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Kendall Jenner, Joan Smalls and Lara Stone for V Magazine of the DAy

Kendall Jenner, Joan Smalls and Lara Stone for V Magazine

Here are the cover girls of the latest issue of V Magazine….The very important Kendall Jenner, Joan Smalls and Lara Stone…

It’s some bullshit tattoo scene where you can see the most important model of them all…Kendall Jenner with her panties pulled down for an ass tattoo…because she’s the kind of girl who will let anyone brand her just so long as it gets her paid or a stamp of approval that allows her to really believe she’s an actual model…because she is an actual model….the world has created her and made her one…dreams do come true when the world is a bunch of fucking groupies…who will attach themselves to anything with money….fascinating…

But not as fascinating as the story that one of these models (lara stone) send me legal letters to take down her pics…something I find wonderful…

Update – Lily Aldridge got in on this shit…


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Stella Maxwell, Irina Shayk and Joan Smalls Topless Hugging of the Day

Here’s some jean company’s straight from 1990s photoshoot that reminds me of some 90s mom who was an 80s model – doing some weird family shoot – that you’d see around the trashy rich people’s houses you’d break into for masturbation material…panty thieving it was a 90s thing….I still have fond memories us…

They used super star scammer Stella Maxwell, hot but she’s had work done while seducing rich men – Irina Shayk, and token black chick so no one calls her racist – Joan Smalls….

It’s uninspiring…it’s boring…and they probably paid a ton of fucking money for it….because that’s how companies do it – tax write off… whatever – here it is anyway…

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Joan Smalls Does INstagram of the Day


Joan Smalls is actually not small….she’s a Puerto Rican model and if you’ve ever stood next to a model…especially one in heels…they freakishly look down at you as they talk and you’re not sure whether you want to climb them like they were a tree and you were 7 before falling and breaking your leg..or if you want to let them just peg the fuck out of you…because taking them down in a rape fetish scene would prove to be too hard for you to pull off…not that you have a rape fetish…I mean that would make you a predator..when we all know you’re just a nice guy…

I think she’s done Victoria’s Secret, you know as the “black enough” character they need to be relatable and not criticized by the media
for being racists…

Celebrated, richer than your Puerto Rican cleaning lady…being inappropriate on social media…I dig it..






Joan Smalls for Calvin Klein of the Day


Joan Smalls is a black model who is in her Calvins, a brand that managed to bring back their underwear style from the 90s, in really no fucking time, they just got everyone on board, and thanks to social media, it went viral, so that underwear that I assume has been available the last 2 decades even though you haven’t seen girls wearing them….but that’s just because they didn’t see all their favorite social media whores in them…and as drone copycat lemmings…they have no choice but to get up on it, otherwise, I don’t know if they’d be able to exist in this world as an equal…

I guess what I am saying is that trends have always exists, but now trends that were once for the elitist hipsters, are spread massively and broadly because people are all the fucking same and their are no “scenes” anymore….just a bunch of followers pretending not to be followers thanks to the soapbox social media has given them..

That said, Calvin released these pics of model Joan Smalls, who is black….strategically timed to when Victoria’s Secret fired a black model and replaced her with Kendall, since GIGI and Kendall have some backdoor deal, and not the kind of backdoor I like, but more GIGI pays Kendall to create GIGI and Kendall makes GIGI take her on the ride…

So VS fired a cunty model named Jourdan DUNN. Rihanna quit because BlackLivesMatter…and people went nuts, even if thinking Dunn getting fired was a black thing is racist in and of itself…maybe she’s just a cunt..

Well, Calvin didn’t miss a beat, since they want all those VS social justice warrior shoppers in Calvin selfies, like a 30 dollar pair of underwear make a person cool….

So they put this out…and I just like models in underwear…I don’t like posting brands…they don’t pay me, so fuck them…but models in underwear trick me in….





Joan Smalls for True Religion of the Day


Joan Smalls is a Puerto Rican model, because these brands need to tap into every ethnicity to sell as much product as they can to different demographics, so if a company like Victoria’s Secret, that has helped her become one of the top paid models in the industry, didn’t have a Puerto Rican, they’d be shitting on what I would consider a huge percentage of their market, because Puerto Rican women, along with being a little insane, the kind of girl who will cut your dick off in your sleep, are these high maintenance things that like new panties, but can’t always afford or really even know that Victoria’s Secret is shit quality…you know suburbanites and their mall shopping…

All this to say, she’s hot as fuck, and True Religion, like Victoria’s Secret is saying “let’s sell to the hispanics”…and I like how they go about doing it…because I am a pervert and this is naked enough on a hot body for me to notice…even though I’m not Puerto Rican.





JOAN SMALLS for Vogue Germany of the Day

Joan Small is a Puerto Rican model who I have never heard of, but who is pretty accomplished, even though I try to avoid Puerto Ricans because I fear Puerto Ricans…They are a little too passionate, especially the women, especially the big and tall ones who can overpower me, because they all have a level of thug life, gangster that makes me think having sex with one will end up with my dick cut off…blame Lorena Bobbitt.