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Janice Dickinson’s Thinks She’s The Original Supermodel of the Day

I read somewhere that Janice Dickinson claims she is the original supermodel, meaning before her there was no other supermodel and since her there have been thousands of supermodels. I know it is a lie, because if she really believed that she was a fuckin’ supermodel, she’d put a little more pressure on herself than to go out lookin like this haggard piece of dog shit that just got run over by a bus. I mean the only thing super on her is the fact that she’s got a set of fake tits and that’s only super in the ghetto stripclub where drug addiction makes saving up 5,000 dollars impossible, where as Dickinson’s tits are just a dime a fuckin dozen where she’s from and I guess I shouldn’t be bothering posting on her but there’s not backing down now. I am in too deep.

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Janice Dickinson and her Sports Bra of the Day

I find seeing pictures of Jancie Dickinson in athletic apparel pretty funny because I was under the impression the only sports-like activity she’s ever been a part of is marathon coke binges, marathon cocksuckin’ sessions and she maintains her sloppy skinny body by binging and purging like girls are supposed to. Fitness is for over achievers and everyone hates those assholes…

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Janice Dickinson and her Rancid Lady Parts of the Day

Janice Dickinson’s pussy is so rancid that even the skin on her thighs are trying to escape the shit…or at least it looks like it’s trying to move as far away from it by hangin’ out down by her knees until the infection clears up…or maybe shit’s just melting from the toxins, whatever it is, it’s not normal lookin’.

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Janice Dickinson in a White Bathing Suit on the Beach of the Day

Janice Dickinson brought her corpse to the beach….at least that’s what I hear her pussy smells like….at least that what her body makes me think her pussy smells like and I figure jerking off to this half dead whore is a lot easier than digging up fresh corpse in the cemetery risking getting caught or having a heart attack, or even easier than applying for a job at the mortuary to get your fix of rotting cunt.

Good morning, I’ve slept in today….

Pics via FAME

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Janice Dickinson’s Crotch Shots of the Day

Janice Dickinson doesn’t need a bullshit reason to party like July Fourth, this bitch looks like she’s always half in the bag, at least that’s the vibe I get every time I look at pictures of her, which is as often as possible, because crazy ex-models with fake tits and a coke addiction are kind of my fetish, I like the uncertainty of whether you’re going to walk in up them getting gangbanged by 12 black men, or them crying while banging their head into a lamp post on the street corner, but I may just be reading into things a little too much, you know, since I know nothing about her and don’t really care to get to know about her, I’d rather imagine her vagina that’s been explored by many before me, and probably smells like a girl with an eating disorder’s stomach breath.

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Janice Dickinson Hard Nipple of the Day

I like Janice Dickinson cuz she looks all kinds of crazy, and all kinds of crazy leads to insanity in the bedroom, like the kind of woman who pretty much takes charge of you in the and leaves you broken hearted, limping and humiliated, while she sits there sippin’ her cocktail and smoking her cigarette. Like the girl who will fist a dude while spitting in his face and calling him a worthless piece of shit faggot, before jumpin on his dick, pretty much hitting him like a fuckin’ school bus, unsure of what the fuck happened and I am not sure if that makes sense, but it does to me and it’s amazing.

Here are her hard nipples.

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I want to Fuck Janice Dickinson of the Day

I don’t know what it is about Janice Dickinson, maybe it’s her tits or her jacked up dick suckin’ lips, or maybe it’s her insanity and partying ways, that just make me want to jerk off on her face when she’s asleep on the plane next to me, not that that would ever happen, because I don’t fly in luxury, in fact I don’t fly at all, but I figure it’s the only chance I’d ever have getting close to her, you know my kind of mile high club, because she doesn’t look like the kind of girl who would take public transit here, where I normally jerk off on sleeping people, and I really only do that on sleeping homeless people late at night, and it really only happened once a bunch of years ago, but you do get what I’m sayin’, Dickinson reeks of sex and I like it.

Here is the Video….She is even more amazing in video….

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Janice Dickinson Wants to Do Porn With the Paparazzi of the Day

Janice DIckinson offers to do a porn tape with the paparazzi, because she’s one of those too horny for her own good bitches. It’s too bad that it was just a joke, because I love to see her dry weathered, coked up vagina do some circus tricks on tape. I hear the motherfuckin thing is just as crazy as her and after a few cocktails, it throws a tantrum, cries, then drinks some more, before puking all over some random dude’s dick, because it likes the attention.

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Janice Dickinson Nice for the Paparazzi of the Day

So last week, Janice Dickinson was ripping into the paparazzi for being rats and from the sewers, and I was totally down with that, despite knowing that the paparazzi are the only reason she’s ever spoken of, because she may call herself the first supermodel, I never heard of her until she was working on another supermodel’s TV show and by that time, she was already beat up by the plastic surgeon’s knife and collagen injections that the only thing super about her, was the ability to suck dick without knowing she was sucking dick due to having no nerve endings left in her mouth….

Today she’s striking a pose for the motherfuckers and acting like their best fucking friends and this inconsistency is fuckin’ with my head. I guess she’s crazy, which makes sense, I mean she does have a vagina after all.

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Janice Dickinson Hates the Paparazzi of the Day

I admit, I am slow moving today. I was taking a nap, because I am trying to get as much energy as I can to see as many vaginas as I can over the next 4 days. It only comes once a year and I am sure I don’t have all that many more ahead of me, so I might as well milk it for all I can….

Speaking of monsters, here’s a clip of Janice Dickinson, a modern day Frankenstein, calling the paparazzi cockroaches and rats, because I guess she doesn’t like the attention they are giving her when she’s not lookin’ her best or some shit, unless this is her best, in which case, she’s just being a bitch and if I was her, I’d be a bitch too, I mean after spending all that money on surgery then getting this mess of a face that would be worse than that time I bought a stereo system off some crackhead that didn’t work when I got home, or the time a group of us hired a whore to pass around and she fell asleep on us, or died, we weren’t sure, we just know we didn’t ask her pimp for a refund when he came to drag her out of my apartment. True story.

Ok, now I gotta get to my real posts. I hope you’re ready….cuz it’s going to be a life changing day today….or not…I am just trying to hype myself up to get down and do this…when I really just want to go back to bed.

Here are some pictures of Janice Dickinson flashing her underwear and acting like an idiot for the paparazzi a while ago, because she hates them so fucking much, and doesn’t use them to get publicity when it is convenient for her, I guess she’s just a hypocritical cunt.

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Janice Dickinson’s Got a Fucked Up Lip of the Day

Janice Dickinson is pretty hot, not only is she a washed up, mangled up, retired, cokehead, cock hungry model, but she also has big ol’ tits that she doesn’t mind showing off because she’s just such a trainwreck of a person. The kind of trainwreck who doesn’t flinch when you shove your dick in them when they are sleeping, because they are too jacked on sleeping pills and when they wake up with the cum dripping out of them, they don’t think twice because it’s a normal fucking situation in their lives.

The funny thing about these pics is her mouth, I am guessing this is some botched surgery or bad botox and she’s all lookin’ at me with a crooked smile and it looks like she’s got a fucking burger stapled to her face.

Speaking of burgers, I went to the other night, where my overly sensitive friend decided to have a group of us over because he really wanted to cook for us and celebrate his getting a girlfriend or something equally lame. This is the kind of emotionally unstable dude who would stab his on mother in the neck if she said the wrong thing about him. Anyway, dude ends up making burgers and I’m all excited because we don’t eat that kind of fancy shit at home, we’re more of a Ramen Noodle, Pasta with Soya Sauce and Margarine kind of family, and when it gets to me, I garnish it with all the good shit, I’m talking cheese and BBQ sauce and fried onions and bacon and the fucking thing looked like a piece of fuckin’ heaven. I bite into it and shit’s still raw. Now I know real men like raw meat, but it makes me sick to my fucking stomach and as my friend looks at me for my approval of how good it is and as I try to mask my disgust by smiling and saying it’s awesome because I don’t want to get stabbed in the fucking neck, I just keep on eating through it. Knowing there is going to be a bout of E-Coli, knowing my body isn’t going to react well to this…I just keep going…like a horny dude fucking an Aids pussy without really thinking of the consequences.

I guess my bbq story was a waste of time, but hey man, I write the shit that comes to me, deal with it by lookin’ at these tits….

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Janice Dickinson is Hot in a Bikini of the Day

Janice Dickinson makes me feel like an asshole for jerking off to the geriatric aquarobics class at my local community center when there are elderly women out there who still look better than the younger chicks I’ve seen naked.

I know she’s had a lot of work done and is pretty much 80 percent made of plastic but shit’s working for me. Sure her ass is sloppy and her skin is leathery but if you saw the 50 year old bitches who I’ve been with, you’d think of me in a totally different way, or maybe you would expect it from me, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that what it comes down to is that old ladies are easy, willing, experienced and can’t get pregnant because of their dried up wombs, pretty much the perfect situation to have, except for the grey pussy hair, impending smell of death and most importantly the constant harassment of making sure I didn’t want another freshly baked cookie after eating 6.

Here is some more Janice Dickinson bikini action because she hasn’t died of heat exhaustion like my 60 year old neighbor did last summer during the heat wave and that’s worth celebrating….

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Janice Dickinson Stays Active of the Day

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I think after doing this site for close to 4 years, I have finally come to terms with the fact that I am some kind of sick pervert with major psychological issues. I don’t really feel bad about it because I am not hurting anyone in the process and after talking to people over the years realize that my sick demented perversions are like kindergarden on the scale of perversion. I am like when you get with with a girl and she sticks her finger in your ass or wants to roll play on the most basic level and not perverted when a girl starts busting out strap ons or introducing trannies to the bedroom or making you pretend to be her dad by wearing his favorite sweater and doing it on his favorite chair while he watches. It is tame and harmless and unfortunately for me it finds Janice Dickinson pretty fuckin’ hot, even with her old lady skin hanging off her skinny little body. She looks tight for an old lady, which may not be saying much because I can guarantee that vagina is like a Yaros, built from the inside out and perfect for bringing home your groceries, but there’s just something about her that is hot.

I guess her stamina is also part of the reason I want to watch her fuck. All this running around and shit and she didn’t drop dead from a heart attack or stroke. I hear a lifetime of eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse destroys hearts, but I guess those scientists were wrong. Even though, I know that anytime I have a coke binge or drink too much or even smoke one too many cigars, the thought of getting off my couch makes my heart skip a couple of beats and leaves me out of breath and clinging to my wife’s thigh for the life of me – like shit’s all about to end…it never does though…unfortunately.

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Janice Dickinson is 50 and Rockin’ a Bikini of the Day

Plastic surgery seems to work because Janice Dickinson is in her 50s and the only thing that scared me a little was her old flat ass, but I can look past that considering I am the same guy who used to get hard sponge bathing old ladies when I worked as an orderly at the old folks home before getting fired and I can’t forget my roots. Not to mention that pretty much every girl I’ve slammed has had a worse ass than this mess, but I am the kind of guy who takes whatever I can get even if it was disgusting because my penis could always see past that. I have a feeling that getting with someone like Janice Dickinson is that bitch has seen more cock than my uncle Hector who was a chicken farmer, yeah that joke sucked but it’s not really a joke because it’s true and I bet she is the closest thing you sick serial killer readers can get to fuckin’ a real live corpse that’s vagina still gyrates because it has a life of it’s own and the body is still kinda warm . I am not sure what I am talking about but I am hooked on these pics.

More Pictures from Her Vacation….

Bonus – Janice Dickinson Does a Commercial for Orbit that I don’t Understand

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Janice Dickinson Stores her Phone in Her Tits of the Day

Image Removed due to Papparazzi

Breasts, like my ass, are a great place to store things. I know girls who put their make-up, phones, drugs, condoms, money, perfume and worldly possessions in their bra and it always makes feeling them up feel a lot like Christmas or some kind of magical treasure hunt, but not as magical as the treasure hunt I have to go through every time my wife wants me to diddle her and I have to maneuver my way through her fat to the source of her junk or even when I leave my keys or something I need on the bed and it gets sucked up into her fat folds as she sloth’s out on it….I guess that’s part of what makes my marriage fun.

Either way, here are some pictures of Janice Dickinson getting a manicure with her cellphone jacked in her tits so she doesn’t miss any important calls from people asking her who the fuck she is because let’s face it, she’s not all that famous, but shit should be jacked in between her legs and set on vibrate because that’s pretty much the main reason the pervert who behind the vibrate ringtone invented it. While laying in bed alone at night with his “How Things Work” manual, he had dreams of walking down the street and seeing girls moaning with pleasure all because of his manly technical knowledge, giving every girl who ever rejected him an orgasm without them knowing it and that shit was his way of playing god. True Story.

Big Bad Paparazzi Made Me Take Down the Pics But You Can See It Here

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