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InstaThot of the Day

This video is straight from instagram because instagram is a porn site….

Her name is Jill Hardener and she is doing the good work.

Based in Berlin, while looking like the kind of girl you’d find at a sex club that allows you to shit on her for the right pice, because this girl looks dirty….from the tattoos to the tits…just a pile of fucking deep rooted issues and disgustingness….

I’m not here to give a mental health analysis of women who look like this or act like this, I’m more just here to laugh at it and appreciate it.

Where she’s cleaning with her tits out, looking like she’s getting fucked or diddled….it’s basically brilliant comedy..

Good old fashioned “make us think you’re getting fucked” only to throw a punchline at us.

This sex worker is jokes and the biggest joke is that Zuckerberg approves her content because instagram is basically a porn site…..that uses Instagram to sell memberships to her shit…and those memberships have bought her a lambo…I prefer my sex workers to be more down and out and hungry, but still appreciate the effort in these memes…

Jill Hardener Ig Thot

Jill Hardener Ig Thot


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Titty Sucker of the Day

Titty Sucking Whore

I know that girls have been inserting their hair brushes and other household objects in themselves since the beginning of time, but there was a time when they didn’t admit it. You know they’d sneak down at night when the family was asleep and fuck the shit out of a cucumber or candle without anyone knowing, maybe wash it off and put it back in the fridge to use in a salad. Waste not Want Not…

But now, we’re in a show and tell era, like we’re all a bunch of preschoolers who don’t know about subtlety or how sexy less is more is…so they are all out here posting up close up penetration…now more than ever….because being a slut online is trending, normalized, and a way to make more money than a job…

The only issue is finding that audience, like this chick, who has turned to INSTAGRAM to post her sucking her own nasty tit, without instagram flagging that content..

In instagram’s defense they probably think she’s sucking on a fucking piece of lunch meat…their machine learning machine can’t figure out what the fuck is going on here she is just that nasty….

But a nice reminder that Zuckerberg is a fucking pornographer….ruining society one IG pic at a time.

You can’t give humans access or a platform to do what they instinctively want to do, because they all go nuts.


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These Images Didn’t Violate Instagram’s Policy of the Day

Instagram like all the big internet businesses rely on porno to power their businesses. This isn’t a new concept, 30 percent of Comcast cable subscribers at their peak, when people used cable were subscriped to their PORN channels. They just didn’t want people knowing that they were a porn company and instead wanted to focus on the fact that they owned NBC or whatever fucking network is that they own.

Youtube and Google powered by PORN whether it is FETISH videos or search results, they just pretend thant they aren’t powered by porn…and Facebook with Instagram is no different….they just all turn a blind eye to the smut and do what they can to get away with the smut cuz it gets them money….it’s all a fucking scam…

But these images of some IG whore who gets naked, which I support and appreciate do not breach their terms and services…while I’ve had accounts deleted for far less…because there was a time I was using social media…hating social media…and getting deleted by social media for being too sleazy for social media…while this is “All Good”…

The world is hypocritical…the key is to figure out how to be on the right side of that table…where they don’t see you as porn, but as art or high concept….I am on the wrong side of the table despite not EVEN being porn and I’m ok with that…I’ have to be…all the other blogs like this cashed out in 2010 for millions of dollars while I was able to afford beer…but enough about me…how crazy is instagram …

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Two Slutty Sisters on the Gram of the Day

Two Slutty Sisters on Instagram

There are a lot of slutty sisters who milk being sisters on the internet for attention.

You know sexualizing themselves together, it’s a family affair that allows dudes to jerk off more aggressively to their smut, because they are sisters…

I don’t know if this is TWINCEST…but I am sure if it is that increases their stock value from taking them from being more than just sisters to the same person divided in two…from the womb together means eating each other out is just masturbating….

We’ve seen it in porn…we’ve seen it on instagram with these whores…and we’ve seen it in WHITE CHRISTMAS circa 1946…so wanting to fuck sisters, or your wife’s sister cuz she’s the hotter one and you have contact with her at Holiday events and family affairs….is nothing new…

And either is showing off your fake ass, fake titties, fake face, liposuctioned stomach on the internet apparently….

Two Slutty Sisters on InstagramTwo Slutty Sisters on Instagram


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The Cultural Video Instagram Deleted Off My Account of the Day

I posted this video that was shot in an African village. It is of a farmer or farm hadn trying to cultivate more milk out of the cow. Apparently the primitive, or brilliant method they use is Blowing in the cow’s ass. It’s a fascinating feat of man, especially when he wipes the cow’s asshole off with its tail and goes back in for more.

Now I am not surprised, I have been deleted and blocked off instagram over and over and over again, and part of the reason I don’t use social media is because I have been deleted off every platform, over and over again making it impossible to build out…

But when your video is national geographic quality – anthropology – sociology – culturally rich….while EVERYONE from the kardashians to local whores are posting nudes…it becomes a bigger issue…

I should sue…..but it was a stolen video anyway….I just figured I’d post it.

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Celeb Tricks and Their Instagram Bikini Pics Round-Up of the Day

Katy Perry Showed off a fat girl bikini, because despite her abs, her lower body is a fucking disaster…while Beyonce Nipples and Ass for TUMBLR which is close enough to instagram to me, another corporate owned produce used to steal your identity and make billions…paying Beyonce to post erotica to help make their product more relevant…hard nipples and all…which Beyonce likes because she’s on a mission to be hotter than Rihanna…even though she never will be….

Chanel Westcoast Does Instagram Bikini Pics Well because I like looking at anus as closely as I can on instagram, you know get that bikini just to the anal edge…since the asshole is the gateway to a girls soul…

Christina Milian Shows Her Pubic Bone because despite being a mom, she thinks you want to know she waxes, or had laser, or doesn’t rock the hipster bush…

Rumer WIllis’ New Face in a Bikini because when your mom spends millions on Plastic surgery to look better at 100 than when she was just starting out and ugly…you know the steps needed to become good enough to jerk off to…

Selena Gomez Bikini for Instagram and it was boring and pudgy faced thanks to LUPUS

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Toya Shits Herself of the Day

When I started the site, I used to focus on all the fucking weirdos I could find, and for some reason no one really cared about the weirdos, but were way more into the celebs…out of laziness I just kept posting celebrity bullshit that doesn’t matter and that we are all over exposed to, and left all the degenerate trash the make the world an interesting place in their corner to do their weird shit…

I lost site of what really mattered in the human experience…it’s not about the rich and famous, it’s about the guys in Large Penis Support Groups…and people in Real Doll forums discussing hacks to make their real dolls better…it is about the weirdo miserable dude in an accounting job who dresses in heels at night to feel like he matters…it’s about TOYA SHIT HERSELF …an instagram profile that has a girl fucking SHITTING herself into panties…and it’s so fucking gross…you’ll love it….


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Monday Morning #Sundies Roundup of the Day

In case you didn’t know, Instagram is a great soft core porn site, designed for girls who are exhibitionists pretending to be artistic by taking selfies of themselves in lingerie…

Last year, I tried starting a Sunday Night Panty Flash, where girls would send in flashing pics of their panties for me to post and give a prize to the winner, which apparently pissed people off, so I stopped, but then I realized the internet was already collectively doing it under the hashtag #Sundies…

I figure any excuse to post random girls showing off their underwear on the internet is a good enough thing for me to support…so here are the first 20 pics I found from yesterday’s #Sundies…I am sure there are a hell of a lot more if I bothered looking..

This is the kind of viral meme I can endorse…

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Amazing Instagram of the Day

I think it is safe to say that GODDESS BOSSY who just followed me on Instagram has some next level videos on her panties…that she sells…dirty fucking hustle…

I thought it was amazing, sent it to every girl I know, to help motivate them to step up their instagram game, not one of those girls loved it – in fact they all found it repulsive and even a little too yeasty…but I though shit…panty art…whether staged or real is just so perfect for Instagram…a Facebook owned property…

She also posts pics of dudes sucking her feet…

Amazing…make this girl a star…

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Pregnant Ballerina Fetish of the Day

There’s gotta be a fetish in this somewhere…Some chick who I assume is a Russian Ballerina, because Russians are the only ones who care about ballet…has been posting her pregnant ballet pics to instagram…and it is scaring the fuck out of me because even though they tell us that pregnancy is natural, I find it the most unnatural thing ever…some weird alien growing inside a bitch only to be shat out of her vagina…destroying her body int he process..is what horror movies are made of…but you will probably like it…cuz she’s in a leotard…a leotard so tight it is keeping the baby in…because once it falls out of her she’ll have no more purpose…or meaning…she won’t know what to do with herself and no one will care about her and her failed ballet career….so take it in…while she keeps it in….this shit is freaking me out.

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