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Paris Hilton Erotica of the Day

Paris Hilton Erotica for Gay Times Magazine 1

Paris Hilton doesn’t interest me….she’s old, she’s tired, she’s boring…and has always been boring….she’s the reason the Kardashians exist and along with Ryan Seacrest should be tortured in a good old fashioned witch hunt for polluting society with such trash, indulgence, commercialization, consumerism and disgustingness….you know really definitely not the CHRISTMAS SPIRIT….

Her sex tape was shit, but told rich people everywhere that they too could leverage getting fucked, spin it to monetize the fuck out of yourself, and become famous for being a rich kid…something so many people have followed the lead on…we have a generation of girls getting naked all day to just get paid to be themselves…

I will say that Paris Hilton’s recent showing up places, is probably more interesting than her herpes….and I will say that 10 years ago she brought entertainment…but unless that herpe puss is being flashed…there’s no real point in looking at any of this bullshit….because it is bullshit…



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Paris Hilton in a Bikini of the Day

Paris Hilton should be taken out back and shot – because she’s the reason for the Kardashians. They totally used her strategy to get exactly where they wanted to be…and they never disappeared…because of social media, I guess people don’t unfollow these creatures….and throw money at these people…and I just hope Paris is getting her 10 percent management fee because without here, these trolls wouldn’t exist.

It would explain why she’s off the radar and almost forgotten, only recently making appearances half naked, that I can’t track because she has me blocked on social media…rude.

But that the internet still makes available to me…to see and say “she looks good for 40. Still skinny. We like that…..but she should still be taken out back and shot…for creating the Kardashians…it’s only the right way to handle this injustice and evil.

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Paris Hilton is Back with a Pussy Flash of the Day

Paris Hilton seems to be up to her old tricks despite being an old trick…by wearing what looks like a pair of pants we all hope become a trend…because they have a window to her fucking pussy.

Now I don’t typically celebrate Paris Hilton’s pussy, because we all remember when her phone got hacked and learned something we already knew and that is that she has herpes and a Valtrex prescription…but at the same time, she’s Paris Hilton, a legend, an Icon, a Heiress to the Hotel Chain…a clever marketer….the kind of herpes you’d be ok with getting…

But then we have to remember she paved the way for Kim Kardashian…fully fucking Paris Hilton designed…not that it was anything that innovative or clever…but it made the Kardashians billionaires of their own right…all by biting this pussy’s hustle…

So anything that is responsible for the Karadashians, in a case of National Security, should be taken out back and fucking shot….

But that will never happen, so instead, look at her pussy hole…front hole…I mean it looks like labia to me…but then again, Paris has been so banged out…her labia spread all over the place….it’d be hard to no see her labia in anything she wears…

Enjoy. This Nostalgia…like biting into a rotting banana…you just can’t help it…because it’s in front of you.

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Paris Hilton Gets a Job of the Day

I guess the 90s are back…so all the hipster instagram brands are linking up with whores like Paris Hilton who were big in the 90s…and doing collaborations for the sheer irony of working with Paris Hilton…who I am sure would be offended if she wasn’t a shameless whore who likely gets 20% of the Kardashian earnings thanks to being a clever business woman…who plays half retard for the public which is a great lesson to teach girls…when you’re actually a smart business person….it’s pretty offensive..

The funny thing about Paris Hilton, other than the fact that she’s Paris Hilton, is that she’s blocked me on instagram. I can’t see any of her updates – and it feels like the stinky fat kid never invited to any birthday parties…which I was at one point in my life…you know before all this internet fame made people want to be around me and invite me to luxurious places….so I’m used to the rejection…even when it’s from some bottom feeding herpes cunt….

People still love Paris Hilton…including Paris Hilton….apparently…




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Paris Hilton Hard Nipples of the Day

Paris Hilton Hard Nipples Braless in a Black Shirt and Pants

Original rich kid porn star, who still pretends that she was raped by the sex tape that made her and that really paved the way for the Kardashians who have made billions off that staged shit, when we all know that Paris Hilton can’t be raped…she’s such a fucking attention seeker that everything is calculated, strategic, and a lie…and even if she was getting raped…she’d likely find it exciting…or funny that she’d be giving the rapist herpes she’s been nursing in her cunt for decades…

She’s old as fuck now, she’s looking good, because all these women can scam aging for a bit via injections and fake tits…and she’s been making appearances…

I’ve enjoyed her fading away and being non existent the last 5 years the Kardashians have been jacking her wave, and I’m not keen for a comeback as all these bitches are old hags now…but she is out there with her tits to remind you that she’s Paris and all her baby talking bullshit hasn’t died yet…but more importantly…that she has hard nips.

Here are her tits in some weird cosplay shit..


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Paris Hilton Does a Photoshoot in Cosplay of the Day

Paris Hilton is in a magazine, looking like she’s plastic and jacked up, looking like she’s trying to make a comeback because all her friends are out there cashing the fuck in, why shouldn’t she. She is the den mother, the first at this. The sex tape that went viral before Kim K had viral diseases like herpes…and HPV…that Paris laid the foundation for.

She does look good, in an old lady done up with plastic surgery who is still skinny and who has implants kind of way.

She’s a bit of a legend despite being the worst…in being the useless, seemingly famous for doing nothing, who got richer than she already was, in what was actually just clever media manipulation and marketing…

So I’m into staring at whatever the fuck this international magazine, from some obscure market, photoshoot…

I mean I’d rather see her than that hairy Kim K any fucking day….

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Paris Hilton Topless for Old Times of the Day

Paris Hilton topless in black panties

Paris Hilton or the people who handle Paris Hilton’s feed, who I assume are the same people who run the Kardashians social media, because I am convinced Paris is the Kardashian’s silent partner….has blocked me on her social media…

Which feels so hurtful to me, because I never actively went out of my way to insult her on her social media feed, I don’t even know if I ever liked one of her comments, but then again my “relationship” with Paris Hilton started long before 2013 social media / instagram hustle….we were 9 years deep at that point….where I had been talking shit on her back when websites mattered and people googled themselves…

I posted all her nudes, whenever they happened, I was first on so many of her leaked pics, the Paris Hilton phone hack that gave me Lindsay Lohan’s number…it was a different era…and I guess this old timer remembered those good times…I mean why else would she block me….so cold, so heartless, so mean…so hurtful….it’s like I didn’t mooch off her to get clicks to my site with her sex tape and other whoring…that I guess is still whoring in whatever this EASTER fetish shoot is…

I’m still a fan.

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Paris Hilton for Love Magazine of the day

Paris Hilton is a magical creature who buys million dollar engagement rings for herself because it makes for a good story….I can’t follow her existence as closely as I would want to – in theory – because in practice I am too lazy to really follow any of these people, despite following 7500 people I don’t give a fuck about thanks to not knowing how instagram works when I was following them…because Paris Hilton blocked me early on….but I know this magical creature still exists…I remember years ago trolling her on the regular…I would prank call her all the time, I tricked her and her ex boyfriend Stavros to put me on the guestlist of a party she was hosting once, I was funnier and more motivated back then….and Paris represents that good days for losers like me that are on a slippery slope to irrelevance…

Well, she’s staying hot, staying active, doing LOVE MAGAZINE VIDEOS like she’s not 37…and it’s interesting to see…not as interesting as some of the other videos I tried to ignore because Love Magazine figured out their clickbait and are still pushing ADVENT CALENDAR CONTENT into the new year, making it far less exclusive than a 25 day feature, fuck make it a daily thing so we stop watching…I mean the PARIS video only had 6500 views when I grabbed it…that’s fucking criminal…this is AMERICA’S Princess…show her respect and watch her damn video people…

Nicola Peltz was there too, in yesterday’s video, because I guess LOVE MAGAZINE likes billionaires….

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Paris Hilton and Pregnant Sister for Old Times of the Day

Paris Hilton and Pregnant Sister for Old Times

Paris Hilton and her herpes matter….

I mean they don’t actually matter and they paved the way for the Kardashians, who took over for her when she lost intrest in being a shameless fame whore, pretending to be a fancy gay man, pretty much going viral in more ways than just on the internet, but also in her panties, because she fucked everyone, you know typical rich girls trying to fill the void through their vagina problems….she got famous for a sex tape, like Kim K after her…you know the kind of whore this is….one that is still skinny at 40 and worth looking at, still rocking that hook nose bird face, because why the fuck wouldn’t she be….she’s a vapid, vain, garbage human who is just over the top and trashy in her barbie life, and she’d never let herself get fat, or sag…she’s BOTOXing the fuck out of herself…and it’s ok…

Her sister on the other hands got a worse STD, some cum stuck to the uterus…and it looks like she’s about to explode…so the DNA / bloodline continues…

In case you were wondering – Paris Hilton is not Paris Jackson…but she is equally useless, riding a name, and annoying.


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Paris Hilton Butt Shot of the Day

Paris Hilton Butt Shot

Paris Hilton is the fucking devil and I am not just saying that because I don’t like the gay man…and clearly she’s a gay man…I am saying it because I don’t like Paris Hilton on the bullshit she initiated with her sex tape that eventually became a Kardashian.

I do appreciate that she bowed down on the sidelines, probably getting her kickback the last decade of Kardashian’s making money, due to her sly, good business hustle, but I don’t like that she’s making a comeback with her photoshoots, even if she’s not bad looking for a gay man, good juciy ass you know…but because she hasn’t died of AIDS yet and that offends me….

She’s the worst.

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