face in…only because I know she left South Africa when she was still a virgin…unless she taken advantage at 15 by one of her father’s farm aids….who had AIDS….cuz that’s kinda the South African way….

Speaking of AIDS, announcing on a girl you want to fuck’s facebook that my ex’s biggest complain about me would be that I like surprises because I didn’t tell her my AIDS before unprotected sex….is not a good way to get a bitch to send you nudes…even if you pull the make a wish foundation angle…like that her nudes would be doing me a service…or the whole “it was just a joke” angle…It’s what I call digging a sexting grave.

Here are some pics of Sexy Sexy Hubba Bubba Candice Swanpoel in lingerie cuz shit’s better than decent…

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Candice Swanpoel for Beach Bunny Swimwear of the Day

I’m fresh out of South Africa Aids jokes….but I’ve got some South Africa hot pussy in some pretty intense “swimwear”…this is like the porno version of a bathing suit…all fetish-like and perfect for cum to roll off of….I’m ready for this style to hit the local community pool…but maybe I’m reading into things a little too much…but this campaign is hot….we need more Candice Swanpoel….she’s the best thing to happen to South Africa…since apartheid…..

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Candice Swanepoel Naked Tits of the Day

It’s been a horrible week…and what better way to kick off the end of the week than to stare at some Victoria’s Secret model tit from South Africa…The good news is that she probably left South Africa when she was a virgin, before rebelling and letting one of her dad’s gardeners stick his dick inside her cuz otherwise she’d be at risk for some serious HIV infection cuz that’s just how South Africa rolls….you know with their high AIDS rate….something I think my site can relate to…since it’s not dead…just terminally ill in a way I wouldn’t want to put my mouth on it.


To See The Rest of the Pictures – Follow this Link

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