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AnnaLynne McCord, Jessica Lowndes and Jessica Stroup in Bikini of the Day

It amazes me that 90210 the Next Generation….one of the fucking worst ideas in TV history….you know bringing back shit from the 90s and re-making it into a pile of shit that has a cast that is equally shitty…who I assume barely get paid but who are just happy to be on TV cuz it allows them to feel important, cut lines at the clubs, in more ways than one, and the whole thing is only worth noticing when they have a beach scene, which should be every episode, cuz whether I think AnnaLynne McCord, Jessica Lowndes and Jessica Stroup are hot, relevant, talented, interesting or not, I’ll still check them out half naked…I’m just that kind of guy.

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Jessica Stroup Covered Up in a Bikini of the Day

Here is some 90210 trash not remembering that she’s on some bottom feeding show that will eventually be cancelled leaving her and and her gang of rejects who think they are hotter and more important than they are thanks to all the attention they get and the money in their bank accounts out of work….cuz if she remembered that obvious fact that she’s got a seriously fleeting career she’d be fucking diddling herself in her bikini for the paparazzi and not covering her shit up..all to stay relevant….

Here are the pics…

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Jessica Stroup’s Window into her Soul and by Soul I Mean Tits of the Day

This girl is on 90210 and let’s hope she has a lot of teenage girl fans who see these pictures and decide that when they grow up they will take this Stroup bitch’s lead and all their outfits will have windows to their parts that matter for all perverted men to see. I’m talking a see through patch over the ass, over the twat, over the nipples, I figure why stop at the cleavage, the cleavage is usually just the fuckin’ beginning…so let’s collectively prey that Jessica Stroup is not as useless as we all think she is and that she’s got some serious level of impact on the sluttiness of the girls of the future…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Jessica Stroup from 90210 Does Complex of the Day

I guess Complex did Jessica Stroup some good by getting her topless and in the shower for their recent photoshoot, because it’s a pretty good glimpse into her future as a highclass escort, because there’s no way anyone’s gonna pull her out of 90210 and giver her a legit career, so it’s all downhill for her, only now she’s got a taste for fame, leaving her suckin’ dick for money, but at least now she can charge more for the hour because she’s got that 90210 co-sign, which is a lot more profitable than just being some young tight chick lookin’ to make some money to buy some Blahnik’s or whatever the fuck Sex in the City is telling girls they need to buy these days…..

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The 90210 Trash in Their Bikinis of the Day

It is thanksgiving today and I give thanks that 90210 will be soon be off the air, these girls will be out of work, desperate and turning to seedier roles and until that happens, 90210 will do all they can to get viewers including throwing the cast into bikinis, giving us a taste of what’s to come….
Here is Annalynne McCord and Jessica Lowndes in the Bikins…

Jessica Stroup One Piece

Shenae Grimes Sex Scene

Shenae Grimes Bikini Top….

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Jessica Stroup Legs with Some Ugly Bikini Girls of the Day

Who the fuck is Jessica Stroup? Why is she famous, or at least famous enough to be on the paparazzi sites, and why is she posing for pictures with some weird lookin’ girls who probably don’t deserve to be laughed at and who are probably still glowin’with excitement from being in the right place and right time allowing them to meet this whore, only to have a prick like me degrade them and their experience on the internet, fuckin’ with their self-esteem and raining on their parade…all in hopes that they turn into Craigslist whores, becaue Craigslist whores are the best deal on the internet.

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