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Tara Reid’s Zombie Body in a Bikini With Them Bolt On Titties and No Belly Button of the Day

Tara Reid and friends in Tulum

A little thinspiration, so thin it could be dead for you on a Monday..

Tara Reid in a bikini is always an interesting / spiritual experiment that puts all of our bodies and souls to the test…

It’s like when you see a monk starve himself for 60 days, or spend a life of not speaking, or when you see crazy Nordic people jump into the frozen ocean in some sort of release the demons, shock your body, live longer tactics I’m not sure actually work….

Only, it’s the Tara Reid in a bikini version…..still terrifying, still a shock to all of our systems, still a mysterious looking thing, with bolt on tits bolted on by the worst plastic surgeon ever, in an era when girl had money to pay for the best tis…..but more interestingly…an ass and stomach that is melting off her so hard she doesn’t have a belly button anymore…

BUT…at least she’s skinny, and I guess, despite looking like a corpse, still alive….because her clearly anorexic, perpetual party girl who traveled the world having a permanent spring break, didn’t involve doing any fitness…and shit’s fucking petrified…or whatever this is…

In a lot of ways, like a horror movie, it’s magical, even iconic, not for being good but for being bad, that ass looks like Freddie Kruger’s face…and I don’t think I’ve ever expereienced anything quite like this…

But…at least she’s skinny.



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Maxim Still Exists and They Had a Halloween Party of the Day

Maxim used to be a big deal and they used to pay me for traffic, back when they were a magazine and I was a website and they didn’t know how to be a website, so they’d buy plugs on sites…I didn’t mind taking their money, but I did always find them pretty fucking lame…

Then the magazine was taken over by their lawyers, when they couldn’t quite figure out how to make all that stupid Maxim Money they were making before print died, and those lawyers would send me legal letters, threats to sue me, to take down all the images of theirs that I had on site because they paid me to post them…so I kind of hate Maxim…

They were sold to some rich kid, they are doing better shoots, they are still doing their parties and Hometown Hottie Next Door shit…they still exist…and they had a Halloween party…and the top notch girls showed up…here are the pics….

Tara Reid was there and she’s perfect….always up for a good party…with a gnarly Cameltoe..

Joanna Krupa was there because Maxim created her many years ago…

Lindsay Pelas and the Big Big tits

Aubrey O’Day is not dead….

and Emily Sears…

Not one single relevant person..like real bottom feeders here – but it happened and I wasn’t invited…a fucking gang of washed up hookers…


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My brain doesn’t think in PUNS but I know that I hate buns whenever I realize someone is using a PUN….I think “why the fuck is that retard making that stupid fucking PUN”… only after I catch onto the PUN…because my name doesn’t even recognize most PUNS…which is why I was both so proud and so mad at myself in a KNOW my enemy kind of way dropping what I’m sure I’ve heard on other sites or in the media when reference TARA REID…maybe it was on some social media bullshit or TINDER where the bitch named TARA called herself TARAFYING….but in this case…the TARA is actually terrifying, not just some drunk college girl at some bikini EDM party in her profile pics, who thinks she’s terrifying because she gets drunk and fucks dudes off tinder…but terrifying in that she’s a living fucking horror movie…a tribute to that dude who just died that made Night of the Living Dead….a zombie…half dead…and it has and always will be porn to me…

Maybe it’s her wonky tit job, her skinny frame, but I think it’s her commitment to the party when she had a solid career going for her…WEIRDOS…


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Tara Reid Zombie Upskirt of the Day

Tara Reid is a fucking Corpse, but in being this Zombie that she is, the living corpse walking from Spring Break party to Spring Break party, she’s become a bit of a legend….teen comedy movies to perpetual party animal…to botched fake tits…to Sharknado to whatever the fuck this is…where she’s still partying…she’s been consistently a fucking mess on all fronts…and I’ve loved it all…

I mean, these pics of her panty flash aren’t as fun as her dead corpse pussy flash that I distinctly remember happening in the past, but that I am too lazy to google, but they are still fucking amazing and I just can’t help but wonder what it smells like…

She always looks half dead, unhealthy, now mangled like a cheap hooker, and I can only imagine her pussy meat is in the same condition and I love that…


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Tara Reid Terrifying Costume of the Day

Tara Reid doesn’t need a costume on Halloween…because she’s a fucking living, breathing, corpse…

But I guess she felt like dressing like some slutty Santa, or elf, or something that showcased her showcased her very flat stomach and skinny half dead legs….

I don’t know about you, but I fucking love skinny chicks, especially in this fat chicks taking over our life….making these girls who look all anorexic or drug addict chic…a rare occurrence..but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great occurrence…maybe even a miracle occurrence…it must be a miracle…amazed they exist…because after years of the perpetual spring break party and probablynot eating…getting all skinny…she’s not dead…even if she looks it…

I am in love….but that could just be curiosity from wondering what her pussy smells like…


She’s at an event in a video shot in a way that looks like how she probably sees the world…all blurry and twisted…

A video posted by Tara Reid (@tarareid) on

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Tara Reid is Amazing of the Day

Apparently there was a Tara Reid / Jenny McCarthy fight on her radio show…

Tara Reid is Amazing, I mean mainly amazing because she’s not dead – yet looks like some kind of walking corpse – the kind of body any necorphiliac in trianing, you know – the kind of person not quite ready to fuck a dead body would like – and I’m sure based on her level of skinny that she probably doesn’t have much energy to resist or thrust back…and if anything sticking your dick in her may end up with her uterus all over your dick – like she was Courtney Stodden after her miscarriage we can assume was never a pregnancy – because fame whores are disgusting…but not as disgusting as Tara Reird’s body training for some zombie apocalypse straight to NETFLIX film she’s been preparing for the last 10 years of her life – by being dead on the inside… and dead looking on the outside…

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Dead Tara Reid Fetish Picture of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 11.46.07 AM

I don’t know why I find this picture so good, but it probably has something to do with Tara Reid being a magical creature sent from heaven, or maybe that should be in heaven, because she’s been a walking corpse preparing for her peak Oscar winning role as a dying of cancer meth addicted stripper trying to raise her black baby with learning disabilities in a small KKK run town in the deep south….after her years of retirement spent drinking everyday like she was on spring break for a decade after being an it girl in all the hit movies….

I used to love TARA REID and I guess I still do, but that may just be because she looks too weak to run from my advances…if I was there trying to midnight molest – something college girls call rape these days – she wouldn’t even know and I’d be wrist deep in the driest vagina ever…facing no resistance…just a spiritual experience.


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Tara Reid in a Bikini of the Day

Tara Reid Mummy Corpse

Tara Reid is alive..and a skeleton…but at least she invested in her tits, so that no matter how close to MUMMY or death she gets, she’ll always have massive bulbous breasts to play with….all while giving her a great advantage in casting for low budget Horror Movie characters, where she can play the scary evil grandma…or the anorexic 50 year old and not require much make-up….because really that’s all she’s qualified for…

BUT I am old and remember when she was the hottest thing ever, and I remember those days and these bikini pics make me wonder where it all went wrong…does spending a decade hard partying really destroy you this much..and have to ask…how the FUCK would anyone let her post these, oh right, she doesn’t have a team anymore…because she’s poor…maybe that’s why she’s not eating…spending all her money on meth not cake…

I’d still get up in that though…even if it smells like it looks… death…

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Tara Reid Weird Tit Implant and Her Chubby Sister Trending of the Day


Tara Reid and her sister were trending on my facebook feed for the above picture….which means I am either profiled in a weird fucking way by facebook, or that Tara Reid and her sister Colleen Reid are big fucking news…which I would assume is impossible because Tara Reid as a general rule is virtually obsolete, and her sister who was never famous, but may have got into a lot of parties using her sister’s name, or as her mom body would suggest, a lot of all you can eat buffets, or the hired assistant eater when Tara was famous and traveling around and invited to dinners…someone had to eat the food..and I guess Colleen Reid was it…but luckily for Colleen, big is beautiful and probably why she got a man and family…while her sister Tara Reid is an absolute fucking skeletal mess…


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Tara Reid Bikini Corpse of the Day


Tara Reid, perpetual Spring Breaker….is amazing….for some money reasons, including but not limited to being on the beach with her boyfriend…looking like this.

Sometimes I need Tara Reid to remember that life’s not so bad…That people have it worst…that bodies have it worst…like hers…destroyed in the making the entity that is Tara Reid…who was at one point in the late 90s, so fucking relevant, in everything and deemed hot as fuck…then one bad set of implants…threw her into a series of bad plastic surgery…in between traveling the world at pool parties drunk…

Everything comes to an end…whether it is the party at the end of the night, or the party at the end of a decade of partying that destroyed a bitch, or a career in Hollywood so many of these instagram whores dream of….

Death is inevitable – even when the person is still alive…despite how corpse like they look…or in this case their ass looks…..That bad lippo suction has sucked the soul out of her…she’s like a half deflated bag of dog shit…all lumpy and weird..decaying…but not in spirit…because she still brings it…and dudes still fuck it…and want it around…all leather…and in need of life being breathed into it….like a meth addict on the street corner in florida…who lost her pants 3 years earlier and spends her days asleep on the beach…only more famous…and probably more showered…but equally rotten…..

The real issue is why the fuck would she ever wear a bikini….If I was her, I’d opt for the pants…if I was her family, friends, advisors…I’d opt for pants…

But the positive in this, the light at the end of the tunnel her corpse is drunkenly stumbling to…is that she’s skinny….and that’s more than we can say for america…because fat girls are everywhere and fat girls are far more gross…than whatever this is.

What I am trying to say is that I’m in love…


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