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Liz Hurley Stretching her Pussy of the Day

Liz Hurley Grabs her Pussy

Liz Hurley is grandmother aged – yet still whoring down in bikinis – which offers us a great lesson on this day before the Fourth of July…the single greatest day in American History and that is that none of you Americans should be trying this at Liz Hurley’s age, because I have seen you at your Walmarts and you don’t have this EURO appeal…and even the skinny ones, look like meth heads all toothless rather than magical like this sugar baby gold digging bikini slut still peddling the bikinis slutty…and making herself matter because of it…because her career was really not that memorable and we’d all forget if she wasn’t out there stretching her pussy…while instead we know her ass could actually stretch her pussy out and make a sail out of it…to coast down the great Mississippi like Huck Finn….

I’m drunk on American Flag Cudweiser…bottle cans…I like an early start to all bikini filled holidays….

Liz Hurley Pussy Flash in White Bikini


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Liz Hurley Erotica of the Day

Liz Hurley Hard Nipples in a Sheer Dress

Earlier today I wrote that all these old time actors and models who you could tell were whores, that navigated the world before social media and managed to make it – due to being whores….who only exist from being whores…are now given the power of the social media content production where they can produce their own content and give you a glimpse into themselves which as you’d expect is sexualized as fuck…because that’s how they go through life..

They think they are hot, they tell the world they are hot, they post what they think are hot pics, they are narcissists..

It’s all in good fun, nothing wrong with spreading your legs for social media, bring it on…but it’s nice to have all my theories on these harlots validated through their own content they produce….

Thanks social media for giving me a taste of Liz Hurley’s exhibitionism like I’m some producer she’s taking a meeting with back in 1993…

Liz Hurley Spreading her Legs

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Liz Hurley Tits of the Day

Li Hurley big Tits in a red bikini

This is how old lady Liz Hurley goes on what she calls “Joyful Dog Walks”….where that most girls who go out dressed like this avoid the bush, knowing that they can likely get raped and killed, but not Liz Hurley, she’s just inviting that in, with her scantily clad, new found love for slutty instagram pics, because people respond positively to them, and she likes using her tits for hits, like it was the old days and she used her tits for rich sperm to make babies in her as a financial backup plan in case the modeling didn’t work.

I come from the school of thought that at 35, no one wants to see your sloppy old lady body half naked…a school that is old school and that no one else seems to agree with because they love seeing Liz Hurley half naked….

I guess as she ages so do her fans and seeing this updated version of her is new content to try to get off to…and a little wrinkles and agedness ain’t bad…since it’s new content and better than the 50 year old women they stick their dicks in…right.

That is the science behind Liz Hurley!

Li Hurley big Tits in a red bikini

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Liz Hurley Bikini Incest Mom of the Day

I am sure Liz Hurley’s son is a poofter…which may or may not be because she still breast feeds him. A trick she learned back in the day to keep her tits milk filled get a lot of likes on social media like they did when she was an actual model…the kind of woman who just gets pregnant until the milk starts milking…then aborts that shit before the body gets too damanged instead of getting fake tits…an old school titty enhancement strategy…back before breast implants existed….you know when Liz Hurley was 25.

She let a few of the kids through the cracks, you know if the sperm was valuable enough….and the Point being, that her son takes her slutty pics, she seems to always be naked or half naked around him, like a narcissist who sees herself in him, probably wants himself in her…

RIGHT…rich people are weird…

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Liz Hurley Tits Out of the Day

Liz Hurley Big TIts in a Gold Dress

Liz Hurley is out at some Random Event in Belgium, and by out, I mean her tits were out, since that’s pretty much her move and the only reason she’s has a second coming of celebrity…it’s just that easy, be a hot slut who beards a homosexual very famous actor of the time….only to leave him for a series of billionaires who actually fuck her…do some bikini modeling, some Austin Powers movie roles to get the tits on the silverscreen and really matter…then start a bikini line, raise a family, and realize when then kids grow up that you miss the slutty behavior and the hoards of men jerking off to her…so teach your 16 year old to take pics of you half naked…and put your tits on social media…and exist, defying age thanks to face injections, looking good cuz she’s not fat, and I support this new gen mom behavior…it’s embarrassing and hot and disgusting all at the same time…”MOM PUT SOME DAMN CLOTHES ON, YOU’RE 60 and MY FRIENDS KEEP JERKING OFF TO YOU”….

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Liz Hurley Bikini Pelvic Floor Workout of the Day

Liz Hurley Pelvic Floor stretching in her bikini

When you’re 100 fucking years old, and you’re trying to maintain your youthful figure, trying to stay hot with her slutty clickbait that she’s in love with because she is directly connected to people, where she can put her whore content out on her own, self produced and not reliant on the media to keep her sex appeal alive….

You need to do your pelvic floor workouts, her kegels, to keep her pussy tight, and more importantly to prevent her menopausal pussy from pissing itself when on bikini clickbait shoots she produces of her slutty self…


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Liz Hurley Nipples of the Day

Liz Hurley See Through Dress Showing her Big Tits and Nipples

Liz Hurley just won’t stop. She’s got the itch and it’s getting scratched with each provocative picture she takes.

Clearly, she keeps pushing the limits of her pics for attention because she is getting the attention she craves in her soul that offsets her having to deal with being old and forgotten, old and irrelevant, or just old…because people out there think her body is hot, her tits are hot, her face injections hot, and they talk about it…giving her new life..

She’s finally brought out the nipples, and according to my sources, her 16 year old son is her photographer, because rich people are fucking weird, narcissism makes them inappropriate with their kids sexually, since they just don’t know the fucking difference….

This is pushing boundaries in ways white trash families would get arrested for…

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