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Peaches Geldof Topless Pictures of the Day

I hate Peaches Geldof and all the attention she gets. She’s ugly and people should not know who she is, especially since her dad is only famous for creating the Live Aid charity event that made him a ton of money and got him Knighted, despite charities being designed to help the people you are campaigning for and not the people campaigning, but whatever…

She’s just a drugged out rich kid who’s parents don’t want to bother with and someone has released topless pictures of her, who I can only assume was her because she loves the attention…while I love nothing about this becuase she’s fucking vile looking…

She ignores me on twitter, hipsters all suck her dick, and these pictures suck but I figured I’d post them since I hate her so much and like people laughing at her even if it gets her more attention than she deserves…

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Some Peaches Geldof in Animal Print of the Day

You’ve heard the expression a wolf in sheep’s clothing, while here’s some pictures of a pig in leopard clothing, or maybe it’s a dog in a wild cat costume, I was never good at this Old Macdonald shit, but I do know that it’s Halloween at the farm today.

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Peaches Geldof and Her Unfortunate Topless Beach Pictures of the Day

I’ve written about this UK socialite slag before. She’s Bob Gedof’s 19 year old daughter, her half sister is that INXS dude who hung himself jerking off’s daughter. She’s a typical rich girl who craves attention by pulling stupid stunts, like getting married in August and proving her love with his named tattooed on her hand, only to announce last week that they are splitting up, or for being a partying drug addict slut to feed the pain that is having unstable parents who were too busy caring about themselves than to care about her, or because of whatever it is that motivates these rich kids to get high and cause scenes.

I hear that seeing her topless on the beach is not that big a deal as she’s always naked amongst friends, which is a great tragedy, because she’s fat. You’d think all that coke would do some good for her, or all that money could hire her dumpy ass a fuckin personal trainer instead of a tattoo artist to stain her sloppy body she thinks she’s turning into a piece of art, but that is more reminiscent of a bathroom stall at a shady bar that even I’m scared to touch or pee in for fear of disease.

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Peaches Geldof Shows Some Panty of the Day

I was walking in a tourist part of town yesterday in hopes of finding some teenage runaways who didn’t know anyone and were looking for someone to show them around and would pay me for my services by having lesbian sex with each other while I fingered by ass. I figured it was a bit of a fantasy, but I couldn’t get the idea out of my head and figured you never know unless you try. I was thinking that in a worst case, some people would mistake me for a local homeless busker and would throw some money my way that I could use to buy myself something special, like a beer. It didn’t work, but I did get to see a group of hot big breasted girls on a four person bike riding around, and all of them were wearing skirts and none of them realized that as they pedaled I could see their vaginas. Sure 3 of the 4 had underwear on, but one bare vagina in 4 isn’t bad and even seeing teenage panties being unsuspectingly flashed to the world but more importantly to me, makes a hungover sunday a better one.

These are some pictures of drug addict, reality star, rich kid from the UK named Peaches Geldof showing her panties when she is getting out of a car, they are are from a couple of days ago, but I needed them to tell my magical story that is going to be the main focus of a Children’s book I am working on.

where everyone visiting this shitty city

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