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I am – Britney Spears is Fucking Crazy of the Day


My computer broke this weekend so I couldn’t do my stepLINKS, so I got really fucking drunk instead and it was a good fucking time. I would go more into it, but I am lazy right now, it was father’s day yesterday and I always feel like a second rate father having not been the guy to dump my load in my wife to produce my wonderful stepdaughters. I am just some hack father figure who lives in the same house as them. They don’t call me dad and they don’t buy me father’s day gifts, like taking me golfing even though I fucking hate the concept of gold but it’s the principle. I guess there are other things you could do for your father like have a bbq, take him out to lunch, but him a present, treat him like a king all day, have naked lesbian wrestling in the living room for him, let him watch your shower/masturbate/dance. I got nothing. Not even a card. I guess that’s what happens when your wife’s kids know you’re just there riding the disability check, not carrying your weight and constantly calling their mother a fat whore.

Speaking of fat whore, here’s some Britney Spears insanity. She went into a club with a friend wearing one outfit and walked out wearing her friend’s outfit. I think that’s the kind of thing someone crazy thinks up to either fuck with the media, or to have an excuse to see her friend in her panties, or even to entertain your crazy self by giving an unsuspecting friend scabies or any other surface rash you get from wearing someone else’s clothes. I bet that joke woulda made you laugh if I delivered the joke a little stronger, but I am just waking up and I never said I was as funny as the other cocksuckers with blogs and their virginity…

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I am – Britney Spears Bikini Ass of the Day


I came across these Britney Spears pictures and I realized that there is nothing better in life than posting 2 Britney Spears posts back to back. It the shit bloggin is made for…

Yesterday on my drunken adventure, I ended up at the strip club for too early for there to be strippers working. It was me and the stage and a bar tender who was playing her own shitty music. I asked her if there were any girls to entertain me considering I spent 3 dollars oto get in to see vagina. About 5 minutes later, some french slut hit the stage and did a little dance for me. Since I was the only one in the place it felt really romantic as she spread her legs…The issue I had was that I knew she wanted my money, the other issue was that I had no money. I looked over my shoulder to see her wiping down her box after rubbing it up against the pole and I wondered if that really prevented HPV and AIDS, maybe she was onto something. When she got me lookin’ at her she turned around in embarrassment even though I already saw her inner parts…

The thing I like about Britney is that it seems like she never embarrassed, she has no shame, she has enough money to not give a fuck and we’ve all seen her inner parts but like the stripper, she still bothers to cover up.

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I am – Britney Spears Nip Slip of the Day


Nothing says I let some dude bust a nut inside me a minimum of 2 times when we were married, knocking my fat unhygienic ass up twice like walking around LA with your tits hanging out. It’s like an open invitation for all of us fuckers to latch onto her with our mouths and start sucking for spoiled milk that her little babies left behind….

I’d write more, but what’s the fucking point, her tits are doing all the talking for me and no one needs a commentator when they are trying to stare at a useless cunt they’ll never meet’s tits…

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I am – Britney Spears Thong Bikini Pictures of the Day


For some reason this girl loves this thong bikini, she’s been seeing wearing it at least 4 times that I know of and I am pretty bad at keeping on top of this shit, so it’s probably been a lot more. I know she isn’t known for being hygienic or into changing or clean clothes but you’d think that someone with her kind of money could afford to buy herself 10 different thong bikinis. Unless she sleeps in the fucking thing, it’s takes the same amount of effort to put on a new bikini as it does to put on a dirty crusted up one. At leas then when she’d hit the beach and shows everyone what K-Fed did to her, we’d at least know that the pics are new or old….

I remember when I used to hang with a girl who was a lot like Britney. She wasn’t a popstar and didn’t live the lavish life of celebrity, but she did never wash during the summer. She would just go swimming and think that that counted.

I admit that I am not the best at showering or changing clothes. Right now I have no hot water in my shit hole apartment, but at least I recognize that I am not clean. I don’t jump in public pool and spray on cheap cologne and pretend that I am clean….

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I am – Britney Spears Thong in a See Through Dress of the Day


I posted pictures of Britney on a boat in a bikini last week and was pissed off that I couldn’t see the ass view of her string bikini because I know that shit is riding up places I’d want to explore, not because I think Britney is hot and not because I want her money, but because I have no standards and even with her lack of hygiene, weight gain and rashes, she’s still probably cleaner than any girl who has had slept with me for money.

Anyway, I said I wanted the ass view and here are the closest thing I could find, They are probably from last week, but since Britney isn’t into changing her underwear or washing it’s possible that these are from today.

Either way, who really cares these pictures and this post collectively suck…I have no idea why I am posting it but I am.

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I am – Britney Spears Bikini Pictures of the Day


It’s nice to see that Britney Spears is working really hard on her comeback by taking time off and suntanning on a yacht because we all need our downtime sometimes. I guess her month in rehab and her 2 years prior to the whole rehab thing where she got married and did nothing with her life wasn’t enough fucking downtime for her. It makes me jealous that I am here slaving away at this site a couple hours a day, going out all night, waking up mid afternoon, going out the park for hours at a time to get away from the computer while people like Britney live the lazy life….

Either way it looks like Britney is wearing some kind of G-String, unfortunately for you I don’t have pictures of that, even though it may be a scarier thing to look at than it sounds. Like the other day, I was sending myspace messages to a model who told me that her vagina looks like a hamster because she hasn’t shaved in a while and as cute as I think hamsters are and as much as I think bush is cool in theory, I know if I ever saw it, I’d have a whole different reaction….but since I have no standards I’d still take one for the team…I’d just have second thoughts before doing it, even if just for a second….

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I am – Britney Parties in a Bikini of the Day


Britney performed in Florida and I read somewhere that her CD she was lip syncing to skipped and she turned her back to the crowd and re-cooped. It’s not all that much of a surprise, her entire career has been built on lip syncing and people aren’t watching her perform to listen to her amazing songs, they are listening because she was a young tight thing who moved better than most strippers because she had a choreographer and budget. It was like a big scale stage show without the nipples/vagina shots/lap dances/ signed posters/ etc.

Here are some pics of Britney wearing a bikini at a club, partying after her show in Florida.

I could probably write more and actually try to change your life, but I am uninspired….

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I am – Britney Spears in a Bra of the Day


My stepdaughter invited me to her friend’s house to watch the finale of American Next Top Model because she knows I am really into that shit, so I sat in the fucking living room of some 14 year old’s parent’s house to watch the shit and I didn’t really fucking care. I helped myself to her dad’s beer and I knew the parent’s of the girl weren’t that impressed, but it was one of those situations that you know is awkward, but act like it’s totally normal, and the other people involved go along with it no matter how much they hate it. I think I behaved myself, I only asked the girl to sit on my lap once and when she said no, I didn’t pull my dick out of my pants to teach her what no means….

Anyway, the model I was going for was this hot Russian number with a big neck but was a mail order bride and that turns me on. She lost. The winner was some anorexic looking mexican who looked like a fucking man. All this to say that TV let me down again.

Speaking of letting me down, it looks like Britney has got her act together. Her body is bangin’, her tits are huge and she’s showing the fuckers off when she’s hitting up clubs to drink all these proving that she still has a career and won’t be working the pole in my stripclub anytime soon and that kinda hurts. The only real option now is to be the next K-Fed, but since it’s been done once, I doubt it will happen again. Girls tend to learn their lessons, especially after having to babies with the motherfucker. Either way, here are the pics of Britney and her tits…

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I am – Britney Spears Staged Performing Pictures of the Day…


I posted THESE pictures of Britney performing in Vegas that were taken from some dude’s camera phone. I came across these better quality pictures that I think are staged and taken by a professional to look like shitty quality pictures that were leaked to the internet, because fucking with the media and tricking the general population into thinking some intentional out of focus picture was taken by a crazed fan when bitch was performing, when in reality she’s posing before the show as a publicity stunt.

I don’t generally mistrust the media and think I am being lied to and that I should start a site to out the lies, but I do know that I had a girl who reads the site go to the show and bitch was so scrubbed down by security that I think she had an orgasm. I’m talking no phones, cameras or pad and paper to do artist renditions of the show….

Either way, I’ll post them anyway because after all that’s happened to Britney, I think she deserves the extra coverage, even if it’s just for 10 assholes like you, I am still doing my part….

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I am – Britney Spears Dressed Like a Porno Clown of the Day


Britney was spotted out in LA with some chick who she probably is paying to be her friend dressed like a clown I want to fuck. I don’t know much about fashion, I wear fucking soiled clothes that smell like my ass and I haven’t really bought anything in the last 10 years it’s all been stuff my wife accumulates because I have pretty much given up but I do know that Von Dutch trucker hats have been out of style for at least 3 years. I remember a time when every cunt and his sister had one of these fuckers and it used to really piss me the fuck off. The idiots who paid the 50 – 100 dollars for the stupid things, didn’t realize that trucker hats are the cheapest hats out there and the ones I used to wear never cost me more than 50 cents. Unfortunately, those same fuckers have since realized that because I used to like using the hat as a warning sign of who to stay as fuck away from for being a cunt or who to try to hit up for some spare change because they were obviously fucking assholes when it came to their finances…

If you’re wondering why I want to bang her, it’s because busting all over her bald head would be funny, the bruised legs and high socks and short shorts remind me of 70s porn and the glasses remind me of a rich Jewish grandmother who’s about to die and leave me her millions of dollars in my very own trust fund…which banging Britney pretty much is if you get her load dropped in the right place but the whole decision making process of whether to hit her head or bank account through her womb would be too much to handle, thank god I am impotent and don’t have to make these decisions….and her fucking towel reminding us all that bitch is fucking crazy as she grasps her friends hand to guide her through the streets because she is so jacked on meds she doesn’t know where she is.

That’s pretty much all I have to say about that….

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I am – Britney Spears Comeback Tour in Vegas Pics of the Day


These are some shitty cellphone pics of Britney Spears lip syncing in Vegas as part of her attempt at a comeback, the show may have been a rip off and she may be insane now, but she’s still Britney Spears and at least she’s showing off her ass to distract us all from how lame this attempt to climb out of the gutter and back to the top of her game is.

I am costantly attacked by feminists, telling me how what I do is comparable to racism and that I am leading a horrible example to the 20 people who read the site, and I guess saying that at least Britney is showing us her ass fall into that category of objectifying women.

Reality is, I am not the motherfucker on stage showing the world my fucking ass, and if I was, I’d expect someone to comment on how fat it is. I have spent a lifetime trying to seduce girls and not being rich enough, or goodlooking enough, forcing me to end up with someone no one wanted, not even me, but the comfort of having someone there to care was enough for me to do it. You don’t see me sitting here hating on all the hot chicks for not wanting me, or thinking I was scum, in all reality, I am here begging for them to send me nudes.

So, what it all comes down to, is that I just want to have a good time, maybe have a few laughs, and talk a whole lot of shit about nothing important. If you are one to take my words for gospel and either take it home with you to throw at your own fat wife that you settled with, or who got fat after she hooked you in and was too tired to keep herself pretty, or if you are sitting there getting offended by what I have to say, all you have to do is click on the back button in your browser and leave your rants to your fucking self, because people that are that uptight, are people I don’t want to invite to my birthday party or to my comeback show at a shitty small venue….and if you motherfuckers decide to show up with camera phone pics, and decide to write slandering remarks about me, I am not going to cry about it and write a thesis for my gender studies class on how hard people are on me for having a cock.

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I am – Britney Spears Ass Crack or Something of the Day


Britney is pushing this comeback harder than she pushed her kids out of her womb, which isn’t saying much because she got 2 C-Sections, but you know what I mean. She’s calling the media and letting them know where she’ll be, she’s going to some dance studio trying to be all like Stella and trying to get her grove back and she’s doing in in fishnets, booty shorts, and a bra. I am not really complaining because she looks like most strippers I watch strip and I have a thing for watching strippers strip, even though the whole strip club scene is pretty dull to me. I am not saying that I don’t like watching girls get naked, but when I start talking to them and have to hear stories of how some of their clients take them out on dates and buy them expensive thing, or how they spent the last 4 nights high on E in some lavish hotel room with those clients, I am reminded that they are all a bunch of whores. I like going into the shit thinking they are just teenage mother’s who have deadbeat baby daddies, or that they are exhibitionists who get turned on by dancing for a room full of men, or that they are in med school trying to pay their way, when the reality of it is that they are just whores who like Gucci.

The only real reason that pisses me off is because the strippers I see in action aren’t even that hot. They have tits that anyone with a credit card could have, but walk around like they are fucking Britney Spears and are doing me some kind of favor by offering to let me touch their tits for 10 fucking dollars. Don’t think I am going soft on you here, I am just encouraging you to no fall for their game and when you have enough money in your bank, ask them how much for a blowjob, because when you take stripping to prostitution, you’re pretty much a success in my mind, and I am really the only person you should want to impress. Send pics, asshole. Cuddles.

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I am – Britney Spears Likes to Dance of the Day


I am all about bitches in dancing gear, I guess that’s why I used to sit inside American Apparel watching girls try on leotards until the fuckers caught on to what I was doing there. What they didn’t know was that I used to go to dance schools and sit in watching the 17 year old girls bend all kinds of ways in their little leotards like I was researching which school to send my stepdaughters to, until I overstayed my welcome after 4 hours a day for 3 days straight, saying I was being thorough didn’t really fly. I guess there was also the time that I’d hit up every dance recital until I was known in the local dance community, I told them I was a classically trained dancer but due to injury had to retire but could never retire my love for the art, but that didn’t last too long, when they invited me to perform for their school and I pretty much embarrassed the fuck out of myself, kinda like Britney has been doing the last 2 years of her life.

I like to think that connects us on so many fucking levels and not only on the slutty dance outfit and ripped fishnets with her ass hanging out to make me smile one. Cuddles.

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I am – Britney Spears Upskirt of the Day


There’s nothing more exciting than seeing a crazy girl who has had 2 babies flashing her panties. Actually, that is a lie, there are a lot of things more exciting that that, but I can’t seem to find them now. Britney’s been getting shit on pretty hard by everyone for the whole being fucking insane but I am okay with it. I am more into a girl who has completely lost her mind because they are usually easy to seduce, not that I’d want to be alone with this psycho for fear of being stabbed, but there’s no harm in thinking about it…

I was talking about Britney earlier today with some homeless motherfucker who seems to think she’s fucked up. I think being called insane by a guy who smears his shit all over bus shelters every night at 4 am is probably a bad sign. I told him that this was a whole scheme for her comeback, but he seemed to think that her little girl fans were probably scared of her, before showing me pictures he had taken of his shitty bus shelter art. If he is right than seeing her slutting out on stage probably won’t happen unless that stage is in a mental institution and it’s for their Christmas pageant. Either way, I don’t care, as long as her demise involves lots of nudity, upskirts, sex tapes and throwing her feces at the paparazzi because feces is the theme of this post.

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Post-Pregnancy: Britney Tit

I have said it before, I like to repeat myself, because I never remember who I said it to. It could have been on this site, but my archives got fucked in the move, unlike me, I never get fucked, and when I do, it’s by something you wouldn’t want to get fucked by and it’s really not by choice, but that’s no the point of this story. Pregnancy is the worse STD a bitch can get, I know all you anti-abortion jesus lovers are thinking “pregnancy is beautiful, it’s what keeps our religion alive”. But I come from a different school of thought and that is that kids follow you around for life, they mooch off you and cost you money, you have no control as to whether they are going to be cute or not, they never respect you and most importantly, they destroy your body, there’s no full recovery. I’m talking nothing ever fully whips back into shape, not the assaulted cooter, not the milk-bag feeding sack titties, not the belly or the ass…it may look like it does sometimes, but that’s just smoke and mirrors. Now, look at Britney’s nipple, the fucker is bigger than my head. You can’t tell me this shit’s sexy, in two years from now, she’ll write a memoir and in it, it will say “I wish K-Fed only gave me herpes, not herpes and a baby, ya’ll”. That’s my fucking story.

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