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Kendra Wilkinson’s Sex Tape Preview Pics of the Day

I know someone who has seen this sex tape. He said it is good amateur shit with good sex but unfortunately it stars Kendra Wilkinson. The tape is going to hit in two weeks. It is going to be as big as the Paris Hilton, Pam Anderson, Kim Kardashian tapes….unfortunately….and it’s totally a staged sex tape release cuz bitch now has a kid and her career of being a barely hot, fake tan, fake hair, fake everything chick who gets naked who prostituted herself to Hef when he was trying to re-invent Playboy cuz it was going bankrupt and dating the bitches in it seemed like a good idea….an idea that would have made this sex tape better, you know if half of it was spent getting Hef up into bed after feeding him his apple sauce…

Either way, here are some preview pics…Enjoy, not because they are Kendra but because they are an 18 year old, and an 18 willing to fuck on camera, no matter who she’s become or how pathetic she is now, is still an 18 year old on camera…

Check out Vivid for the updates….

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Taylor Momsen Takes her Teenage Legs Out for a Smoke of the Day

I think posting these pictures of Taylor Momsen’s hard nipples in her short skirt are ok, because she’s smoking cigarettes and everyone knows that you can only buy cigarettes if you are 18 years old, and there’s no way any of her producers, co-stars, or executives behind her show would give her cigarettes because that would be illegal. So I can only assume they marketed her as a 16 year old to make their show more believable, but really bitch is 18, cuz I know 16 year old and they hardly ever have nipples this hard, it’s not in line with the natural flow of puberty.

That said, here are Taylor Momsen’s hard nipples pretending they are 16 while smoking some cigarettes on set dressed like a whore….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Angelina Jolie Modeling Shoot When She Was 16 of the Day

So there was a time when a very different lookin’ Angelina Jolie was just some typical rich kid slut who loved attention and who hated herself who got half naked in front of the camera while high in what looks to be some kind of Snuff film, but that doesn’t end like a snuff film should, but instead becomes the gateway to some long lasting career as some dark girl we all wanna fuck, but I see through the act and know she’s more hungry for attention than she ever was for cock, but realized cock was the vehicle for attention.

This is old, you’ve probably seen it already, I am posting it anyway, because it reminds me of videos I try making for girls with no daddies who I meet at the bus shelter, only they never go onto become famous. Enjoy.

Keep in mind that I didn’t double check whether this video works or not, it’s old, so I guess who really cares. Right?

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Miley Cyrus and Her Baby of the Day

I don’t know if you remember Miley Cyrus had a pregnancy rumor going around a few months ago that was never confirmed or not and I guess these pictures of her with baby are enough of a confirmation. It’s one of those “caught you red handed, Mom” situations that will be hard to talk her way out of.

The reality is that you gotta give her credit for keeping the pregnancy a secret for the entire term as to not get her teenage fans all excited and having copycat pregnancies like Jamie Lynn Spears is doing, In a lot of ways, she’s like the prom queen who gives birth in the bathroom at prom when no one even knew she was carrying, but our story has a happier ending, because Miley Cyrus didn’t leave the fucker in the toilet to get back to the party she’s decided to raise it like a responsible teenage mother here are those pics.

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