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George Clooney’s Possible Boner of the Day

I know what you’re thinking, this site doesn’t have enough talk or images or videos of George Clooney’s boner….but his male friends from his “sex parties” are all too familiar with it…

Maybe, you’re not not thinking it at all, because why would a bi-sexual, recently married, overrated actor and producer from ER who only really exists because his Aunt was a Hollywood icon, something people tend to forget…when talking about him like he matters…

The reality is that as an actor, he’s forced to be on Testosterone, and becuase of his old as fuck Botox wife, he’s probably forced to take Viagra type drugs to fuck her, sometimes hours before “sex night’…and not because his Botox wife isn’t hot for an old lady..but becuase she’s a lady..and that’s not really his preference when it comes to things to fuck..at least that’s the rumor…

All this to say..I’ve spent too much time on Clooney’s boner, but I guess you’re the one reading it…and that makes you the weird one, not me..and guess what…it may not even be a boner…

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George Clooney Lets Elisabetta Canalis have Friends of the Day

George Clooney imported some pussy from Italy a few months ago, I assume to help launch her career and make a lot of money off of her, because when you’re George Clooney, you can find better quality pussy pretty much every time you leave the fucking house. There’s got to be some kind of plan behind this relationship, I just haven’t figured it out because I don’t really care. I just know is that he does pretty much owns her and that she will do everything and anything he asks of her since in her mind dating him is like winning the fucking lottery and can determine the rest of her life….you know giving her the chance to be the next Penelope Cruz only the Italian version and I guess he let her out of the house to hang with her friends because part of the deal they have is an endless supply of double blowjobs at least if I was George Clooney that would be my only reason for letting her out of her cage in my basement to meet up with her friend “recruiting” for my needs…that’s enough of this post….

Pics via Fame

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George Clooney’s Italian Pussy in a See Thru Dress of the Day

George Clooney is dating some Italian pussy, because clearly she puts out, since it is good for her career, but unfortunately she’s not quite enough of a whore for me, because she was rockin’ a pair of panties under her see thru dress, making me think if she really wanted to make it, she’d step her shit up a notch, but then I remembered George Clooney owns her, so she’d be pretty set if she stayed clothed and that she’s just doing this see thru shit gratuitously for us to want to fuck her and for that she deserves a fucking Oscar, but first she needs Hollywood to give her some fuckin’ work.

Get on it fuckers.

Pics via Bauer and
Pics via Fame

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Elisabetta Canalis is George Clooney’s Italian Girlfriend of the Day

Here is George Clooney’s new Italian girlfriend, she was born in 1978 so I guess that makes her too old for me to wanna fuck, but too young for Clooney to date without looking like some kind of pervert who only fucks young hot pussy. At first I thought that she was some local girl who he met in a cafe eating pasta or whatever the fuck they do in Italy, who won her a Clooney and calls all her friends to brag about how she is the vagina to some big American star, but it turns out she’s some actor and model and TV host who is obviously trying to make it in the USA and the best way to get seen is to date a famous person, especially one everyone keeps tabs on who he is stickin his dick inside and since Hollywood is all about money and business deals, I’m sure Clooney owns the rights to her and is gettin’ paid out of this.

Either way here’s a retrospective (ha) of some of her work….

I have done some posts on her in the past, I knew I recognized the whore’s name because it rhymes with anus…and here they are if you are interested….think of it as a retrospective of my work…on this no name Italian….

Elisabetta Canalis in a Brown Bikini
Elisabetta Canalis in a Pink Bikini
Elisabetta Canalis in an Almost Nipple Slip
Elisabetta Canalis in Desperate Need of a Bikini Wax
Elisabetta Canalis in another Bikini

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George Clooney’s Chick isn’t Tahat Hot of the Day

I realize that as I get older my standards in younger women drop, not that I ever really had standards to begin with, but if you dropped a 300 pound 18 year old off at my doorstep, the kind with herpes from the time she was raped, a rash from the genetic disorder she has, a missing toe from her diabetes and a fucking black boyfriend in her fucking mouth, I’d probably still go down on her, but I am not George Clooney. Sure the girl he’s with isn’t disgusting, but I’d expect better. I’m disappointed in him and that’s all I have to say about that.

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Sarah Larson’s Drunken Party Pics of the Day

George Clooney met a cocktail waitress in Vegas and made her his girlfriend and everyone is so fuckin’ shocked that she was some kind of slutty party girl. The way I see it, if any girl moves to Vegas, it’s usually because she’s slutty, likes money and likes partying. So they go to the best city in the USA for that and end up making money some way or another with their tits, whether it’s working the Casino’s in costume, working the clubs as GoGo dancers or being some kind of escort to high profile rich guys who are on a weekend getaway from their wives. It turns out that Sarah Larson was paid to get drunk and slutty by a club as some kind of entertainment for their guests and here are the pictures.

People may be criticizing Clooney for dating this kind of trash, but when you are in your 40s, are accomplished in your career and have all the money in the world, it’s like a breath of fresh air to meet a young, energetic party girl who likes to fuck. She doesn’t want to go back to her old lifestyle and wants to keep dude happy so that he keeps paying her to be his own personal party slut and that’s a better life than what she was living for tons of random dudes who would just leave her in Vegas when they were done with her and had to go back to their middle managment lives after their spent their 10,000 dollar weekend party budget. So what that means is that she will suck Clooney off wheever he wants her to, and there’s really not much better than that when you’ve already made it.

If I was Clooney, the last thing I’d want is a high maintenance, whining actress who is too obsessed with her own stresses and career and money to get on all fours by my pool at my Villa in Italy forcing me to bang every other slut I meet behind her back, because despite that being more fun, it’s not a healthy way of life and comes with a whole other barrel of problems, so you might as well just lock down a slut to begin with because you know bitch isn’t going anywhere. Not to mention, she’s got a pretty hot ass, especially when crawling all up on her friend while her pussy lip is hanging out.

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